This is the Before…

Channeling Swamp Man

I really have no shame. It’s bad. I mean, look at me. Green mask on my face, shocked expression. My eyes look good though, really clear and my lashes are still curly from the eyelash perm. I don’t mean to be so insensitive, I know there is a lot going on out there, I just thought we could all use a laugh at my expense. Look at my face! You should at least giggle- or feel bad for me.

Of course, this will lead to a post about beauty products. The mask is now off and I have Biore strips on my nose and chin. I thought those pictures would be a little embarrassing to post. Just kidding. My phone is now updating software and I figured I’d do this while I waited. What mask is that, you ask? It is Nord New York Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask. I am a sucker for Dead Sea mud. Really. It has some crazy properties and if you ask my Grandpa Babe, anything to do with salt water heals everything. The directions said my face should be moist, so I washed and then dried it a little and applied. The package warned of stinging but that didn’t happen. I washed it off and now my skin is clean. It looks good. Take my word for it. I’ll ┬átake a picture later and show you another day.

Blackhead sucking vampire

While the mask dried, I thought a lip scrub would be in order. I just received my order from Coterie (more on that in another post) and I got the lip scrub and lip slip from sarah happ. She uses all lowercase letters. THAT MAKES ME CRAZY. I took a generous amount on my finger and massaged using a firm, circular motion. I’m just reading the package, folks. What ensued was ridiculous: The stuff fell off my fingers, dropped bits on my shirt, got all over my face. Then I wiped it off with a tissue and the tissue was sticking to my lips. I have a scrub I like better- too bad I used this one and didn’t save it for someone’s stocking stuffer.

Clockwise from top: an examination of the lip scrub, me applying, me trying to not eat it, me puckering up with it all over my face

I needed to apply the lip slip as soon as I was done washing my face. The scrub may work well on toast but my lips were screaming. The lip scrub package also reads, “Wonder how you ever lived without it.” Very easily- I made a mixture of cinnamon and sugar and sprinkled it on my buttered toast. The lip slip itself is kind of nice and smooth. It smells like Rosebud Salve. Hmmmmmm…..

sarah happ the lip scrub & the lip slip

Well, I am off for now. Time to cook dinner and get ready for work in the morning. Keep calm and…

Primp On! XOXO