Getting #RadiantWithAVEENO


Does anyone out there own a magnifying light up mirror? I do. It is probably one of my favorites in my beauty arsenal. It can be dangerous- no stray hair or blackhead should show their face, as the mirror will locate, target, and I will remove with whatever force necessary. If you are having a bad day, the mirror is hard to deal with. There are times I love it and times I want to break it because it forces you to take a good hard look at your skin.

Do you see me?

My mirror- best friend or sworn enemy?

At 34, I’ve been pretty lucky. I don’t really have wrinkles and my skin is pretty clear. I do have ginormous caverns aka pores on my face but with glycolic peels or a purifying mask and some pore strips, they clean up nicely. When I was offered the chance to try Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector, I figured what the heck? Influenster sent me my tube and I looked at my face. Closely. I was not as happy as I thought I would be.


Under my eyes and at the top of my cheeks were little spots. Some I figure are freckles but others aren’t as cute. I see splotches. And more spots. And I don’t like it one bit.



That little tube could not have come soon enough.


photo 4 (1)

Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector should help fade the look of dark spots and uneven tone. It promises to be non-irritating and to reveal softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. It is oil free and won’t clog pores. The consistency is thinner than a lotion and the scent is strong. If you are sensitive to fragrance, try to sniff this first. Scented products don’t normally bother me and this came off a bit strong and floral. I squirt about a dime size for each side of my face and target my cheek area. I started using the Targeted Tone Corrector maybe 10 days ago. What did I find?


I see a little improvement but it is really hard to tell. Why? It’s the summer. Even with SPF (that I wear everyday), I still freckle a little. I can tell that a few spots faded slightly but I think this maybe a product to try in cooler months when the beach and pool aren’t so tempting. In fact, I really feel I can’t judge the product as honestly as I would like.



I do trust the Aveeno brand.  Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector is about $14 USD. A lot of tone correcting treatments can run $30+  and don’t work, so it is safe to say this is more of a “bargain,” especially if you would like to try a tone corrector.

Until then…

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*Product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.


Cleansing with Konjac- not Kojak

(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

Yes, that is Telly Savalas, and no, I am not really going to write about Kojak, a show that ended before my time. I am going to give you some info on the Boscia Konjac Cleansing Sponge ($18 USD). Konjac? Kojak? Same difference. Well… not really…


(Via Google Images)

(Via Google Images)

Konjac sponges are gaining popularity in the US market. We usually are more into high tech rip your face off cleansing tools so the konjac sponge is a nice change. I don’t really consider myself to have sensitive skin but found my Clarisonic to be a bit harsh during cooler months and though I love my my Foreo Luna Mini, I  sometimes feel it doesn’t get really into my pores enough. Le sigh.

A konjac sponge is a little different. First off, it is a cheaper method. It is also disposable and won’t cost you an arm and a leg for a replacement head. It is also super gentle at exfoliating and just so fricken cool. Yes- fricken cool.

Konjac is native to Asia.- it is actually a type of potato It grows at high altitudes. Konjac is naturally 97% water, loaded in minerals, but not in calories. It is also pH neutral. And that is reason #139 that I love konjac potatoes- that, and their ability to exfoliate skin without stripping.

I ordered the Bosica Konjac Cleansing Sponge because I got an email about it from Sephora. I’m always looking for some kind of item in hopes that it will obliterate blackheads. I thought $18 USD was a little pricey but what was stopping me really? The sponge is half a sphere. It feels like a ball (or half a ball) of styrofoam. You immerse the sponge in warm water and it softens. Before my first use, I really let it soak up water. It softens up really well but still feels sturdy in the hands. Put cleanser directly onto the sponge and massage the skin in a circular motion. Rinse your face. Rinse the sponge out well and hang it to dry. It’s that easy.

photo 1

I’ve been using the sponge for maybe three days now and it has become the favorite part of my cleansing routine. It just is so soft and feels so refreshing yet soothing. My skin also looks more vibrant.

photo 2

The Boscia Konjac Sponge should be disposed after 2-3 months. Oh! If you don’t want to spend 18 bucks, there are a few other great options which I will most definitely be trying. Check them out:

EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge ($5.99 US- Seriously?)

