And if your life could not get any weirder…

Try an eyelash perm.

I see you. (Before the perm.)

A few months ago, I bought a Living Social deal for an eyelash perm at Lavilash. (Living Social is a site where you can buy services at discounted rates. They change daily.) I paid $30. Usually an eyelash perm costs about $50 so it wasn’t a bad price for the “value.”

I read up on the procedure on the Lavilash website. It made me a little nervous and here is why: to get the lashes to curl they roll them and use a perming solution. Perming solution? Near my eyes. Am I nuts? The website also claims that it is safe and is a very popular procedure in Japan. I figured if women (and men) in Japan are doing it, why not in NYC? I made my appointment.

When I got to Lavilash, I took a look around. It was a small room with four facial beds. There was a lot of light and pretty vanities. The smell of perm solution filled the air. Gigi, one of the lash-artists, brought me to a small cafe table and handed me a waiver. I read it over and it was the usual. It also freaked me out a little bit. Isn’t this safe enough? I signed and then she asked me what “design” I wanted. I didn’t think  it was that serious.  You have a choice between an I (for short lashes), a C (for long lashes), and a J (for a natural look). I chose the C and Gigi looked into my eyes and told me that was a good choice. My lashes are pretty long and once curled and with mascara, quite full and lengthy.

I, C, or J? And we aren’t talking bra sizes.

I looked over to the two women on the beds. It was like a space movie. Their eyes were completely covered and they seemed pretty calm. I laid down and Gigi said, “Close your eyes.” She started by gluing the curling rods to my eyelids. Yes, gluing. It was a lot of glue. I could then feel my lashes being gently pulled around the rod. They were also glued. Then I smelled it. Memories of an 8th grade perm came flooding back (my pre-naturally curly hair days. Weird.) Perm solution I was applied. Then she stopped poking and prodding me. I waited for a burn or a stinging sensation since another customer complained about that but nothing happened.  After about 10-15 minutes, she removed the perm solution and put on solution II. Another 10 minutes and that was removed. She wiped my eyes and handed me a mirror…

This is a little freaky.

There are 42 types of rollers to get your perfect curl.

I like the eyelash perm. It was an experience but I don’t think I will get another one. For one, I am so attached to my Shu Uemera eyelash curler and that provides a more dramatic curl. Secondly, I was a little scared. Thoughts of this stuff getting into my eyes and causing damage freaked me out. Though they say the solution is a cream, that does not leave much room for error. My lashes are long enough and hold a curl without a chemical treatment. I would say if your lashes are very straight or droopy, you might want to try this. The operative word here is “might.”

After my perm. My lashes are curlier and darker. This is without mascara.

I have 5-6 weeks of my curly lashes. During that time I cannot use an eyelash curler. I think that hurts the most.

Bat those lashes and stay glossy! XXX

Before and after. You be the judge.


Take My Stuff… PLEASE!

I think he said something about taking his wife.

A few weeks ago, I started a contest on my Facebook page for a new sign-off.I originally planned for the contest to be over by September 19th, but I ended up having a crazy week and I kind of forgot about it. Oooops. Anyway, my usual “stay glossy” is actually the name of a lip gloss by Rimmel. I find Rimmel to be okay but I don’t want my sign-off to be related to a product that I have tried but don’t find exciting. Last night, as I was changing my make-up for summer to fall (it had to be done and I am thrilled with the new colors I can use) I discovered A LOT of unopened and unused make-up. I bought the stuff- it isn’t old and it is new. I gathered it together and now I have a plan…

I want YOU to come up with my new sign-off. Not only will you see it every time you read my blog, you will also get a bag of goodies chosen by me. Let me tell you- these are products I have tried and liked at some point in time. I just have so much, I figured I would share the love.

Here are the rules:

1) Go to the Product Hoochie Facebook page Hit the “Like” button. I promise I won’t fill your feed with crap.

2)Leave your “sign-off” as a comment on the Product Hoochie Facebook page.

3) Enter as many times as you want. Doesn’t matter to me and it will increase your chances.

*If you had posted something a few weeks ago, please post again. You can find it on my page somewhere I’m sure. There were some great ones.

I will pick a winner on October 5th. The “chosen one” will be contacted via Facebook.

