Guess What I Got!

So… Friday I left you with what could be called a “cliffhanger.” After opening all of my packages, my bell rang and yes, it was another package… for me. Let me start by saying I spend a small fortune on cosmetics, fragrance, and body care products. It is an obsession that is not so bizarre but enough to possibly get me onto an episode of “Hoarders.” I’m kidding- kind of.  When my husband and I were in Boston last month, we went to Barneys so I could purchase Lipstick Queen Saint Lipstick. The saleswoman was chatting me up and was very nice. I tried two colors, picked the pink and she went off to get me a tube.  I was roaming and found an absolutely gorgeous perfume.  She returned and told me it was $145. Now, let me tell you, I have been lucky in Barneys. Most of the salespeople I have encountered there were not snobby. I’ve had that problem in a few place (ahem Hermes.) While I was paying, the saleswoman told me that there would be a make-up event starting September 20 and if I wanted to spend $200, it would be worth the wait. She knew how much I wanted the perfume and did not push the sale. Major props…

Hubby and I got back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Well, the saleswoman gave me the color I didn’t want. Oy. I wasn’t going back to Copley and Steve said, “You could wait to return it when you go to the beauty event.” Was this his way of saying, “I almost approve of you spending this much money on make-up”? We went off to dinner. I suffered a panic attack (don’t ask) and we ended up back at the hotel, drinking Slurpees from 7-11.

The color I didn’t want.

Mmmm… Slurpee

Fast forward to this past Thursday.  The Barneys cosmetic event was happening. I couldn’t place my order from work, so the hubs ordered for me. I got some crappy news Thursday night, which resulted in no appetite (shocking!) and tears.  I went to bed, literally hoping for a better tomorrow.

That is why it was so thrilling to receive so many packages Friday. The stuff kept me occupied for hours. After I opened what had already arrived, Steve told me I was going to get one more package. At first, I thought it would be my new phone, but he said, “No. You’ll like this better.” “Barneys? Already?” I could not contain my glee. Soon enough the doorbell rang…

The box didn’t have a chance. Scissors and fingernails shred the tape and cardboard. Oodles of paper covered the goods and then I saw it. The iconic black Barneys gift box and a card. Huh? Steve laughed. “I thought you’d appreciate the gift wrap. Don’t worry-it was free.”  I pulled the black box out, festooned with a Barneys ribbon and read the card. Then I hacked into that lovely box.

This poor box never had a chance.


The pretty wrapping that would be destroyed in mere seconds.

Steve ordered me Byredo Seven Veils Eau De Parfum.  I always had a thing for Salome and the Dance of the Seven Veils and when I gave it a whiff, it was love.  (There will be a review.)  I also got Baume de Rose By Terry (this will also get a review). These two products put me over the $200 mark (I know, I know) and so I got the “Love Yourself” free gift.  Instead of continuing to bore you, I will do a separate post on the products.

My cute card!

Hey, I like the Seven Veils. You knew this was coming. Stay Glossy! XXX

The suspense should be killing you.


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