Striking Oil with Josie Maran

photo 3 (3)

Josie Maran, Queen of Argan Oil, recently released Argan Black Oil Mascara. Normally, I pick up mascara at the drugstore but have somehow amassed a rather large collection of sample tubes and this was no exception.

From Sephora’s website:
A mascara that never sleeps: a highly-effective and natural, argan oil treatment mascara that nourishes, lengthens, volumizes, lifts, and curls lashes for 24 hours. 

Treat your lashes to the nourishing lash-softening effect of 100 percent pure argan oil mixed with blackest-black iron mineral pigments, and infused with the lash strengthening properties of bamboo. Creamy and 91 percent natural, Argan Black Oil Mascara conditions as it coats, lengthens, volumizes, lifts, and curls, for eyes that sparkle and invite the world in. The unique formula is delivered by an innovative five-ball brush that reaches every lash. 

This brush has curves.

This brush has curves.

The tube is pretty, turquoise with a black and orange chevron type design. The brush is really cool, too. They aren’t lying about the five-ball brush either. It looks kind of twisty  and it really picks up the right amount of product. The formula itself is not super thick but it has a good consistency that coats lashes nicely. I find it to really lengthen and volumize each lash, making my peepers pop. Drying time is good. You have time to build up application but don’t have to worry about it ending up all over your eyes (I’m talking to you, Rimmel!) or giving you clumps. It lasts a long time, though I don’t think it could make 24 hours. After a decent day of running around, it does smudge a bit. I can say that I don’t channel a raccoon. I also have sensitive eyes and it didn’t irritate them at all.


Top- scary eye, no mascara. Bottom- scary eye, one coat of mascara

Top- scary eye, no mascara.
Bottom- scary eye, one coat of mascara

photo 1 (5)

I always curl my lashes and then apply one coat to top and bottom lashes. It really works, no? My only gripe- the price. Though I love some of Josie’s cosmetics, at $22 USD you’re talking a lot of dough for three months use, if you’re lucky.


4 thoughts on “Striking Oil with Josie Maran

  1. Sounds like a keeper! I haven’t thought about argan oil in mascara earlier, but hey, why not? Regarding the price, $22 would be a very cheap mascara in Denmark. Even the cheapest brands here cost around $30:)

  2. I use the Argan shampoo, conditioner and hair spray but did not know about the mascara but might try it because if liked the other products with argan oil..You did a great job with the eyes – impressive before and after. You could do a commercial.

    • Argan is great. I was surprised at how much I liked the mascara. I generally find Josie Maran’s line a bit overpriced. I usually buy less expensive brands and use the oil in my hair. Thanks for stopping by and your words about my eyes!

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