Stuff I Tried This Week

I have been cleaning out my beauty stash. A few weeks ago, we learned that we would have to move by the end of the year and so I decided that I would start by purging clothes and beauty items. With that said, I figured I would try out a few things that I probably would have given away without using. Let’s get started.

I am still pasty, despite it being almost the end of July. Over the past few weeks, I received a bunch of self-tanners. My experience with self tanner is the one by Jergen’s, which works just fine on my legs and arms but I haven’t been using it. I was heading out and decided I needed a quick tan so I pulled out Infinity Sun Glow on the Go. I received the can in my FabFitFun delivery and it seemed easy enough.

Spray on. Glow on.

Spray on. Glow on.

I made sure that I used a body scrub in the shower and shaved, since I was wearing shorts. Once I was dry, I started to apply. It was easy enough- hold the can 4-6 inches away from the skin and spray in long, even mists. I did my right leg and then my left. Then a little water dripped from my semi-wet head, so I just rubbed it evenly over the spot. Then I sprayed each leg again. The verdict: my right leg looks good. My left leg is a little splotchy but not enough that I think people would notice. I will be using this product again because it literally took no effort and dried really fast. (I wore a junky night shirt while applying and waited about 15-20 minutes before I got dressed, just in case. The can does not say anything about drying time but you never know.

That is kind of a big splotch. And I don't have chicken legs.

That is kind of a big splotch. And I don’t have chicken legs.

Along with a million self tanners, I have beach hair spray coming out of the wazoo. The other morning I sprayed Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray. I received a small spray bottle in July’s ipsy bag (which I really need to look at.) After washing and then using my usual hair oil, I sprayed some on my hair while it was still damp. I didn’t scrunch as usual and just let my hair air-dry. Yeah. I was hoping for looser curls. I knew I would not get beach waves but a looser curl would be pretty. Well, that did not happen. My hair looked pretty much the same and then just felt like I washed it with salt water. I had another bottle that was in my FabFitFun box and I gave it to my aunt. Since she is a hair stylist, I am sure she will find some use for it on someone. Beach Spray + Curly Hair= Don’t do it

Not for me.

Not for me.

Lindz, my favorite Girl in the Glasses, sent me a bunch of goodies from Germany. She had been singing the praises of Bioderma Solution Micellaire. Micellaire water basically takes all the make-up off of your face- it is a jack of all trades in make-up removal. Since I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara in the summer, I was excited to try this. I have to say that it works really well, even on some of the stubborn eye make-up. I put some on a cotton pad and then hold it over my eye for a few seconds, then wipe. It cleaned up the eye area quite nicely and  did not sting or burn my peepers. I then wiped by entire face and it cleaned off my foundation. Being of oily skin, I still washed my face afterwards but you really don’t have to.

It cleans up everything!

It cleans up everything!

In the warmer months, I like to use colorful eyeliner as opposed to full on eye shadow, liner, mascara, primer, etc. On a recent trip to Sephora, I almost picked up an Urban Decay 24/7  Glide-On Eye Pencil in Chaos ($19 US), a cobalt blue matte with a bit of pearl. I then walked over to the Sephora Collection display and one of the salespeople pointed out the Sephora Collection 12 Hour Wear & Waterproof Contour Eye Pencil in No. 29 My Boyfriend’s Jeans (electric blue).

My Boyfriend's Jeans

My Boyfriend’s Jeans- can you see how vibrant the color is?

I tested the pencil on my hand and was pleasantly surprised. It was just as pigmented as the UD pencil that I had swatched on my hand AND when I was wiping both swatches off, I found the Sephora pencil was a bit harder to remove. Now, you may not like that, but if you know NYC humidity, you know that this is good for eye liner. At $9 US, I could have bought two colors for the price of one UD pencil but I did not. I tried it out Saturday night. It lasted all night!

On my way to the city for a birthday party...

On my way to the city for a birthday party…

My next picture is with an Instgram filter.

My eyes look really prominent.

My eyes look really prominent.

I am really happy with the eye liner. I may have a hard time not using it everyday.

What are some of your summer picks? Have you tried any of these products?