Dr. Sponge via Anthropologie ($8.50 US)

Amazon also has a few options.

Go get fresh faced!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Studio Gear Gets an A+ for Their CC Cream

Hello, hello!

I hope all is well today. I have had many trials and tribulations with face products for quite a bit. I have a decent complexion and rarely have any real issues with my face. When I was given the opportunity to try Studio Gear’s Hydrating CC Color Correcting Cream, I figured what the heck?!

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream


I have always had trouble with BB creams. I found them to be either too heavy or way too watery. My face would become an oil field and I would have to blot like crazy. I resorted to using only a face primer and that seemed to do the trick. I was intrigued by the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream because it offers SPF 20, is oil free, lightweight, and hydrating.

This is my before. Note to self: drink coffee before phoographs.

This is my before. Note to self: drink coffee before photographs.

From Brandbacker website:

Hydrating CC Cream transforms and enhances your complexion in an incredibly light, smooth formula. This foundation simultaneously fights aging, retains moisture, and covers and treats blemishes with a non-oily, perfectly radiant finish.

Key Benefits:

Prevents fine lines and wrinkles with collagen-building ingredients
Restores skin elasticity by promoting moisture retention
Brightens and illuminates skin with a non-oily, complete coverage application

When looking the product, it almost looks like a face scrub. There are microencapsulated pigments in the CC cream that allow for hydration of up to 72 hours.

Do you see the little capsules?

Do you see the little capsules? This amount covered more than half my face.

I applied it over the very light moisturizer I use. It goes on very smoothly and I found that I do not need a lot of product to cover my face.

Napkin swatch! See how the color develops has it is smoothed over.

Napkin swatch! See how the color develops as it is smoothed over.


The product does not make the skin look matte. I wouldn’t say it makes it look dewy either. This CC cream gives you a slightly luminous finish.  I actually would say this made my skin look “better than” its natural state.

After application. Way too close today.

After application. Way too close today.

As for the grease factor- the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream did not make me super oily. In fact, I felt that it actually helped keep some of the oil at bay. With that said, lasting power was pretty good but I did need to touch up with my powder here and there.

I put on some more color.

I put on some more color.

The price of Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream is $34 USD. It is available in three shades, linen, natural, and wheat,  which is a pretty limited selection. I am wearing the cream in Natural, so any skin tones lighter or darker may have some difficulty when selecting a shade.

If you are interested in trying Studio Gear’s Hydrating CC Cream or any of their other products, just click here. You will receive a 10% discount on your order when using the code bloggercc.

Let me know if you try any other Studio Gear products. I’d love to hear about it!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

This post is powered by BrandBacker. Product was sent to me complimentary. All opinions are my own.

Imperial Honey is like (Body) Butter!

I’ve been bad. I’m sorry. The hubs and I have finally moved. Though we are still living out of boxes (My lipstick! I can’t find my lipstick!), we have sort of resumed our “normal” everyday lives. As if living with me is normal. Moving along, I have a product I just would love to share with you. It survived the move (meaning I found it) and I want to get this post in before I forget.

Are you ready for royalty? Then you need to try Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter.

Just looks so regal in my bedroom.

Just looks so regal in my bedroom.

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter is a delicious melting body butter made from the honey of Black Bees. Throw in some Royal Jelly and you get a super moisturizing experience.  I know that Perlier offers great bath products from past experience. (Check out my other post on Perlier here.)

Two queen cells were opened to show queen larv...

Two queen cells were opened to show queen larvae of the Western honey bee floating in royal jelly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At first I was skeptical. I mean, the skin on my body in the winter months looks like a friggin blizzard. My legs and arms are so dry and flaky and no matter what I do, nothing seems to work. In fact my first impressions were eh. I found that I needed more than I thought I would for a body butter. As I slathered the body butter on, it easily spread so I wasn’t sure at how emollient it would be. Until… I realized that it works. My skin is soft. Even that little pesky patch of eczema seems to have been tamed. After about a week of use, I can honestly say my skin is silky and supple. And the scent- don’t even get me started! It is a delightful blend of sweet honey and Oriental woods- sweet and smokey.

Creamy and Dreamy- get your mind out of the gutter!

Creamy and Dreamy- get your mind out of the gutter!

