Feel Good in Your… Skin! An Interview with Dilcia Enid

Dilcia preparing her face.

I went to an arts high school and the best part about it was meeting like-minded people. It was for the most part a judgment free zone and people generally got along quite well. That is why I enjoy finding out what my classmates are up to now. Dilcia and I haven’t seen each other in over 10 (close to 15!) years BUT thanks to the information age, we keep up on Facebook and email. It is kind of ridiculous that we live in the same city and never run into each other but as usual, life gets in the way.

Dilcia has been working in Esthetics for some time but that was not her first foray into helping others. She actually comes from a social work background,  with a BA in English Education and a TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language). After teaching abroad and returning to the States to do social work, Dilcia wanted to find a way to help others without the emotional toll,  ” I left that career in search of a different way to connect with people without the heaviness and the bureaucratic nonsense I was frustrated over.”  Dilcia decided then that Esthetics was for her. I think helping people look at themselves in a positive light is important and I think Dilcia aids in the process.

Dilcia answered a few questions for me about skincare and how to feel pretty inside and out.

Product Hoochie: Let’s start off with the basics. When your give a facial, do you use products for sensitive skin?

Dilcia:  Yes. Some ingredients to look for are Ginger, Evening Primrose Oil, Oat Kernel, Licorice, and Aloe.  An exfoliation method that is not aggressive and always wear SPF.  Your facial treatments are aimed at soothing and calming the skin.

PH: Post-facial, do you provide a daily skincare regimen? What would it consist of?

D: Yes, every client is responsible for home care to get the full benefits of monthly facial treatments. Everyone’s skin has a specific type and condition. Overall, skin must be cleansed, exfoliated, treated, hydrated, and protected-all according to type and condition. 

PH: What are some products that everyone should have?

D: For oily skin, mild gel cleanser, an oil-free hydrator are a must! Dry skin will benefit from weekly hydrating masks. Skin with blemishes on certain areas can be treated with a spot treatment overnight.

PH: I myself am a “greasy beast”. What would you suggest for me?

D: You will want to cleanse with a gel cleanser. Products that are mattifying as well as treating (look for Sulfur, Camphor, Horse Chestnut Extract, Sarcosine) will help absorb oil (aka shine) and balance sebum production.  A weekly clay mask would help regulate sebaceous glands as well as monthly peels by your Esthetician. 

PH: What are your favorite products? What do you swear by?

D: I swear by Salicylic Acid and sulfur for exfoliation and spot treatments. I use a calming serum and a thick, rich hydrator at night for my dry skin type.  I have just started using a new line. Dermalogica is carried at the spa I now work at and I’ve purchased a cleanser and spot treatment so far. In the past Dr. Alkalis has worked great for me.

PH: Every Product Hoochie wants to know- Do you wear make-up?

D: YES! Okay… I am a junkie.  I like Lorac, Urban Decay, NARS, Bloom, Sue Devitt… 

A woman after my own heart, Dilcia is currently working her magic at Pilo Arts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. As a certified Dermalogica Skincare Expert, Dilcia will make your skin look its absolute best. Make an appointment with her today!

Primp On! XOXO

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