Getting Skin Deep @ Skin Spa NY

English: A Facial mask. Português: Uma Máscara...

English: A Facial mask. Português: Uma Máscara facial. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two friends and I ventured into NYC today for facials at Skin Spa  New York. I think our real goal was to just be ladies who lunch and I guess ladies that do lunch would also go for some kind of spa treatment. I opted for a customized facial with extractions. Skin Spa NY has several locations. We chose the SoHo location, right on Broadway and very easy to get to. The spa was located in the building’s lower level. It was very quiet and peaceful and had minimalist decor. The seating area was comfy and after filling out a brief information sheet, we did not have long to wait. At exactly noon, Olenka came and fetched me from the waiting area. And so the fun began…


This is not the Olenka that did my facial. Olenka-DSC_3400 (Photo credit: sidrguelph)

Olenka led me into a small room- they call them bungalows. There were several rooms for spa services and she gave me a cover-up and a few minutes to change and settle in. Olenka was very friendly and she asked me about my skincare regimen (she should only know!) “I can tell you take care of your skin,” she said, looking at me under the light.  She also mentioned my rosy cheeks. I explained that they have been this way since birth- she would just need to see my Grandpa Pete. She started by cleansing and steaming and also explained a few of the other facial treatments that Skin Spa offers. Then she pulled out the light with the magnifying glass. Help me.

English: It's a simple picture of a magnifying...

English: It’s a simple picture of a magnifying glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suffer from oily skin and large pores. Olenka did not tsk, tsk BUT she said that I had a few more clogged pores than she thought. She started on my forehead and worked her way down my nose (also large) and to my cheeks. The nose was the easiest to extract-  the gunk pretty much came right out of my pores. Then I felt a pin prick. Olenka must have noticed the raised eyebrows. “I am getting some of the milia on your face. I prick it with a needle and then try to extract.” My mantra: do what you gotta do!

My forehead and nose after the facial. My nose is a lot of ground to cover but looks pretty clear.

My forehead and nose after the facial. My nose is a lot of ground to cover but looks pretty clear.

Once the extractions were complete, a mask that smelled like eucalyptus was applied to my T-zone and one of chamomile and cucumber to my cheeks.  She let me be for seven minutes and with Enya on surround sound, I was left alone with my (non-existant) thoughts. (Better than when I brush my teeth and ask myself why I am on this earth and how I am one person brushing my teeth on a giant orb, floating in space. That I am just a speck- you have to love OCD.) When Olenka returned, she told me about microdermabrasion and the benefits, that my forehead was more “congested” than she initially thought, and she wiped the masks off of my face. She applied some serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen and sent me on my merry way. When I finally looked at my face, I was not irritated or red. There are no inflamed pores and my skin just looks clear and radiant. Even seven hours later, I do not feel greasy. Magical.

This is me tonight, not a stitch of make-up.

This is me tonight, not a stitch of make-up.

All in all, my experience at Skin Spa NY was positive. I paid $39 US for a 60 minute facial through Groupon but they offer a three pack of customized facials for $129 US. That is a steal, especially if you live in the NYC area. For example, a 60 minute facial at a very famous spa a few blocks away from  the Skin Spa Soho location is $125 US. Skin Spa NY isn’t all bells and whistles, but pretty fantastic for an hour long escape with quality results.

Skin Spa New York has seven locations, from SoHo to the Upper Eastside. They offer skin care, laser hair removal, waxing, anti-aging treatments, body treatments, and massage.  For spa services and prices, click here