That’s pretty much it. The goodies are pretty sweet. There is stuff from Stila, ELF, Eucerin, Benefit, Nexxus… you get the picture.

I know I’ll be staying glossy all this week. After the 5th, it is up to one of you! XOXO

One Lovely Blog Award!

My friend, Karen (whom I haven’t seen in way too long), over at Read: Cook: Live nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. 



Since I need to impress and I have to follow rules (since this makes sense, I don’t mind), here are seven things you may (or may not) know about me.

#1 I need two cups of coffee in the morning to function. Don’t even attempt to talk to me before my first sip.

#2 I snort when I laugh.

#3 With that said, I try to find the funny in most things.

#4 I love to tell people when I get a good deal on something.

#5 I will spend $200 on beauty products (no kidding) but if I like a shirt that costs more than $25, I will not buy it. Usually it’s too trendy and if it isn’t “classic” and I can’t wear it the next season, it is a no-no.

#6 I still have my first Cabbage Patch Doll. Her name is Laura. I did get her a new outfit.

#7 I have a pair of pajama pants that have ducks on them but I call them chicken pants. The pants are eight years  old. 

And the nominees are…
















Notice this all make-up and food. Read up and Stay Glossy! XXX



Love Yourself Gift Bag From Barneys…

Two posts in one day- I must be bored. I really should be doing some workwork but I’ll get to that later. I just wanted to get you the list of products I received in the Love Yourself Gift Bag from Barneys.

The cosmetics bag that holds my beautifying goodies.

I categorized the items into Skincare, Fragrance, and Cosmetics & Tools. There were two full size products (three if you include the cosmetics bag.) I’ve included the prices of the full size products. Since I’ve lost my mind, I also included the approximate value of the sample. Hey, you need to know what the stuff is worth!


Radical Skincare Age- Defying Exfoliating Pads (15 pads in trial size- value $15)- $95/ 100 pads

3 Lab Perfect Skincare “M” Cream Ultimate Lift (.2 oz sample tube) $260/ 2 oz

Eve Lom Cleanser w/ muslin cloth (.16 oz, packet) $80/ 3.3 oz or $135/ 6.8 oz

Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Serum (small packet sample) $150/ 1.0 oz or $200/ 1.7 oz

Giorgio Armani Regenessence (3.R) Multi-Corrective Rejuvenating Cream (3 ml tube- value $2.50) $125/50 ml

Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream (8 ml tube) $102/ 50m

By Terry Crème De Rose Nutri-Lift Comfort Cream (4 ml tube value $17.50? That can’t be.) $99/ 30ml

ReVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream (.5 oz. jar value $43.75) $175/ 2 oz

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask (.17 oz tube value $5.50) $55/1.7 oz

Malin & Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer (1 oz bottle value $11.25) $45/ 4 oz.

NARS skin Double Refining Exfoliator (.07 oz tube) $34/ 2.8 oz.

Molton Brown London Myrrh Musk & Cypress Fine Liquid Hand Wash (1 oz. bottle value $2.80) $28/ 10 oz

The goods!


Kai Perfume Oil vial (small!) $48 – 1/8 oz

L’Artisan Parfumeur Paris L’Eau De L’Artisan Eau De Toilette (1ml vial value $1.45) $145/ 100ml

Costume National So Nude Eau De Parfum (.05 oz spray vial) $80/1 oz., $112/1.7 oz., $153/ 3.4-oz.

Tocca Giulietta Eau de Parfum (.05 oz. vial) $68/ 1.7 oz

Cosmetics and Tools:

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler $20

Sunday Riley The Influencer Extra Volume Glossy Mascara (small tube) $30/ .34 oz.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Money Now Sleep Later (.27 oz. bottle value $9.00)$18/ .5 oz.

Sue Devitt Defining Eyeliner in Vaasa (.28g./.01 oz- full size!) $20

Koh Gen Do Maifanshi MakeUp Color Base S in Lavender Pink (.11 oz sample tube value $6.25) $50/ 0.88 oz

Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum (.16 oz glass vile sample value $11) $22/.33 oz or $65/1 oz.

NOTE: I use the word “value” loosely. We all know these products are not worth their retail value. I am just the sucker that buys them. I think the real values are the eyelash curler and the eyeliner. They are full size and have a retail value of $40.

