And if your life could not get any weirder…

Try an eyelash perm.

I see you. (Before the perm.)

A few months ago, I bought a Living Social deal for an eyelash perm at Lavilash. (Living Social is a site where you can buy services at discounted rates. They change daily.) I paid $30. Usually an eyelash perm costs about $50 so it wasn’t a bad price for the “value.”

I read up on the procedure on the Lavilash website. It made me a little nervous and here is why: to get the lashes to curl they roll them and use a perming solution. Perming solution? Near my eyes. Am I nuts? The website also claims that it is safe and is a very popular procedure in Japan. I figured if women (and men) in Japan are doing it, why not in NYC? I made my appointment.

When I got to Lavilash, I took a look around. It was a small room with four facial beds. There was a lot of light and pretty vanities. The smell of perm solution filled the air. Gigi, one of the lash-artists, brought me to a small cafe table and handed me a waiver. I read it over and it was the usual. It also freaked me out a little bit. Isn’t this safe enough? I signed and then she asked me what “design” I wanted. I didn’t think  it was that serious.  You have a choice between an I (for short lashes), a C (for long lashes), and a J (for a natural look). I chose the C and Gigi looked into my eyes and told me that was a good choice. My lashes are pretty long and once curled and with mascara, quite full and lengthy.

I, C, or J? And we aren’t talking bra sizes.

I looked over to the two women on the beds. It was like a space movie. Their eyes were completely covered and they seemed pretty calm. I laid down and Gigi said, “Close your eyes.” She started by gluing the curling rods to my eyelids. Yes, gluing. It was a lot of glue. I could then feel my lashes being gently pulled around the rod. They were also glued. Then I smelled it. Memories of an 8th grade perm came flooding back (my pre-naturally curly hair days. Weird.) Perm solution I was applied. Then she stopped poking and prodding me. I waited for a burn or a stinging sensation since another customer complained about that but nothing happened.  After about 10-15 minutes, she removed the perm solution and put on solution II. Another 10 minutes and that was removed. She wiped my eyes and handed me a mirror…

This is a little freaky.

There are 42 types of rollers to get your perfect curl.

I like the eyelash perm. It was an experience but I don’t think I will get another one. For one, I am so attached to my Shu Uemera eyelash curler and that provides a more dramatic curl. Secondly, I was a little scared. Thoughts of this stuff getting into my eyes and causing damage freaked me out. Though they say the solution is a cream, that does not leave much room for error. My lashes are long enough and hold a curl without a chemical treatment. I would say if your lashes are very straight or droopy, you might want to try this. The operative word here is “might.”

After my perm. My lashes are curlier and darker. This is without mascara.

I have 5-6 weeks of my curly lashes. During that time I cannot use an eyelash curler. I think that hurts the most.

Bat those lashes and stay glossy! XXX

Before and after. You be the judge.