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Friday Night Beauty

Welcome to the weekend!  After writing about my husband’s shaving habits yesterday with #hydformen and knowing I have a pretty jammed packed Saturday and a probably busy enough Sunday, I figured tonight I would take care of some grooming. I started off with my eyebrows. I do them myself- I hate getting them waxed and I prefer to pluck and trim them on my own. I start by combing them up so the longs ones stand out and then I trim with an eyebrow scissor by Sally Hansen. Once I am trimmed on top, I pluck the ends with my beloved Tweezerman. My eyebrows have a decent shape so a good clean up every week or so is all I need. I don’t have a uni-brow so I don’t have to deal with it. I might test out some eyebrow powder tomorrow to fill in the sparse spots which I think are more evident in photos or it could just be the fact that I just ignore them.

Giving myself a haircut.

Giving myself a haircut.

Once I was done plucking, I washed my face with my favorite Moody Sisters Foaming Wash and then applied NUXE Paris Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute. (That is missing all sorts of accent marks. Just saying.) It is a 24 hour soothing mask that hydrates skin. Truth is I was afraid to try it. I will now have to buy it. I applied it and left it on for about 40 minutes (The website says ten minutes. Like I ever pay attention. My little sample tube had no instructions.) It smells like oolong tea and jasmine. As it penetrated my face, it got a bit oily so I got a wash cloth and gently removed it. My skin is so soft right now that I might actually have to buy this.

You do want to touch my face. It's a little scary.

You do want to touch my face. It’s a little scary.

My last step was painting my nails. I did go for a manicure and pedicure this week but the polish started to chip and look blah so I took it all off. At least my cuticles look good and my nails kept their shape. I painted on a coat of NailTek Foundation II and then two coats of Revlon Color Stay Longwear Nail Enamel in Trade Winds. On my ring finger, I applied two coats of P2 Sand Style Polish in Strict. (Thanks to Girl in the Glasses!) I love this sand polish because it had a shiny application and I don’t mind it shiny. Then I used Nails Inc. Nail Caviar Topcooat (dries polish in 45 seconds!)  Here is what I got!

Conservative with a little edge.

Conservative with a little edge.

My hubs put on “Battleship.” I figured out the entire plot in the first five minutes (maybe less) and then the whole reason why I would even watch the movie got killed off. Right now, I see water and smoke on my TV screen. And a pretty blonde.

What did you do tonight? I hope you were out and carousing!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Getting Skin Deep @ Skin Spa NY

English: A Facial mask. Português: Uma Máscara...

English: A Facial mask. Português: Uma Máscara facial. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two friends and I ventured into NYC today for facials at Skin Spa  New York. I think our real goal was to just be ladies who lunch and I guess ladies that do lunch would also go for some kind of spa treatment. I opted for a customized facial with extractions. Skin Spa NY has several locations. We chose the SoHo location, right on Broadway and very easy to get to. The spa was located in the building’s lower level. It was very quiet and peaceful and had minimalist decor. The seating area was comfy and after filling out a brief information sheet, we did not have long to wait. At exactly noon, Olenka came and fetched me from the waiting area. And so the fun began…


This is not the Olenka that did my facial. Olenka-DSC_3400 (Photo credit: sidrguelph)

Olenka led me into a small room- they call them bungalows. There were several rooms for spa services and she gave me a cover-up and a few minutes to change and settle in. Olenka was very friendly and she asked me about my skincare regimen (she should only know!) “I can tell you take care of your skin,” she said, looking at me under the light.  She also mentioned my rosy cheeks. I explained that they have been this way since birth- she would just need to see my Grandpa Pete. She started by cleansing and steaming and also explained a few of the other facial treatments that Skin Spa offers. Then she pulled out the light with the magnifying glass. Help me.

English: It's a simple picture of a magnifying...

English: It’s a simple picture of a magnifying glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suffer from oily skin and large pores. Olenka did not tsk, tsk BUT she said that I had a few more clogged pores than she thought. She started on my forehead and worked her way down my nose (also large) and to my cheeks. The nose was the easiest to extract-  the gunk pretty much came right out of my pores. Then I felt a pin prick. Olenka must have noticed the raised eyebrows. “I am getting some of the milia on your face. I prick it with a needle and then try to extract.” My mantra: do what you gotta do!

My forehead and nose after the facial. My nose is a lot of ground to cover but looks pretty clear.

