An Interview with Brooklyn Make-up Studio Artist, Stacey Catapano

Doing what she does best!  (Image by Brian Taback Photography)


Last year I purchased a Groupon to the Brooklyn Make-Up Studio. I had never heard of it and I never knew of any cosmetics store in Brooklyn, so my sister and I went to check it out. When we met Stacey, we liked her immediately. As it turned out, Stacey was from the same neighborhood and we had mutual friends. (Who said Brooklyn isn’t the world?) We discussed my upcoming wedding and Stacey did me up. I loved her work so much, I booked her for my wedding. I am so happy I did. I cannot even tell you how many people wanted to know who did my face. Last month, Stacey re-opened Brooklyn Make-Up Studio at the Venetian in Brooklyn. It is a beautiful set-up and easily accessible. The grand opening is this Thursday, September 20th from 12:00-9:00. I got to sit down with Stacey and learn more about the woman behind the make-up brushes.

We’ve waited a long time for this!

Product Hoochie: How did you get into the cosmetics business?

Stacey: Growing up I was always very artistic-loved playing with colors, creating things, and beautifying everything (laughs).I always had a love for makeup and always made up my family and friends and experimented on myself. When I was in elementary school I started losing the pigment in my skin around my eyes and mouth and was diagnosed with vitiligo (Vitiligo is a skin condition in which there is a loss of pigment from areas of the skin, causing white patches). When I would get darker, those areas would stay stark white. I had a reverse raccoon thing going around my eyes that was embarrassingly noticeable and at the corners of my mouth. I mastered covering and blending at that point. I must have tried every concealer, foundation, primer on the market. I learned what products worked and what did not, what lasted, what was waterproof and budge-proof, and I managed to learn how to cover my imperfections while still looking like I wasn’t wearing much makeup.

My vitiligo had me very depressed and self -conscious for a long time. Once I learned that with the right products and a perfect technique, I could make myself feel beautiful again, I wanted to give other woman the same feeling of satisfaction. That’s what I love the most about what I do: I show everyone that they are beautiful. I give women confidence and a bit of an emotional boost with just my brushes and a little make-up.

PH: When and why did you open Brooklyn Make-Up Studio?

S: I was originally working as a secretary at Goldy’s Clinic and asked if she would mind if I incorporated my talents into her business. When she saw my ability to do make-up, she gave me the opportunity to attempt to open a few accounts with high end cosmetic companies I loved. At 21 I opened our first account with Paula Dorf Cosmetics and then Colorescience. Vincent Longo soon followed and one thing led to another and I was running the small space downstairs from the clinic in the back of Omni Health. For five years, I worked my butt off opening all the accounts I loved and we recently decided it was time to expand. The Venetian is our masterpiece….three months of building to create and we’re hoping it will become the hottest makeup studio in Brooklyn!

PH: My sister and I noticed that you “see” faces differently. By that, I mean, you always manage to know what features are a person’s strong-point? How do you do that?!

S: I think every woman is beautiful in their own way. I’ve come to see each woman’s best feature and know what shades of colors to use to emphasize it.


Stila Lip Gloss

PH: What is your absolute beauty necessity?

S: Considering I never ever leave the house without my makeup done, I have a few but if i had to choose only one it would be my Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx. By far the best stay put black eyeliner ever!!!

PH: What is your favorite trick that every make-up user should know?

S: Without eye shadow primer eye make-up is pointless! A primer ridges you a fuller bolder application of the shadow pigment and keeps it where you put it. It prevents the colors from fading and creasing. Also, you cannot even out your complexion with a foundation without using some sort of powder over to contour your face! You need tog give yourself or emphasize your cheekbones! Otherwise you look too monochromatic.

PH: What is your everyday look?

S: My everyday look,is dramatic. Whether I am in my house cooking and cleaning or food shopping at the supermarket, I have a full Smokey cat eye look. Make-up makes me feel pretty and good about myself so I apply it every morning. For me, not doing my makeup is like not brushing my teeth. I just can’t do without it.

As cheesy as it sounds, Stacey is beautiful on the inside and out. Join her at the grand opening of the Brooklyn Make-Up Studio, with Bella Magazine, Mercedes Benz, and the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation on Thrursday, September 20th from 12:00-9:00. Complimentary facials and makeovers and $1000s worth or raffles and prizes along with other goodies will be available. A portion of sales and 100% of raffle sales will go to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation. Do something good for others and yourself, too!

Hope to see you there and as always, Stay Glossy!

The Studio’s Fabulous Exterior!

The Brooklyn Make-Up Studio is located at 447 Avenue P @ the Venetian

(718) 333-3482

Easily accessible via the F train to Avenue P.

*Photography by none other than Shazzer!


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