At $40 US this is a pricey product pick but well worth the money if you suffer from dry skin. I also have the direct link here to purchase #PerlierOnHSN. Unfortunately, it seems to be SOLD OUT! I would check back for #PerlierOnHSN in the near future and if you are lucky to see its return, enter iFabbo5 during checkout for $5 off!

I won’t make any promises about future posts and I have so many new and exciting things to try out! Once I am more together, I will be back. Until then…

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

I received this product complimentary from iFabbo. It had no influence on my review. If you are interested in joining iFabbo, click my affiliate link located in the sidebar.

Resvology to the Rescue!


eye before

Sorry to scare you with my eyeballs. With my schedule lately, I have been running around like a mad woman and it shows. I never complained about dark circles until I really gave the skin around my eyes a cold, hard look. Now, mine may not seem that bad but I am facing my mid-30s and I have already noticed the changes in my skin.  I am oily by nature so I don’t use face cream.  I do use eye cream. I was recently disappointed that my favorite cream had been discontinued and was sold on something else. I am not too happy with the current formulation so when I saw a campaign for Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream on BrandBacker, I was excited.I received a 0.5 fluid ounce tube complimentary  through BrandBacker and got started using it right away.

photo 4

Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream ($84 US) is “advanced gene science” that uses the 4-AR molecule, a stabilized and patented form of resveratryl acetate. The 4-AR molecule has been proven to activate over 85 skin-related genes in an in-vitro gene study.  This activity helps skin look more youthful. If you want it in Product Hoochie terms, this is luxurious skincare with a strong basis in science. It also just sounds like it works, but is there proof in the anti-puff pudding?

photo 1

The cream claims that it helps minimize wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circle. I only really have the latter but I am all about prevention. Their “unprecedented results” pretty much tell that 100% of users found fine lines to be minimized, and the eye area to be firmer and hydrated.

photo 2

I tried it out one night after I cleansed my face. I was surprised at how much thinner Resvology Age Corrective Eye Cream is to my usual thick like butter eye cream. It was more of a lotion- easy to apply with a little heft. I gently applied the cream around my eye, paying a little more attention to the nasty dark circles. I have to admit, the cream feels lovely and the scent is not strong or perfumey. I wouldn’t say it smells chemical either, which is a pleasant surprise.

photo 1 (1)A little goes a long way and after a week of use this is what I notice:

photo 2 (1)My circles are a bit lighter and I think looks a little brighter.

After two weeks, I found…

My dark circles seem to have lightened up a bit. I think that if I continue to use the cream nightly, I will see further improvement.  I also think that the skin around my eyes seems firmer to the touch.  Do I think the price tag is too high? Well, I paid $60 US for my current eye cream so $24 more for something that has shown improvement in two weeks might be a better investment.

My most recent picture- Sunday, October 20 8:37 AM.

My most recent picture- Sunday, October 20 8:37 AM.

If you want to learn more about Resvology products, pay them a visit at You can also “like” them on Facebook.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Scrub-a-Dub with Perlier

There are rocks in there.

There are rocks in there.

I recently received a jar of Perlier Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermal Scrub from ifabbo, a great site that provides complimentary products up for review. I love a good body scrub but have really not been using the one currently in my shower. It just seems like an extra step. I decided that I would have to start exfoliating those pesky dry spots again since I have noticed that with the weather change, certain areas need a little more attention.  This scrub seems to be right up my alley. First, it is Perlier. Perlier always uses fine ingredients and second, it has thermal stones. I just see the word “thermal” and hope this will warm right up and help get all those impurities out!

Blue Lagoon-like!

Blue Lagoon-like!

The scrub is housed in a sturdy plastic jar and holds quite a generous amount of product at 6.7 fluid ounces. Perlier Volcanic Stones is a skin treatment- micronutrients extracted from volcanic rocks deliver rejuvenating and smoothing action. Throw in some Thermal water and regeneration gets going in the epidermis while the the scrub sloughs away dead skin cells.

Italian QAPF diagram for volcanic rocks

Italian QAPF diagram for volcanic rocks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just looking at the beautiful blue color of the scrub, I can already tell this will make my shower experience definitely more luxurious. I find the marine fragrance to be a bit strong but It is better once you use it in the shower.  Application was easy enough. Take a dollop with your fingers and rub between your palms. Scrub in circular motion, concentrating on knees and elbows. The scrub rinses off very well.