My forehead and nose after the facial. My nose is a lot of ground to cover but looks pretty clear.

Once the extractions were complete, a mask that smelled like eucalyptus was applied to my T-zone and one of chamomile and cucumber to my cheeks.  She let me be for seven minutes and with Enya on surround sound, I was left alone with my (non-existant) thoughts. (Better than when I brush my teeth and ask myself why I am on this earth and how I am one person brushing my teeth on a giant orb, floating in space. That I am just a speck- you have to love OCD.) When Olenka returned, she told me about microdermabrasion and the benefits, that my forehead was more “congested” than she initially thought, and she wiped the masks off of my face. She applied some serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen and sent me on my merry way. When I finally looked at my face, I was not irritated or red. There are no inflamed pores and my skin just looks clear and radiant. Even seven hours later, I do not feel greasy. Magical.

This is me tonight, not a stitch of make-up.

This is me tonight, not a stitch of make-up.

All in all, my experience at Skin Spa NY was positive. I paid $39 US for a 60 minute facial through Groupon but they offer a three pack of customized facials for $129 US. That is a steal, especially if you live in the NYC area. For example, a 60 minute facial at a very famous spa a few blocks away from  the Skin Spa Soho location is $125 US. Skin Spa NY isn’t all bells and whistles, but pretty fantastic for an hour long escape with quality results.

Skin Spa New York has seven locations, from SoHo to the Upper Eastside. They offer skin care, laser hair removal, waxing, anti-aging treatments, body treatments, and massage.  For spa services and prices, click here

I’ve Gone to De-Pot.

Hello fellow Product Hoochies. I hope the weekend has treated you well. It’s Sunday and I am on the verge of doing nothing. I finally received some Z Palettes this week. I’ve been holding off but last week, as I was cleaning the boudoir, I realized I had several palettes that I never use and for good reason: they really are big and cumbersome. Annoyed with myself for letting these eye shadow, lip, and blush palettes go unused for so long (actually they look never used), I decided to order some magnetic palettes. I want them all in one place and I had read some good reviews on Z Palettes so I figured, “What’s another couple of bucks if I am trying to use up my make-up?” So I invested about $60 and bought three Z Palettes, small, medium, and large. I also bought some extra magnets, though the palettes come with some. I set out this morning to de-pot and started to get the pans out of the palettes.

Z Palettes. Fun, fun, fun.

Z Palettes. Fun, fun, fun.

I started by watching a few de-potting methods on YouTube. I know I can be long winded but one method, which I thought looked easy, I had to stop watching because the de-potting “guru” explained things that were not relevant. I asked Lindz, my friend over at Girl in the Glasses, if she ever de-potted and she told me the flat iron was an easy method but to get wax or parchment paper. I picked up both, only to discover I gave my flat iron away. #Curlyhairproblems

I have FOUR massive palettes to put in the Z Palettes.

Cumbersome palettes

Cumbersome palettes

One is a Tarina Tarantino, which came in a pretty silver jewelry box. There are 16 small circular eye shadows. Though the actual eye shadows are in metal pans, they are glued into foam. I ripped off the fancy silver paper and proceeded to bend the foam. Most of the shadows popped out pretty easily and a few are out and just need a small piece of circular foam removed. No heat required.

Tearing into Tarina

Tearing into Tarina

The next palette I started to de-pot was by POP Beauty. There are color groups, though each color is in a separate rectangular pan. The shadows are only glued into paper and I managed to get a few out, sans heat, unscathed. Some of them broke but I’m not crying over it, as I have so many eye shadows from all of these palettes, that I am sure there is a dupe here and there. I think there are nine color groups of three, or 27 tiny pans of eye shadow. There are also two blushes and ten lip glosses in the Pop palette.

Teeny, tiny Pop shadows

Teeny, tiny Pop shadows

I also have the Tarte True Blood palette and these eye shadows are a good size. Encased in cardboard, my husband cut the box at the seams. I trimmed away more cardboard and placed the eye shadow palette, papery and all, into a shallow pool of rubbing alcohol. The last palette I  de-potted was by Toki-Doki. I grabbed a three wick candle and held the plastic tray over it. The glue loosened up fast but there was A LOT of glue.

So cute... not for long.