I also have a disclaimer- I stink at math. I’m awful. My math might be or is probably wrong. You don’t have to tell me if it’s wrong, just get the idea how ridiculous these prices are. This does NOT mean I will not enjoy my products. I love them already.

This $h!t is Expensive.

Friday, I received my order from Barneys. I needed Byredo’s Seven Veils Eau De Parfum( love at first sniff) and Baume de Rose By Terry (the “By Terry” name bothers me for some reason…) I wanted to try Baume de Rose after reading articles that said  it was practically the next best thing.  At $60, this stuff should produce miracles. The perfume was not cheap either. For $145, a genie should be popping out of the bottle. Not that the prices stopped me because the perfume is on my dresser and the baume is in my make-up bag.

$205 here, not including tax.

Byredo Parfums Seven Veils is inspired by the Christian myth of Salome and the Seven Veils. The abridged version: Salome was the reason for Saint John the Baptist’s execution. Have you ever heard the expression “Deliver his head on a platter”? Saint John the Baptist condemned the marriage of Salome’s mom, Herodias and her stepfather Herod Antipas. Encouraged by her mother,  Salome did a fancy dance for her stepfather to “seduce” him. The plan was that stepdaddy would give Salome whatever she wanted. She asked for John the Baptist’s head on a fancy dish. Let’s just say she got it and Salome brought the platter to her mother. Positive lesson for women, no? (Sense my sarcastic tone here.)

Back to the perfume… when I first smelled it, I could not believe the complexity and the warmth. It is sweet and spicy, thanks to carrots and pimento berries in the top notes. Once it adjusts to your body temperature, it becomes more floral but keeps a bit of sweetness because of Tahitian Vanilla Flower. The scent stays clean because of the Sandalwood base, yet again maintains its coziness with vanilla bean. I’ve worn it a few times. I don’t spray on too much and I’ve heard, “What smells good?” by several people.I’ve had a few people stop me. The fragrance has great lasting power, too. I love the fact that it smells different. I can sniff my wrists all day.

Now, it’s time for Baume de Rose By Terry. I always put lip stuff on, whether it be balm, gloss, or lipstick. I had read a lot of beauty articles that sang the praises of Baume de Rose but I balked at the price and I will tell you why: though I could use this balm pretty much anywhere, it is a small jar. I’m not  getting a large quantity and if I use the product a lot, that is bunch of money.


I first put some of the balm on my lips. It provides a real moisture surge and light pink tint. I rubbed the leftovers on my cuticles (waste not, want not). My lips actually stayed really soft and not sticky. I did not notice any change in my cuticles but this does not surprise me. My cuticles are a mess all of the time. Baume De Rose also smells lovely. I was afraid it would smell sickly sweet or flowery and it really does not. That’s important when it is on your face.

My take- I love my perfume but the jury is still out on the balm. I have to give it a few more uses before I can make a good judgement.

Stay Glossy! XXX

Guess What I Got!

So… Friday I left you with what could be called a “cliffhanger.” After opening all of my packages, my bell rang and yes, it was another package… for me. Let me start by saying I spend a small fortune on cosmetics, fragrance, and body care products. It is an obsession that is not so bizarre but enough to possibly get me onto an episode of “Hoarders.” I’m kidding- kind of.  When my husband and I were in Boston last month, we went to Barneys so I could purchase Lipstick Queen Saint Lipstick. The saleswoman was chatting me up and was very nice. I tried two colors, picked the pink and she went off to get me a tube.  I was roaming and found an absolutely gorgeous perfume.  She returned and told me it was $145. Now, let me tell you, I have been lucky in Barneys. Most of the salespeople I have encountered there were not snobby. I’ve had that problem in a few place (ahem Hermes.) While I was paying, the saleswoman told me that there would be a make-up event starting September 20 and if I wanted to spend $200, it would be worth the wait. She knew how much I wanted the perfume and did not push the sale. Major props…

Hubby and I got back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Well, the saleswoman gave me the color I didn’t want. Oy. I wasn’t going back to Copley and Steve said, “You could wait to return it when you go to the beauty event.” Was this his way of saying, “I almost approve of you spending this much money on make-up”? We went off to dinner. I suffered a panic attack (don’t ask) and we ended up back at the hotel, drinking Slurpees from 7-11.

The color I didn’t want.