The verdict? The consistency is terrific. It is more like a gel than an oil based scrub, making it less greasy and easier to work with. I do find that there was some bigger rock pieces that I could really feel sloughing away those dead skin cells. After use,  my skin is soft and glowing. It made shaving much easier to deal with- my legs felt really smooth. I also followed up with a nice moisturizer.

Click here to be directly taken to #PerlierOnHSN to order a jar of Perlier’s  Volcanic Thermal Spa Thermal Scrub. Enter iFabbo5 at checkout for $5.00 off your #PerlierOnHSN purchase!

I received this product complimentary from iFabbo. It had no influence on my review. If you are interested in joining iFabbo, click my affiliate link located in the sidebar.

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Stuff I Tried This Week- A Day Late

Maybe a dollar short, too. The last few weeks of summer have been action packed and a bit crazy. I am trying to do maybe two posts a week until it slows down a bit. Why waste anymore time? It is fleeting!

Nuance by Salma Hayek My Secret Super Moisturizing Body Cream: I received this free from Birchbox as a bonus. The last Nuance product I wrote about didn’t impress me but this body cream is pretty good. With shea butter, macadamia seed oil, and honey, it really moisturizes the skin but doesn’t feel greasy. I would say it is pretty thick but not to the point that it won’t spread easily. The cream is also paraben free and allergy tested. I don’t care too much for the fragrance- it smells a bit like rotting flowers (sorry)- but the scent doesn’t make me nauseous or sneeze.


Freeman Facial Polishing Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar: This mask is weird. It is very gritty and looks weird on the skin. Charcoal is very good for purifying skin and black sugar makes a fine exfoliant. You apply it to your face, let it set for 5-7 minutes, and then massage for 1-2 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water and you get… a decent fresh face. I think this makes for a quick face mask that does a decent job of exfoliation.


Cosmetics Reorganization: I have a hard time keeping what I may want to use on a daily basis in an organized manner. I had everything in reused Glossyboxes and containers from the dollar store. I initially bought these plastic drawers for my school stuff but decided they would work well for make-up since they were just sitting around my house.


The bigger drawers have my eye shadows and palettes in them with brushes and eye pencils on top in containers. I also keep some of my daily face stuff on top.


The smaller drawers have face products, like primers, foundations, blush, etc. On top are more beauty tools. We will see how long this lasts.

org2What did you try this week?

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Hydroxatone is a #BetterBB

I joined iFabbo and after recently getting my husband an awesome shaving set from #HYDformen gratis, I decided I would order the Hydroxatone BB Cream ($39 US). Here is the thing: BB creams and I have had a rocky history. Most of the time, they make the greasy beast emerge and I just can’t deal. If you read my most recent “Stuff I Tried This Week”, you would learn that a certain tinted moisturizer gave me a monster zit that is in hiding. It hurts. Anyway, I was skeptical but since this tube would be free from iFabbo, I figured it was better than me spending more money.


I first heard of Hydroxatone from their commercial in which they promised you a free trial jar that would eventually cost you 90 bucks, even if you didn’t love it and forgot to call or send it back. I never ordered it because I don’t have many wrinkles and since I am oily, I really have no need. Getting this for free, without a fear of charge, made this a done deal.

I received a generous tube of Hydroxatone BB Cream from iFabbo and used it for a few days. It has all of the things a BB cream is supposed to have: SPF, hydration, decent coverage, brightening power, and even fights the signs of aging. I always fear the word hydration… except I really, really like this BB cream!


First off, a little goes a long way. It is pretty thick and at first I was a little nervous that the medium wouldn’t suit me- in fact, it could have been a little deeper.

Before the cream. Good fricken morning.

Before the cream. Good fricken morning.

I might have put too much on my fingers and I really had to spread it around so it wouldn’t show. Once it was blended in, coverage was good. In fact, because it was thick, it really covered those pests we call imperfections.

This is about how much I used. Top is with flash.

This is about how much I used. Top is with flash.

But the real test for me is the oil factor. Let me explain. Yesterday, I only had on some SPF powder. I used four blotting papers in one sitting after a few hours. See what you’re dealing with?

