You’ve Got Mail! (The Joys of Online Beauty Product Shopping)

Guess what’s inside!

I’ve been having a rough few days. Really rough. Today, work wasn’t much better. I got home fairly early and to my surprise… I had lots of packages. Not just one package. I had three. Three fun packages! And I ripped into them like a vampire ripping into someone’s heart. (Yeah, yeah- I couldn’t resist.) Let’s start with the boring package. The first was a package from Groupon that was not a beauty purchase, nor was it for me. I flung that thing to the side, then decided to check it out again more closely, pulled out one thing I liked, and flung it over again. Christmas presents for other people are just not my thing today. Don’t care. Call me greedy but Christmas is three months away and these are potential gifts. Not important.

My new best friend.

Groupon Goods… four gifts in that package.

Then I opened my box from Carol’s Daughter. They decided it was time to change their Hair Milk, which annoys me. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Now, there are too many choices and I knew what I liked. Ugh. Anyway, in this case change was good for my pocket. Hair Milk Shampoo and Conditioner sets were on sale for $10. I bought two. If you get one for Christmas, you know how much I spent. I’m by no means cheap, but it is shampoo and conditioner- no one needs to $pend a fortune. I also bought great shower sets, two of ’em. One will be a full fledged gift. The other I will manage to get three gifts out of. Again, if you happen to get something from Carol’s Daughter, that stuff was on sale. I have no shame. It works and smells good. Shut up. Finally, I got to what I bought for myself- Sugared Violets Body Cleansing Cream and Dry Oil Mist. It smells like my favorite candy, Choward’s Violets. Tastes like soap. Delicious. Smelling like dime mints is something I have always wanted. It doesn’t come cheap.

Mmm… soapy.

Carol’s Daughter changed the formulation. FML.

Finally, I got to my GlossyBox. Oh, GlossyBox, I ❤ you. I got a deal through Refinery 29, three months for $60. Usually, I don’t think GlossyBox offers three months, which means you need to buy for the year. I wanted to try before I committed to another beauty box. The reviews I read said that GlossyBox sends full size products. Three out of five of the products I received are FULL SIZE!. FULL SIZE! FULL SIZE! The retail is $75! Steve, having to burst my very large bubble, said, “Are you sure it will be this good all the time? Maybe they’re giving you this to reel you in.” Uh, no. I have two more months of this glory. Moving on… in my box, I received travel sized Global Keratin Hair Taming System with Juvexin, which claims it will bring my hair back to its youthful state. Okay. That’s fine. The fun comes in with the full size Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. First of all, where did all the Missha stores go? I loved them! I found one in Australia and they finally got their website working so complete withdrawal isn’t going to happen. Now, their newest and fairly pricy item is in my hands. I am so happy I could spit. (Sorry.) If that was not enough to get me giddy, I got a full size OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel. Eight hour matte finish, even skin tone, and good for all skin types! This greasy beast is very happy and soon to be grease-less. Finally, there is a GlossyBox Glossy Pink full size lipstick. It’s a pretty color. I will wear it. This also makes me rethink if I will subscribe to BirchBox again. Their boxes are cheaper but there is rarely anything full size.

Glossy Pink- take me, I’m yours.

And… OMG- my bell just rang! Want to take a guess as to what it is? I know… that’s for the next post!

Stay Glossy! XOXO

OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel- about $30… yet, again… love me some GlossyBox.

$29.99 according to Missha’s website. It was in my GlossyBox that was $20. Cha-ching!

My grandmothers could never threaten me with “I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap.” I like the taste.

For my grandpa extraordinaire. I’m rooting for you! ❤


3 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail! (The Joys of Online Beauty Product Shopping)

      • I think its a UK one but Im not 100 per cent sure though, Ive been keen to try one for a while but a few have been getting a lot of bad reviews lately so when I saw another blogger raving about this and you can cancel at any time I thought why not? I just hope it doesn’t arrive whilst Im on holiday.
        It also looks like I better check labels before I buy stuff.

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