Mmmm… Slurpee

Fast forward to this past Thursday.  The Barneys cosmetic event was happening. I couldn’t place my order from work, so the hubs ordered for me. I got some crappy news Thursday night, which resulted in no appetite (shocking!) and tears.  I went to bed, literally hoping for a better tomorrow.

That is why it was so thrilling to receive so many packages Friday. The stuff kept me occupied for hours. After I opened what had already arrived, Steve told me I was going to get one more package. At first, I thought it would be my new phone, but he said, “No. You’ll like this better.” “Barneys? Already?” I could not contain my glee. Soon enough the doorbell rang…

The box didn’t have a chance. Scissors and fingernails shred the tape and cardboard. Oodles of paper covered the goods and then I saw it. The iconic black Barneys gift box and a card. Huh? Steve laughed. “I thought you’d appreciate the gift wrap. Don’t worry-it was free.”  I pulled the black box out, festooned with a Barneys ribbon and read the card. Then I hacked into that lovely box.

This poor box never had a chance.


The pretty wrapping that would be destroyed in mere seconds.

Steve ordered me Byredo Seven Veils Eau De Parfum.  I always had a thing for Salome and the Dance of the Seven Veils and when I gave it a whiff, it was love.  (There will be a review.)  I also got Baume de Rose By Terry (this will also get a review). These two products put me over the $200 mark (I know, I know) and so I got the “Love Yourself” free gift.  Instead of continuing to bore you, I will do a separate post on the products.

My cute card!

Hey, I like the Seven Veils. You knew this was coming. Stay Glossy! XXX

The suspense should be killing you.

You’ve Got Mail! (The Joys of Online Beauty Product Shopping)

This gallery contains 10 photos.

I’ve been having a rough few days. Really rough. Today, work wasn’t much better. I got home fairly early and to my surprise… I had lots of packages. Not just one package. I had three. Three fun packages! And I ripped into … Continue reading

An Interview with Brooklyn Make-up Studio Artist, Stacey Catapano

Doing what she does best!  (Image by Brian Taback Photography)


Last year I purchased a Groupon to the Brooklyn Make-Up Studio. I had never heard of it and I never knew of any cosmetics store in Brooklyn, so my sister and I went to check it out. When we met Stacey, we liked her immediately. As it turned out, Stacey was from the same neighborhood and we had mutual friends. (Who said Brooklyn isn’t the world?) We discussed my upcoming wedding and Stacey did me up. I loved her work so much, I booked her for my wedding. I am so happy I did. I cannot even tell you how many people wanted to know who did my face. Last month, Stacey re-opened Brooklyn Make-Up Studio at the Venetian in Brooklyn. It is a beautiful set-up and easily accessible. The grand opening is this Thursday, September 20th from 12:00-9:00. I got to sit down with Stacey and learn more about the woman behind the make-up brushes.

We’ve waited a long time for this!

Product Hoochie: How did you get into the cosmetics business?

Stacey: Growing up I was always very artistic-loved playing with colors, creating things, and beautifying everything (laughs).I always had a love for makeup and always made up my family and friends and experimented on myself. When I was in elementary school I started losing the pigment in my skin around my eyes and mouth and was diagnosed with vitiligo (Vitiligo is a skin condition in which there is a loss of pigment from areas of the skin, causing white patches). When I would get darker, those areas would stay stark white. I had a reverse raccoon thing going around my eyes that was embarrassingly noticeable and at the corners of my mouth. I mastered covering and blending at that point. I must have tried every concealer, foundation, primer on the market. I learned what products worked and what did not, what lasted, what was waterproof and budge-proof, and I managed to learn how to cover my imperfections while still looking like I wasn’t wearing much makeup.

My vitiligo had me very depressed and self -conscious for a long time. Once I learned that with the right products and a perfect technique, I could make myself feel beautiful again, I wanted to give other woman the same feeling of satisfaction. That’s what I love the most about what I do: I show everyone that they are beautiful. I give women confidence and a bit of an emotional boost with just my brushes and a little make-up.

PH: When and why did you open Brooklyn Make-Up Studio?

