Lovely Lady of Literature #1

Hello, my darlings! Hope all is well. With the weekend coming up, I decided to suggest you do some reading. And no, I am not talking about any shade of gray. I recently read the book Descendent, by L.J. Amodeo. I will admit, I know L.J. and kind of harassed her so I could read the pre-edited version. SHE LET ME! I immediately was sucked into the story of Elizabeth, a young woman gifted with the ability to hear those in the other world. Here is the blurb from Amazon:

Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Anne Morgan is no stranger to the paranormal world. Haunted by voices and visions for most of her young life, she begins to question her sanity as a teen, setting her apart as an outcast in school. In quatrains and sacred manuscripts, a Chosen One is prophesied, yet Elizabeth does not know she is the descendant of the holiest woman who ever walked the earth. The whispers and cries, meant for her mind only, are those of lost souls pleading to be liberated by the true holder of the key. In her senior year of high school, Elizabeth meets two new strangers, both who know her secret and who turn her world upside down. Meanwhile, her only friend Freddie, loyal, devoted and secretly in love with her, stands quietly in the shadows of her life as she begins to unfold the mystery of who she is destined to become.

The gorgeous cover! This book should be on your shelf!

The gorgeous cover! This book should be on your shelf!

Of course I had to get the edited version once it was available for my Kindle and I read it again and TOTALLY DID NOT MIND! In fact, once I finished… ugh!!! Hurry up, L.J., I need a sequel. Some parts of the book involve some fantastic fashionable moments and so, as the PH, I needed to so do Elizabeth’s make-up.

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

My nails never look this good.Cover via Amazon

Elizabeth is a good person that suffers with the feeling of being alone. I imagine her as fair, with light, curly hair. She complains about her hair, so after washing she should apply some Quidad Climate Control Anti Heat and Humidity Gel. A scrunch here and there and she is done. Since she is only 18, Elizabeth probably has a few skin blemishes and is probably a bit oily. Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation in Fairly Light will cover imperfections and provides sun protection while keeping oil at bay.

I can’t imagine Elizabeth has a lot of time to do her make-up, so Maybelline’s Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 HR Cream Gel Shadow in Bad to the Bronze is good for day when applied with a light hand.  Pomegranate Punk is a plum-pink shade that would work great for evenings. These eye shadows are fabulous because you don’t need to use a primer. For her lashes, she of course needs to first curl with her Shu Uemura eyelash curler and apply Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. One coat creates tons of fringe! To highlight her pretty features, Elizabeth could use Sephora’s Nano Eye pencil in Pure Beige. She can add some to the corners of her eyes and how her brow bones so she looks lit from within.

Eyelash curler

Curly lashes to match curly hair! Eyelash curler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Elizabeth needs a rosy glow, too. Those Upstate New York winters can make you so pale! I think NARS Orgasm blush would do the trick. A cult product, it adds a flush with a little bit of gold shimmer. For her lips, Elizabeth needs to carry any Burt’s Bees lip balm. For every day wear, Sephora’s Rouge Cream Lipstick in Decollete, a warm pinkish beige is perfect. For a night on the town or on a hot date (just wait until you read!) Sephora’s Rouge Cream Lipstick in Hot Tango, a bright pink red, will make her sizzle.

Kissed by an angel.

Kissed by an angel- this is Hot Tango.

As a final touch, I would lend Elizabeth a spritz or two of my Byredo Seven Veils perfume. (I needed a Biblical reference somewhere!) Seven Veils has top notes of carrot and pimento Berries, a heart of Tahitian vanilla flower, Laurier rose, glycine, tiger orchid, and a base of sandalwood and vanilla bean.

Perfume in the Biblical sense.

Perfume in the Biblical sense.

With this in Elizabeth’s arsenal, she will be ready to conquer the world!

L.J. has a contest on GoodReads now. You can win an autographed copy by entering her contest on GoodReads. The giveaway is open to US, CA, and GB residents.

AND… if you can’t wait you can download Descendent by L.J. Amodeo on or on! You will not be disappointed!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO