Sample This!


As Product Hoochie, I always try everything I think may work for me. I believe you should, too! I have a ton of samples that I have gotten in gift sets, from  just shopping, or from gifts with purchase. I want YOU to use these samples. If you are interested, answer the questions below. Send an email to with your name AND your answers. I will do the best I can to send you samples that suit your needs. I will not charge you postage. Unfortunately, that limits Sample This! to USA residents.

Product Hoochie Sample This! Survey

1) What type of product are you looking for? (Hair, Skin, Body, etc…)

2) What is the beauty “issue” you are  trying to resolve?

3) What are some products you have already tried regarding the above area(s)?

4) Is there any product you really want to try?

5) Is there any product that you DO NOT want to try or have tried already?

6) Do you have any allergies or sensitivity to beauty products?

7) Do you only use products that do not do animal testing, are vegan, or eco-friendly?

*I take NO responsibility for any reactions (negative or positive) you get from any product samples sent to you. This includes, but is not limited to: skin irritations, hair loss, allergic reactions, illness, death (I am serious), clear skin, great hair, etc. You are trying the samples at your own risk. (I know this looks terrible but I need to cover bases!)

I am doing this out of pure good Product Hoochie will. I will not be able to fulfill all requests but will do my best to get you what you need. I will not ask for your mailing address unless I have products that I think you will use and enjoy.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


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