After I applied. My skin looks good, my attitude not so much.

After I applied. My skin looks good, my attitude not so much.

Well… I wasn’t an oily ogre! In fact, I put the #BetterBB on at 8 AM. It is now about 1:30 PM EST and I don’t even feel the need to blot. I think Hydroxatone BB Cream is the one for me- my hunt is over!

At least I am awake.

At least I am awake.

Want to learn more about Hydroxatone’s #BetterBB? Click here!

Special thanks to iFabbo and Hydroxatone for a tube of the #BetterBB.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Stuff I Tried This Week x4

I have been a little MIA this week and I am sorry. We just have a lot going on and have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to really give any solid and full reviews. SITW includes a few things that I used for the first time or gave another chance. On with it!

Face SPF 20 Coola Mineral Sunscreen Rose Tinted Moisturizer:


I think I received this in either a Birchbox or ipsy bag. I had another Coola product but had given it away and was slightly curious about this. The formula is very thin. I found a little to go a long way.


With flash

With flash

I didn’t find it to be rose tinted- it was more luminizing than rosy. It didn’t have the best coverage but I don’t wear a lot of coverage anyway.  I started using it on Monday and it made my skin oily. I tried it again Tuesday-Thursday and my face could rival an oil slick. By Friday morning. I could feel a zit forming on the left side of my nose. It is one of those underground ones, too. It hurts. Needless to say, I threw the rest in the garbage. If you need a tinted SPF for your face, I would not recommend this one.



Wet n Wild Take On the Day Primer: I bought this a while back and when I first used it I wasn’t impressed. I recently finished a tiny tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and had this handy so I started using it again. At first I thought it was doing a decent job. A few days later, I noticed it wasn’t. My eye shadow became splotchy, and was on places other than my lid. I threw it out today and went back to my NYX HD Eye Primer. I missed it and decided that I would never stray again.

Julep Essential Cuticle Oil: I received this in that fancy Birchbox for CEW delivery. I own one Julep polish and it is super thin and has awful coverage. I also got a Julep polish with the cuticle oil. It is so thick that when I went for a mani/pedi, even the manicurist complained. I am underwhelmed by the cuticle oil, too. It comes in a roller ball and is supposed to “soften rough cuticles.” I would need vats of it. It dries very quickly, which on one hand (ha!) is good, but that means it isn’t sticking around to really moisturize. Julep Essential Cuticle Oil is really touted for daily use and is meant to be easy to carry with you. I do not have time to dab cuticle oil on my nails. Don’t waste $18 USD.

It does smell pretty.

It does smell pretty.

Cool Whip Cookies: I found a recipe floating around Facebook and then I did a little google search. Basically, you take any flavor cake mix you want, add an eight ounce container of thawed Cool Whip, and an egg. You mix it and get a nice cookie dough. You drop balls of dough into powdered sugar and throw them in a pre-heated 350 F degree oven. Then you let them cool and eat up. I made two versions- one using devil’s food cake mix (they taste like Archway Dutch Chocolate Cookies) and the other using white cake mix with lemon and lime zest (they remind me of those evil Lofthouse cookies that I love). I also chose not to throw the dough into powdered sugar. I just sprinkled a little on top before I baked. The results are delicious and since I used fat free Cool Whip, we are talking really light cookies.

These are the lemon/lime cookies. The cookies were the best thing I tried this week.

These are the lemon/lime cookies. The cookies were the best thing I tried this week.

Did you do anything new this week? Let me know!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

Help Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

This is just a quick post because I need some advice. I have a plethora of products to try this week and I don’t know what to work on next!

An 1889 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painting of ...

An 1889 Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec painting of a woman applying cosmetics to her face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On my To Do List:

-the latest Lipstick Queen Color

-More skin care from the Face Shop

-Deborah Lippman Nail Polish (I am not happy with this one…)

Parallels and price of beauty

Parallels and price of beauty (Photo credit: Swamibu)

-Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick

-Smashbox Eyelash Primer

-The newest Caress body wash (This one will happen for sure. I just need a push!)

My naked face.

Decisions, decisions…

Let me know what you want to see next and I will try to make a decision!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO