Cheapie Make-Up Secrets

I just spent $54 on I bought a pack of Clarisonic brush-heads (they need to be changed every 3 months) and a Smashbox eyeshadow quad that was $10 (good deal.) I had a gift card but if anyone were to ever look at my order history, I think they would go nuts. I have probably spent enough money at that store to buy my own. I have a problem. I admit it.

Lately, I’m kind of tired (yawn) giving Sephora all of my money. Let’s face it (ha): I’m a chameleon. I like to try different products and cosmetics don’t last forever. If you’re like me, you tend to love a product for a while and then get sick of it. Sometimes I go back. Most of the time I don’t. The brief affair with that product ends and I am onto the next one that promises me glowing skin, plumper lips, and self-esteem as high as the Empire State Building. Instead of buying super pricy make-up at Sephora, I have started to browse the aisles at my local Walgreen’s. I have found some great stuff, some blah stuff, and some stuff that is pretty okay. Here we go:

Wet’n’Wild: This brand is an oldie but goodie. They really have amped up the line and make very fashion forward colors with great textures. One of my favorite lipsticks is their Mega Last Lip Color. It’s semi- matte but gloss can be put over it and it would be shiny goodness. On its own, it lasts forever and does not dry out. I own three colors (my favorite is Don’t Blink Pink) and the pigment is saturated, the color vibrant. Not bad for $1.99- should leave Poppy King (Lipstick Queen) shaking in her boots (and I LOVE her lipstick.) Another Wet’n’Wild product that is fantastic is their Color Icon Eyeliner. They have tons of color choices and you can try every single one for 99 cents each. Sometimes they go on sale for 69 cents. The pencils are also long- you get a lot of bang for your buck (pardon the expression.) Again, the colors are bright, the pencils go on smoothly, and if it isn’t disgustingly humid, your line will stay strong for a good amount of time.

E.L.F. ( More stores are carrying E.L.F. now. Their products run between $1 (lipstick)-$30 (11 piece brush set) and I have to admit, I really like some of their stuff. I’ve had my E.L.F. brushes for at least four years (I wash mine weekly.) They have not fallen apart. I recently purchased their Studio Lip Stain. At $3.00, it is great. The Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette has 100 (yes, 100!) colors to play with. The possibilities are, well, endless! (It’s on sale on their site right now!)

The last product line I’ll write about today is….

NYX: I cannot say enough about this line. My sister bought me some NYX products and I am on the hunt. I buy them whenever I see them and lucky for me, they are popping up in more stores. The HD Eyeshadow Base is light-weight and smooths out the lids. I put this on before I put my other make-up on so it dries a little. Since it is pretty white, colors pop! Their Mega Shine Lip Gloss is soft, shiny, not sticky and has good staying power. I’ve found it for $3.99. Finally, their Stick Blush is smooth and blends easily. You can build up color or just give yourself a rosy glow. It’s fab!

Getting pretty does not have to cost a fortune. You can buy all of the products I have mentioned for (drum roll…) under $35!

Stay glossy (and save!)

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Oooh! Make-Up Event!

If you are free on August 26, I have something for you to do! Come on over to The Brooklyn Make-Up Studio to peruse the oodles of beauty bounty. Meet great make-up artists, hair stylists, and skincare specialists. ┬áStudio owner, Stacey Catapano, has created a beautiful space that makes for a fun shopping experience. Makeovers with Smashbox, Vincent Longo, and Too-Faced products and mini-facials by Caudalie can be done on-site. Call for an appointment (if you want a makeover or mini-facial) or just pop on in! We’d love to see you! Email me at for more information.

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