So cute… not for long.

The classy way to de-pot- at least the house smelled pretty.

The classy way to de-pot- at least the house smelled pretty.

Once I got a few pans out of the palettes, I soaked cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and wiped the back of each pan until it was free of glue residue. I even scraped some of the pans with a plastic butter knife. My fingers were getting stuck together.

Glue on a Toki Doki eye shadow. These took forever.

Glue on a Toki Doki eye shadow. These took forever.

I tested some of the pans in the palettes. The Tarina Tarantino pans stuck right in and I didn’t need to put magnets on them. The Pop eye shadows were another story. I tried to group 2-3 to a magnet, peeled back the paper to reveal the adhesive on the magnet, and prayed that they would stick. The pans didn’t really fight and the palettes started to come together. I think the easiest was the lip colors. They all fit nicely in the small Z Palette. I even lined that palette, adhesive side up, and put the colors right in.

Lips in progress

Lips in progress

Perfect fit!

Perfect fit!

Once I completely de-potted everything, I started to place the pans in the Z Palettes. It’s kind of like a puzzle. I moved things around, until I got everything I wanted in them. There were a few rejects. I figured I didn’t need another matte black shadow or cranberry shimmer.  Two small silvery shadows also had to disappear. I threw out the blushes, too. I won’t use them.

They did not get picked for the team.

They did not get picked for the team.

And the lessons I have learned:

1) De-potting is a tedious process. I needed to get it done TODAY and spent at least three hours taking care of business. I suggest doing bit by bit. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID.

2) The pans get VERY hot when heated. Get a tweezer and be careful.

3) A deep coated paper plate is your friend. You can pour a shallow layer of rubbing alcohol into one and soak the pans to loosen the glue. Put the pans in first so your eye shadows won’t get wet.

Getting dirty in a Dixie.

Getting dirty in a Dixie.

4) It’s no big deal if your eye shadows do get alcohol on them. They dry.

5) If you cracked or broke an eye shadow, it can probably be salvaged. Carefully put the remnants back into the pan and add rubbing alcohol. It will bind the eye shadow and the shadow will look muddy. Gently smooth it out with your finger and let dry. It will be as good as new!

6) Be discerning. Some eye shadows in bigger palettes will not get used (admit it). You can throw a few away.

7) You can cut the magnets if necessary but the pans may pop up a bit in the palette.

8) There are several methods of de-potting. It depends on what brand of eye shadow you have and the type of case. Do your research.

9) Wear an old tee-shirt and I would cover the surface you will use. I did. Still had a lot of clean up.

10) This shit is messy.

Below are my completed palettes:

The rectangles are Pop, the circles are Tarantino, and the one lonely square is Tarte.

The rectangles are Pop, the circles are Tarantino, and the one lonely square is Tarte.

This is a mix of Tarte and Toki Doki. There is also some Tarantino and one lone Mary Kay eye shadow in this palette.

This is a mix of Tarte and Toki Doki. There is also some Tarantino and one lone Mary Kay eye shadow in this palette. The lumpy shadows were fixed with rubbing alcohol.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

A-HA with AHA’s!

When I was a kid, alpha hydroxy acids were just starting to make waves in the beauty world. I only remember because it was the late 80s and the commercial was always on when I was at my grandmother’s house. She probably was watching a game show or something and since women were  the beauty product target, the commercial was on a lot. The brand advertised eventually disappeared and though fruit acids are considered great exfoliators, I have not really used them. I do use Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel which is serious and makes me look brighter in ten minutes but this is not about Caudalie. This post is about Garnier USA and their new product, Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel.

Lovely box!

Lovely box!

I received a bottle of Garnier Skin Renew Spot Overnight Peel from It was sent to me complimentary. I happen to think BzzAgent is really cool. I’ve gotten to try some new cereal and veggie burgers, all free. I was happy to finally get a beauty product- not that I’m complaining. Last night I threw on a face mask and some pore strips (the Rite-Aid brand if you need to know) just to brighten up my complexion. After being sick, I was looking a little dull and wanted to brighten up. Since I got the Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel yesterday, I figured it was a prime opportunity to try it out.

This is me last night.As you can see, I party hard.

This is me last night.As you can see, I party hard.