S: I was originally working as a secretary at Goldy’s Clinic and asked if she would mind if I incorporated my talents into her business. When she saw my ability to do make-up, she gave me the opportunity to attempt to open a few accounts with high end cosmetic companies I loved. At 21 I opened our first account with Paula Dorf Cosmetics and then Colorescience. Vincent Longo soon followed and one thing led to another and I was running the small space downstairs from the clinic in the back of Omni Health. For five years, I worked my butt off opening all the accounts I loved and we recently decided it was time to expand. The Venetian is our masterpiece….three months of building to create and we’re hoping it will become the hottest makeup studio in Brooklyn!

PH: My sister and I noticed that you “see” faces differently. By that, I mean, you always manage to know what features are a person’s strong-point? How do you do that?!

S: I think every woman is beautiful in their own way. I’ve come to see each woman’s best feature and know what shades of colors to use to emphasize it.


Stila Lip Gloss

PH: What is your absolute beauty necessity?

S: Considering I never ever leave the house without my makeup done, I have a few but if i had to choose only one it would be my Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx. By far the best stay put black eyeliner ever!!!

PH: What is your favorite trick that every make-up user should know?

S: Without eye shadow primer eye make-up is pointless! A primer ridges you a fuller bolder application of the shadow pigment and keeps it where you put it. It prevents the colors from fading and creasing. Also, you cannot even out your complexion with a foundation without using some sort of powder over to contour your face! You need tog give yourself or emphasize your cheekbones! Otherwise you look too monochromatic.

PH: What is your everyday look?

S: My everyday look,is dramatic. Whether I am in my house cooking and cleaning or food shopping at the supermarket, I have a full Smokey cat eye look. Make-up makes me feel pretty and good about myself so I apply it every morning. For me, not doing my makeup is like not brushing my teeth. I just can’t do without it.

As cheesy as it sounds, Stacey is beautiful on the inside and out. Join her at the grand opening of the Brooklyn Make-Up Studio, with Bella Magazine, Mercedes Benz, and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation on Thrursday, September 20th from 12:00-9:00. Complimentary facials and makeovers and $1000s worth or raffles and prizes along with other goodies will be available. A portion of sales and 100% of raffle sales will go to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. Do something good for others and yourself, too!

Hope to see you there and as always, Stay Glossy!

The Studio’s Fabulous Exterior!

The Brooklyn Make-Up Studio is located at 447 Avenue P @ the Venetian

(718) 333-3482

Easily accessible via the F train to Avenue P.

*Photography by none other than Shazzer!

I almost Nailed it.

I love the look of nail polish. I really do. I just have no patience. I will go for a pedicure in a heartbeat (Dangerous for the person doing it though. I am very ticklish and at times, my leg jerks. Someone might get kicked in the face). It’s the manicures that annoy me. The actual cutting and painting isn’t so bad. It is the drying time. I always manage to have an itch to scratch or my phone rings. Anyway… Friday night I decided to do my nails. I bought some polish from Saint Germain and I was excited to try it out. I also had the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Fergie polish.

Essie Grow Strong, Saint Germain in Rose of Venice, Wet’n’Wild Fergie in a color that I will not name, and Poshe Topcoat

First, I took a look at my nails. HOT MESS. It’s embarrassing, really. My nails are always short because they are weak. My cuticles are always dry. It doesn’t matter how much cuticle cream or oil or hand cream I use, they are as dry as the desert. I cut off any excess hang nails (another joyous problem), cut the nails because, though they are short, they are always uneven, and filed them. I started with Essie’s Grow Strong nail treatment. I hate to tell Essie, whomever she may be, that even with use my nails are stunted. I don’t want my nails to feel bad because they just can’t grow. I don’t want them to get a complex since I already have enough for both of us. I let the Grow Strong dry and then started my first coat of Saint Germain Nail Polish in Rose of Venice.

Almost done. I gave away this issue of Rolling Stone. At least I didn’t let the ants poo on it.

I will admit, I have several shades of pale pink, each one slightly different but similar enough to the others that I really don’t need several bottles. The problem with pale polish is that when applied, it can be streaky. This polish did not streak. I was happy with how smooth and glossy it was. Some of my nails, thumb and ring finger, decided to get smudged so I had to red0 them, but it wasn’t a terrible thing. The polish dried pretty fast and I was able to do two quick coats in about 7 minutes. My goal with pink polish is to have that sheen on my nails that kids have, minus the dirt under the nails- just that natural pink glow. This delivers.

