This $h!t is Expensive.

Friday, I received my order from Barneys. I needed Byredo’s Seven Veils Eau De Parfum( love at first sniff) and Baume de Rose By Terry (the “By Terry” name bothers me for some reason…) I wanted to try Baume de Rose after reading articles that said  it was practically the next best thing.  At $60, this stuff should produce miracles. The perfume was not cheap either. For $145, a genie should be popping out of the bottle. Not that the prices stopped me because the perfume is on my dresser and the baume is in my make-up bag.

$205 here, not including tax.

Byredo Parfums Seven Veils is inspired by the Christian myth of Salome and the Seven Veils. The abridged version: Salome was the reason for Saint John the Baptist’s execution. Have you ever heard the expression “Deliver his head on a platter”? Saint John the Baptist condemned the marriage of Salome’s mom, Herodias and her stepfather Herod Antipas. Encouraged by her mother,  Salome did a fancy dance for her stepfather to “seduce” him. The plan was that stepdaddy would give Salome whatever she wanted. She asked for John the Baptist’s head on a fancy dish. Let’s just say she got it and Salome brought the platter to her mother. Positive lesson for women, no? (Sense my sarcastic tone here.)

Back to the perfume… when I first smelled it, I could not believe the complexity and the warmth. It is sweet and spicy, thanks to carrots and pimento berries in the top notes. Once it adjusts to your body temperature, it becomes more floral but keeps a bit of sweetness because of Tahitian Vanilla Flower. The scent stays clean because of the Sandalwood base, yet again maintains its coziness with vanilla bean. I’ve worn it a few times. I don’t spray on too much and I’ve heard, “What smells good?” by several people.I’ve had a few people stop me. The fragrance has great lasting power, too. I love the fact that it smells different. I can sniff my wrists all day.

Now, it’s time for Baume de Rose By Terry. I always put lip stuff on, whether it be balm, gloss, or lipstick. I had read a lot of beauty articles that sang the praises of Baume de Rose but I balked at the price and I will tell you why: though I could use this balm pretty much anywhere, it is a small jar. I’m not  getting a large quantity and if I use the product a lot, that is bunch of money.


I first put some of the balm on my lips. It provides a real moisture surge and light pink tint. I rubbed the leftovers on my cuticles (waste not, want not). My lips actually stayed really soft and not sticky. I did not notice any change in my cuticles but this does not surprise me. My cuticles are a mess all of the time. Baume De Rose also smells lovely. I was afraid it would smell sickly sweet or flowery and it really does not. That’s important when it is on your face.

My take- I love my perfume but the jury is still out on the balm. I have to give it a few more uses before I can make a good judgement.

Stay Glossy! XXX


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