I almost Nailed it.

I love the look of nail polish. I really do. I just have no patience. I will go for a pedicure in a heartbeat (Dangerous for the person doing it though. I am very ticklish and at times, my leg jerks. Someone might get kicked in the face). It’s the manicures that annoy me. The actual cutting and painting isn’t so bad. It is the drying time. I always manage to have an itch to scratch or my phone rings. Anyway… Friday night I decided to do my nails. I bought some polish from Saint Germain and I was excited to try it out. I also had the new Wet ‘n’ Wild Fergie polish.

Essie Grow Strong, Saint Germain in Rose of Venice, Wet’n’Wild Fergie in a color that I will not name, and Poshe Topcoat

First, I took a look at my nails. HOT MESS. It’s embarrassing, really. My nails are always short because they are weak. My cuticles are always dry. It doesn’t matter how much cuticle cream or oil or hand cream I use, they are as dry as the desert. I cut off any excess hang nails (another joyous problem), cut the nails because, though they are short, they are always uneven, and filed them. I started with Essie’s Grow Strong nail treatment. I hate to tell Essie, whomever she may be, that even with use my nails are stunted. I don’t want my nails to feel bad because they just can’t grow. I don’t want them to get a complex since I already have enough for both of us. I let the Grow Strong dry and then started my first coat of Saint Germain Nail Polish in Rose of Venice.

Almost done. I gave away this issue of Rolling Stone. At least I didn’t let the ants poo on it.

I will admit, I have several shades of pale pink, each one slightly different but similar enough to the others that I really don’t need several bottles. The problem with pale polish is that when applied, it can be streaky. This polish did not streak. I was happy with how smooth and glossy it was. Some of my nails, thumb and ring finger, decided to get smudged so I had to red0 them, but it wasn’t a terrible thing. The polish dried pretty fast and I was able to do two quick coats in about 7 minutes. My goal with pink polish is to have that sheen on my nails that kids have, minus the dirt under the nails- just that natural pink glow. This delivers.

Once I finished with the pink, I decided on an accent nail. I call the accent nail “looking trendy for the lazy.” I have always loved Wet ‘n’ Wild nail polish and the Fergie colors are pretty cool. I used “Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night”, named after the song that I banned from my wedding. This is a “confetti” polish- solid black glitter with gold dots. It looks great in the bottle. On my nails, it looks like a bunch of ants took a poo. Graphic but you get the picture. It isn’t my favorite but with the seashell pink, it adds a little edginess. I finished with a topcoat of Poshe Super Fast Drying Topcoat. I have Seche Vite and I don’t think it’s that great. I like the Poshe better. My nails were shiny and ready to go socialize.

I’m not sneezing. I’m just hiding my nose. Please note: I don’t have any make-up on yet. What’s with the bags?

Friday night, my nails were good. Saturday all day, they continued to look lovely. This morning, not so much. I was dusting with my Swiffer and I hit my pointer finger nail on the entertainment center. (Why do they call the entertainment center the “entertainment center”? The center itself does nothing and TV stinks lately so I am not entertained. Just sayin’.) I could see the polish become dislodged from my nail. Then magically the same thing happened to my middle finger. Then the nails on my left hand started to chip. The rest look okay but I am going to have to take all the polish off. I can’t take a chipped nail. I hate it. It looks sloppy. I never understood why people leave polish on until it is just remnants. Clearly, they have not painted their nails in weeks. TAKE IT OFF. Just leave them without polish. Sheesh.

I judge you when your nails are chipped.

I love this woman and her nails always look good.

Stay Glossy!


6 thoughts on “I almost Nailed it.

  1. Stick with the grow stronger – I’ve been using it for about 6 months or so and it has made HUGE difference for me! Doing my nails about once a week and using that consistently….it really helped. Just my 2cents. xoxo

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