Glycolic peels are supposed to gently exfoliate skin and help fade dark spots, brighten and even out skin tone, and smooth skin texture. Skin Renew Overnight Peel claims to be gentle and can be used every night. Sounds easy enough, right? Using it overnight, I should have glowing, brighter, and more even toned skin. After four weeks, dark spots and discoloration should be more diminished  and will look more uniform and smoother.

There is A LOT of information on the box.

There is A LOT of information on the box.

I always make this face when applying products.

I always make this face when applying products.

The Skin Renew Overnight Peel comes in a pretty green bottle with a pump. Like most Garnier products, it has a pleasant scent- something between fruit and floral. As for texture, the peel reminds me of a serum. It is clear and really not thick. I pumped some on the back of my hand and it started to creep right on down towards my thumb. I applied it to my face and it didn’t feel terribly goopy. It was not greasy (a plus in my book) and non-comedogenic and will not clog pores. After a few minutes I noticed that it did feel a little sticky and I was afraid I would dry out (shocking!) and applied a light moisturizer and my usual eye cream.

The bottle is 1.6 FL OZ/48 ml

The bottle is 1.6 FL OZ/48 ml

Can be a creeper...

Can be a creeper…

When I woke up this morning, I washed my face with Cetaphil. My skin feels really soft and a bit tight so I might have to actually moisturize. I am not sure how much glowing I will do today but the texture of my skin feels good. I think that in a few weeks I will see a difference but you never know! Oh! Another thing- make sure you use SPF during the day when using any peel. A peel leaves skin more vulnerable to sun damage and you do not want to burn.

I'm only one cup of coffee in. I need at least another 10 oz before I'm likable.

I’m only one cup of coffee in. I need at least another 10 oz before I’m likable.

Garnier Skin Renew Overnight Peel is available at most mass retailers for $16.99 US. Many thanks to for my free bottle!


Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Zappin’ It to Ya!

Okay… I am going to let you in on a dirty little secret. I have a serious facial hair problem. I know, I know- you probably are thinking, “I’ve seen some pictures. It’s not that bad.” But let me tell you- it is that bad and I do as much as I possibly can to hide that shit. Pardon the expletive. For the past 15 years, I have been good friends with Tweezerman, Nair Wax Strips, Nads, Sally Hanson Hair Remover, Veet, and Jolen Bleach.

English: Male facial hair

English: Male facial hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know exactly when this problem started. I remember being in 7th grade and having a mustache. The hairs were long and dark but somewhat thin. My friend also had this problem so we became experts at bleaching it, just mixing the right amount of powdered bleach into the cream and then spreading it over our upper lips. We had to be careful with timing, too. The package always said stuff like, “No less than four minutes but no more than seven” and you had to figure out the exact moment to take off the cream. If you didn’t wait long enough, you had light mustache tips and if you waited too long, you ended up with a red, irritated, and burnt upper lip.

English: "Portrait of Maj. Gen. Ambrose E...

English: “Portrait of Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, officer of the Federal Army”. Negative: glass, wet collodion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got more savvy and brave as I got older. More and more of my friends had mustaches, so we would buy waxing strips and wax ourselves happy. One of my friends got really smart and held the pre-waxed strip near a light bulb to warm up. It was genius. I never thought anything else was wrong, until that fateful day I went for a haircut and my hairdresser mentioned the hair on the side of my face. I never really cared about it but she said, “Honey, have you tried Surgi-Cream here?” as she motioned to my sideburns. I was confused because I never heard of Surgi-Cream and didn’t think my sideburns were a big deal. I was mortified. I know she was trying to be helpful but dear lord, what people say to young women! I soon became self-conscious and headed home, stopping for some Surgi-Cream on the way. I couldn’t find that, so I bought some Nair and used that on my ‘burns and then on my upper lip. I was hair-free and embarrassed that not one person told me how awful I looked.

Die Gartenlaube (1874) b 061

Die Gartenlaube (1874) b 061 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once I got to college, I was still Nairing myself when I noticed my chin was starting to sprout. And not only a hair here or there. Nope- these were full out patches of dark, strong hair. I bought myself a Tweezerman and went to town every few days. I would tweeze those suckers out of my face while sitting under a strong light looking in a magnifying mirror. H-O-T.

