Surprisingly, No Mishap Manicure

The Couture Gel Polish System... the old model.

Gel Haute Gel Nail-Polish Kit

A few months ago, I purchased a Gel Haute Gel Nail-Polish Kit from Groupon. If you don’t know what Groupon is, it is a website where you can purchase products and services at discounted prices. Anyhoo, I bought this gel kit for $49 US. Since a gel manicure in my neighborhood can run $30+, I figured $49 wouldn’t be a terrible amount to spend. I also prefer doing my nails at home. I have no patience to sit and dry them at the nail salon. At least I can watch TV and sit on my recliner if I do my nails myself.

The kit came with an “elite” LED light, nail cleanser, polish remover, gel topcoat, gel basecoat, and four gel polishes. There were three different kits and I chose the kit with “everyday” colors. It seems that I got a good deal, as the kit on the Haute Polish website goes for $79 and has one color polish, cleansing packets, and detailing wands.  BUT you can get the kit I purchased on for $49 and if you use Ebates (and you should), you get 10% back! Here is my referral link: (I think Ebates is also available in Canada.)

Skipping along…

First, I plugged in the lamp. There is a power button on the right side of the lamp.

I started by cleaning up my cuticles and filing my nails.  Then I used the nail cleanser and let my nails dry. It swipes on as easy as remover. I applied a thin layer of gel basecoat to four fingers on my left hand, leaving my thumb. I popped them under the light and hit the button. The light turns off after two minutes, then I repeated the process on my right hand and saved thumbs for last. The basecoat took about seven minutes with application and light curing.

Nail Cleanser (not be mistaken for polish remover) and basecoat

Nail Cleanser (not be mistaken for polish remover) and basecoat

It was now time for color. I actually chose the “natural” shade. It is kind of taupy and I really liked it in the bottle. I applied one coat in the above process and it was very sheer. I cured and applied some more, and then did it again. I did four coats of color polish. It was still streaky but not terribly obvious.

The color

The color

Since each hand takes two minutes and then you do the thumbs, it takes at least 7 minutes with application for all nails. A bit time consuming…

The three steps and the light

The three steps and the light

When I was finally satisfied, roughly 30 minutes later, I applied the topcoat. The brush was awful! The bristles were stuck together and it would not apply evenly. I did the best I could and cured my nails under the light. Then I rubbed each nail down with the nail cleanser- they will not look shiny without that final step.

Gloopy, gloppy topcoat!

Gloopy, gloppy topcoat!

The result: I’m not too excited with the job I did. I’m not sure if it was me or the topcoat. My nails are lumpy but you can’t really tell unless you look closely. I’ve been pretty hard on my hands (as usual) and they still have yet to chip. I will give the system another chance and try a different color. That might work out better. I might throw some glittery polish over this so it doesn’t look so bumpy. All in all, the Gel Haute Gel Nail-Polish Kit is not difficult to use, I just think it may take a different color, better topcoat, and some practice.

Left is without flash. I am holding a Caudalie product! Take a guess!

Left is without flash. I am holding a Caudalie product! Take a guess!

Oh- I also emailed the wrong gel polish company about the topcoat! I will send them an email about my error and send the message where it belongs!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


4 thoughts on “Surprisingly, No Mishap Manicure

  1. I’m impressed! I barely can keep clear polish on mine and I tend to abuse my nails – no wonder. Yours look lovely! Thanks for stopping one of posts recently. Have a glamorous 2013!

  2. Great post Jess – Keep us updated about how the other colours go. I’d love to know how you get on…I might have to invest in one myself 😉

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