One, Two, Three Times a Liebster…

Let me start by saying I think this is my third Liebster nod. Sarah-Jane over at  “Make-Up by Sarah Jane” and “140 Days of a New Me” (which is evolving!) nominated me for another Liebster Award. Read her blogs- she has two! AND

Lub my Liebster!

Lub my Liebster!

Sarah- Jane sent me a few questions in Liebster fashion and so I will answer them and then nominate 12 bloggers that I enjoy reading. Typically, you can only nominate blogs with less than 200 readers, though I’m not quite sure how to find out how many readers a blog has. I love this because I have found so many great blogs from checking out other Liebster recipients. And away we go!

1. Who is your fashion icon?

I really have no fashion icon, I swear. Not that I wear anything particularly fantastic but I am good with colors and combining my pieces to create new looks. I find that something unexpected, a fun necklace with something a little conservative, always makes a statement. I love anyone that looks effortless, too.

2. What is/was your favorite trend of 2012?

I love all the crazy, glittery nails. Love them. I’ve started doing my own more because I get so many great ideas from my fellow bloggers.

3. What is your favorite magazine/fashion magazine and why?

I happen to like “Marie Clare” because they always have some material that is socially aware. I will say that I am generally disappointed in magazines as of late because I find the writing to be too simplistic and shallow. I know that sounds conceited, I write a product blog for crying out loud! I just think that magazines are just missing something.

4. Currently, what artist or song can you not get enough of?

Good question- a few weeks ago it was “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia. Right now, I am listening to Gotye‘s “Somebody that I Used to Know” but not for him. I like Kimbra‘s voice- she sings on the track.

5. Who or what is the biggest inspiration in your life?

I can’t pinpoint any one person. I really find inspiration in everything. For example, the other night I was making tomato sauce and started to think about my nonna, my great-grandmother that passed away almost 17 years ago. I wrote a two page essay about her and for no real reason. I like those moments!

6. What is your favorite beauty product?

So you are going to make me choose, huh? I love Caudalie’s Beaute Elixir. It is just so refreshing and my nightly routine is just not the same without it. I’m on my third bottle- I finally got the bigger spray.

Caudalie Catch! Plus the adorable tote bag I got as a gift with purchase.

Caudalie Haul that started the addiction!

7. What is your “go-to” fragrance?

I switch my fragrance up everyday BUT I always have Stella by Stella McCartney on hand. I love the scent of roses and Stella does it perfectly.

8. Why did you start blogging?

I really started blogging because I think a lot of people are misled by reviews. Magazines get free products and get paid for ads. Of course they love a $50 lipstick (Tom Ford) because they didn’t pay for it and are probably getting paid to write about it. I will tell you if I think a product is worth it and since I am just like you, chances are you will appreciate my honesty.

Clockwise from top: an examination of the lip scrub, me applying, me trying to not eat it, me puckering up with it all over my face

Me testing products so you don’t have to! Obviously, I didn’t like this lip stuff. The mask is great, though!

9. Do you have a favorite celebrity blog or blogger that you admire?

I find most of the bloggers I follow on WordPress do a great job. I love how it’s like a family! I also like Veritasty: Truthfully Delicious, written by a former student of mine with photos by a wonderful young man!

10. What is your favorite fashion “item” (clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbag, other accessory) that you own?

I love my MZ Wallace bag- I need a new one for the spring! Christmas is coming…

11. What are you going to wear on New Year’s Eve?

Pajamas- sitting on my couch with my hubby and some bubbly!

And the nominees are:





5) (This blog is so important!)

6) (At 216 followers but I can cheat.)







To my nominees: answer the above questions!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

2 thoughts on “One, Two, Three Times a Liebster…

  1. My fave magazine is Marie Claire too for the same reason you gave. Its the only one I make sure I get each month. The most popular magazines here all seem to aimed at either stereotypical housewives and include features about catching the neighbour shagging her friend, they always chuck in a shock factor one like, my dog raped my granny or some such shite.
    Most of the others seem to be aimed at young women in late teen, early twenties, I dont wanna do surveys to see if my man loves me, nor do i need 100 tips on how to give a good blowjob (its funny those types of artclec dont appear in mens mags) Marie Claire just seems to be aimed at the grown up professional woman.

    I usually buy a copy of Glamour though as its handy for a giggle and light read on the beach etc. I’ll but any mag if it has a good free gift though lol.

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