It only got worse from there. As I got older, the hair on my face grew thicker. I would remove and it would grow back, mocking me. I would pluck, wax, chemically remove, even in times of dire circumstance, shave my face. Until last year. I got tired of this crap. I decided I would start with laser hair removal.

Facial Hair comic

Facial Hair comic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found a local place and got a Groupon for six sessions under $100. I started with my lip and in less than five minutes, I was zapped. The sensation is not pleasant but way easier than waxing. I just started getting my sideburns and chin done, too. After one session, my chin is smooth and my sideburns are pretty obliterated. My lip needs a few more sessions but the hair grows in very slowly. I was so afraid that people could see the hair and it annoys me that it bothers me so much. Such a first world problem, right?

We are so afraid to talk about facial hair because it is a beauty taboo. Truth is, I can’t understand why we don’t find Brazilian waxes gross. I also don’t find hairy legs to be a problem either. I shave them, once a week in  the winter, and pretty much every other day in the summer. I don’t like armpit hair– it itches, so I keep them clean for my own sanity. But the face- it is what we put forward first. It makes us recognizable and it shames me to say that I don’t want to be the person remembered as, “You know- the woman with the hairy chin.”

Surprisingly, No Mishap Manicure

The Couture Gel Polish System... the old model.

Gel Haute Gel Nail-Polish Kit

A few months ago, I purchased a Gel Haute Gel Nail-Polish Kit from Groupon. If you don’t know what Groupon is, it is a website where you can purchase products and services at discounted prices. Anyhoo, I bought this gel kit for $49 US. Since a gel manicure in my neighborhood can run $30+, I figured $49 wouldn’t be a terrible amount to spend. I also prefer doing my nails at home. I have no patience to sit and dry them at the nail salon. At least I can watch TV and sit on my recliner if I do my nails myself.

The kit came with an “elite” LED light, nail cleanser, polish remover, gel topcoat, gel basecoat, and four gel polishes. There were three different kits and I chose the kit with “everyday” colors. It seems that I got a good deal, as the kit on the Haute Polish website goes for $79 and has one color polish, cleansing packets, and detailing wands.  BUT you can get the kit I purchased on for $49 and if you use Ebates (and you should), you get 10% back! Here is my referral link: (I think Ebates is also available in Canada.)

Skipping along…

First, I plugged in the lamp. There is a power button on the right side of the lamp.

I started by cleaning up my cuticles and filing my nails.  Then I used the nail cleanser and let my nails dry. It swipes on as easy as remover. I applied a thin layer of gel basecoat to four fingers on my left hand, leaving my thumb. I popped them under the light and hit the button. The light turns off after two minutes, then I repeated the process on my right hand and saved thumbs for last. The basecoat took about seven minutes with application and light curing.

Nail Cleanser (not be mistaken for polish remover) and basecoat

Nail Cleanser (not be mistaken for polish remover) and basecoat

It was now time for color. I actually chose the “natural” shade. It is kind of taupy and I really liked it in the bottle. I applied one coat in the above process and it was very sheer. I cured and applied some more, and then did it again. I did four coats of color polish. It was still streaky but not terribly obvious.

The color

The color

Since each hand takes two minutes and then you do the thumbs, it takes at least 7 minutes with application for all nails. A bit time consuming…

The three steps and the light

The three steps and the light

When I was finally satisfied, roughly 30 minutes later, I applied the topcoat. The brush was awful! The bristles were stuck together and it would not apply evenly. I did the best I could and cured my nails under the light. Then I rubbed each nail down with the nail cleanser- they will not look shiny without that final step.

Gloopy, gloppy topcoat!

Gloopy, gloppy topcoat!

The result: I’m not too excited with the job I did. I’m not sure if it was me or the topcoat. My nails are lumpy but you can’t really tell unless you look closely. I’ve been pretty hard on my hands (as usual) and they still have yet to chip. I will give the system another chance and try a different color. That might work out better. I might throw some glittery polish over this so it doesn’t look so bumpy. All in all, the Gel Haute Gel Nail-Polish Kit is not difficult to use, I just think it may take a different color, better topcoat, and some practice.

Left is without flash. I am holding a Caudalie product! Take a guess!

Left is without flash. I am holding a Caudalie product! Take a guess!