Once I finished with the pink, I decided on an accent nail. I call the accent nail “looking trendy for the lazy.” I have always loved Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polish and the Fergie colors are pretty cool. I used “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night”, named after the song that I banned from my wedding. This is a “confetti” polish- solid black glitter with gold dots. It looks great in the bottle. On my nails, it looks like a bunch of ants took a poo. Graphic but you get the picture. It isn’t my favorite but with the seashell pink, it adds a little edginess. I finished with a topcoat of Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat. I have Seche Vite and I don’t think it’s that great. I like the Poshe better. My nails were shiny and ready to go socialize.

I’m not sneezing. I’m just hiding my nose. Please note: I don’t have any make-up on yet. What’s with the bags?

Friday night, my nails were good. Saturday all day, they continued to look lovely. This morning, not so much. I was dusting with my Swiffer and I hit my pointer finger nail on the entertainment center. (Why do they call the entertainment center the “entertainment center”? The center itself does nothing and TV stinks lately so I am not entertained. Just sayin’.) I could see the polish become dislodged from my nail. Then magically the same thing happened to my middle finger. Then the nails on my left hand started to chip. The rest look okay but I am going to have to take all the polish off. I can’t take a chipped nail. I hate it. It looks sloppy. I never understood why people leave polish on until it is just remnants. Clearly, they have not painted their nails in weeks. TAKE IT OFF. Just leave them without polish. Sheesh.

I judge you when your nails are chipped.

I love this woman and her nails always look good.

Stay Glossy!

This is NOT a Beauty Tutorial.

I won’t film myself. Nope. Not happening. My Brooklyn accent can be grating and who the frig wants to watch me?

I will take silly pictures with my iPhone of things I’ve managed to do to myself. Sometimes these things can be quite comical. For example…Image

THIS is how I looked after a wedding. I had a pompadour on purpose. That’s right- clips and hairspray and that thing grew like a Chia Pet. Moving on…

Last Saturday, I wrote about my beauty trip to Bloomingdale’s. I’m still coming down from the shopping high- that and the fact that I have joined eBay and have been scouring vintage bags. I scored some good ones.

Here’s the thing with Bloomingdale’s. I always feel I need to look nice to shop there. If not nice, I need to look chic. I find that so hard. For some reason, I just never feel chic. Eh. I managed to dig out white shorts and I wore a black top that I got at H&M. The new +size line is sick and I mean that in the best way possible. If I can’t up my game clothes-wise, then I do it with my face. (Like you didn’t know this was coming.)

I used a bunch of stuff I have and it was all either free or from my Birchbox. Except for my mascara. The humidity was awful and I needed to use Blinc. Image

Okay, so not everything here is free in theory. My Too-Faced shadows were from a Sephora 500 point perk. It actually didn’t cost me points because I had initially used those points in a store and then placed an online order right after. They didn’t catch up. Too bad. The fact that I even spent $500 in that store in a year is reason enough to give me the gift. The Ulta lipstain I bought and it is fantastic. It does not come off. Ever. The Eyeko eyeliner is in olive. I think it adds a nice element of surprise. I got that in my Birchbox. And if I need to state the obvious, my dining room table is messy. Don’t judge me.

Here is what I did…


I primed my face. (Duh.) Then I primed my lids and used the beige shadow on them. It was not shimmery. I wanted to even out my lid color. I am very sensitive about it. (Well, not really, but if you are this will work wonders.) Then I used the Eyeko liner and lined my top lid. I kind of wanted to do a cat-eye. Again, I can’t. I just can’t. It’s ridiculous. If you haven’t noticed, my right eyelashes are shorter than my left. Maybe it’s because that eye is more deep-set. I know most faces are assymetrical but come on. I always look like a Popeye with my right eye in a squint.


I then put on my lipstain and Blinc mascara. I must be channeling Elvis here with my sneer. And my lip looks crooked. I never noticed that! Crap.


This is the overall look. It’s not bad. I forgot to mention that I used that Smashbox powder-blush thing on my face. I love that stuff.

If you were wondering, I put Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls in my hair along with Quidad gel. It’s a great combo.

I hope this post made you feel better about yourself. We all pick ourselves apart sometimes.

Stay glossy!

*Oh! I just looked at my pictures again. My right eye looks bigger. What the heck? I look in a mirror and I swear the right eye looks more sunken. Ick.