Oh- I also emailed the wrong gel polish company about the topcoat! I will send them an email about my error and send the message where it belongs!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

This is the Before…

Channeling Swamp Man

I really have no shame. It’s bad. I mean, look at me. Green mask on my face, shocked expression. My eyes look good though, really clear and my lashes are still curly from the eyelash perm. I don’t mean to be so insensitive, I know there is a lot going on out there, I just thought we could all use a laugh at my expense. Look at my face! You should at least giggle- or feel bad for me.

Of course, this will lead to a post about beauty products. The mask is now off and I have Biore strips on my nose and chin. I thought those pictures would be a little embarrassing to post. Just kidding. My phone is now updating software and I figured I’d do this while I waited. What mask is that, you ask? It is Nord New York Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask. I am a sucker for Dead Sea mud. Really. It has some crazy properties and if you ask my Grandpa Babe, anything to do with salt water heals everything. The directions said my face should be moist, so I washed and then dried it a little and applied. The package warned of stinging but that didn’t happen. I washed it off and now my skin is clean. It looks good. Take my word for it. I’ll  take a picture later and show you another day.

Blackhead sucking vampire

While the mask dried, I thought a lip scrub would be in order. I just received my order from Coterie (more on that in another post) and I got the lip scrub and lip slip from sarah happ. She uses all lowercase letters. THAT MAKES ME CRAZY. I took a generous amount on my finger and massaged using a firm, circular motion. I’m just reading the package, folks. What ensued was ridiculous: The stuff fell off my fingers, dropped bits on my shirt, got all over my face. Then I wiped it off with a tissue and the tissue was sticking to my lips. I have a scrub I like better- too bad I used this one and didn’t save it for someone’s stocking stuffer.

Clockwise from top: an examination of the lip scrub, me applying, me trying to not eat it, me puckering up with it all over my face

I needed to apply the lip slip as soon as I was done washing my face. The scrub may work well on toast but my lips were screaming. The lip scrub package also reads, “Wonder how you ever lived without it.” Very easily- I made a mixture of cinnamon and sugar and sprinkled it on my buttered toast. The lip slip itself is kind of nice and smooth. It smells like Rosebud Salve. Hmmmmmm…..

sarah happ the lip scrub & the lip slip

Well, I am off for now. Time to cook dinner and get ready for work in the morning. Keep calm and…

Primp On! XOXO

Feel Good in Your… Skin! An Interview with Dilcia Enid

Dilcia preparing her face.

I went to an arts high school and the best part about it was meeting like-minded people. It was for the most part a judgment free zone and people generally got along quite well. That is why I enjoy finding out what my classmates are up to now. Dilcia and I haven’t seen each other in over 10 (close to 15!) years BUT thanks to the information age, we keep up on Facebook and email. It is kind of ridiculous that we live in the same city and never run into each other but as usual, life gets in the way.

Dilcia has been working in Esthetics for some time but that was not her first foray into helping others. She actually comes from a social work background,  with a BA in English Education and a TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language). After teaching abroad and returning to the States to do social work, Dilcia wanted to find a way to help others without the emotional toll,  ” I left that career in search of a different way to connect with people without the heaviness and the bureaucratic nonsense I was frustrated over.”  Dilcia decided then that Esthetics was for her. I think helping people look at themselves in a positive light is important and I think Dilcia aids in the process.

Dilcia answered a few questions for me about skincare and how to feel pretty inside and out.

Product Hoochie: Let’s start off with the basics. When your give a facial, do you use products for sensitive skin?

Dilcia:  Yes. Some ingredients to look for are Ginger, Evening Primrose Oil, Oat Kernel, Licorice, and Aloe.  An exfoliation method that is not aggressive and always wear SPF.  Your facial treatments are aimed at soothing and calming the skin.

PH: Post-facial, do you provide a daily skincare regimen? What would it consist of?

D: Yes, every client is responsible for home care to get the full benefits of monthly facial treatments. Everyone’s skin has a specific type and condition. Overall, skin must be cleansed, exfoliated, treated, hydrated, and protected-all according to type and condition. 

PH: What are some products that everyone should have?

D: For oily skin, mild gel cleanser, an oil-free hydrator are a must! Dry skin will benefit from weekly hydrating masks. Skin with blemishes on certain areas can be treated with a spot treatment overnight.

PH: I myself am a “greasy beast”. What would you suggest for me?

D: You will want to cleanse with a gel cleanser. Products that are mattifying as well as treating (look for Sulfur, Camphor, Horse Chestnut Extract, Sarcosine) will help absorb oil (aka shine) and balance sebum production.  A weekly clay mask would help regulate sebaceous glands as well as monthly peels by your Esthetician. 

PH: What are your favorite products? What do you swear by?

D: I swear by Salicylic Acid and sulfur for exfoliation and spot treatments. I use a calming serum and a thick, rich hydrator at night for my dry skin type.  I have just started using a new line. Dermalogica is carried at the spa I now work at and I’ve purchased a cleanser and spot treatment so far. In the past Dr. Alkalis has worked great for me.

PH: Every Product Hoochie wants to know- Do you wear make-up?

D: YES! Okay… I am a junkie.  I like Lorac, Urban Decay, NARS, Bloom, Sue Devitt… 

A woman after my own heart, Dilcia is currently working her magic at Pilo Arts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. As a certified Dermalogica Skincare Expert, Dilcia will make your skin look its absolute best. Make an appointment with her today!

Primp On! XOXO

Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon

Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon is located at 8412 Third Avenue, Brooklyn

Easily accessible via the R train to 86th Street and the B70 Bus.

(718) 748-7411



And if your life could not get any weirder…

Try an eyelash perm.

I see you. (Before the perm.)

A few months ago, I bought a Living Social deal for an eyelash perm at Lavilash. (Living Social is a site where you can buy services at discounted rates. They change daily.) I paid $30. Usually an eyelash perm costs about $50 so it wasn’t a bad price for the “value.”

I read up on the procedure on the Lavilash website. It made me a little nervous and here is why: to get the lashes to curl they roll them and use a perming solution. Perming solution? Near my eyes. Am I nuts? The website also claims that it is safe and is a very popular procedure in Japan. I figured if women (and men) in Japan are doing it, why not in NYC? I made my appointment.

When I got to Lavilash, I took a look around. It was a small room with four facial beds. There was a lot of light and pretty vanities. The smell of perm solution filled the air. Gigi, one of the lash-artists, brought me to a small cafe table and handed me a waiver. I read it over and it was the usual. It also freaked me out a little bit. Isn’t this safe enough? I signed and then she asked me what “design” I wanted. I didn’t think  it was that serious.  You have a choice between an I (for short lashes), a C (for long lashes), and a J (for a natural look). I chose the C and Gigi looked into my eyes and told me that was a good choice. My lashes are pretty long and once curled and with mascara, quite full and lengthy.

I, C, or J? And we aren’t talking bra sizes.

I looked over to the two women on the beds. It was like a space movie. Their eyes were completely covered and they seemed pretty calm. I laid down and Gigi said, “Close your eyes.” She started by gluing the curling rods to my eyelids. Yes, gluing. It was a lot of glue. I could then feel my lashes being gently pulled around the rod. They were also glued. Then I smelled it. Memories of an 8th grade perm came flooding back (my pre-naturally curly hair days. Weird.) Perm solution I was applied. Then she stopped poking and prodding me. I waited for a burn or a stinging sensation since another customer complained about that but nothing happened.  After about 10-15 minutes, she removed the perm solution and put on solution II. Another 10 minutes and that was removed. She wiped my eyes and handed me a mirror…

This is a little freaky.

There are 42 types of rollers to get your perfect curl.

I like the eyelash perm. It was an experience but I don’t think I will get another one. For one, I am so attached to my Shu Uemera eyelash curler and that provides a more dramatic curl. Secondly, I was a little scared. Thoughts of this stuff getting into my eyes and causing damage freaked me out. Though they say the solution is a cream, that does not leave much room for error. My lashes are long enough and hold a curl without a chemical treatment. I would say if your lashes are very straight or droopy, you might want to try this. The operative word here is “might.”

After my perm. My lashes are curlier and darker. This is without mascara.

I have 5-6 weeks of my curly lashes. During that time I cannot use an eyelash curler. I think that hurts the most.

Bat those lashes and stay glossy! XXX

Before and after. You be the judge.