Beauty Box 5 Special Box Delivery

I recently received a free box from Beauty Box 5 and was pleasantly surprised. I decided to buy a three month subscription to try them out a bit. I guess when I ordered, I ordered in time to receive another July box (my mom got most of the contents, except the lip balm. I love that shiznit) and an offer for a  a special mystery box with “high-end” cosmetics. I know high-end cosmetics, I mean, c’mon. I was excited to see what Beauty Box 5 meant by high-end. At $39.00 USD, I didn’t know what to expect.


When I got the box, there was no postcard with product listings, so I decided to do a little research…

CATTIVA Retractable Waterproof Eye Liner in Black ($20 USD)

From the website: Intense eyes have never been so defined. Creamy and easy to apply, this very black, paraben-free, waterproof formula is the secret to a perfectly lined eye. Fortified with hyaluronic acid and vitamins to fight the effects of aging and last all day. Retractable dispenser.


Here’s the thing: I rarely wear black eye liner. It really looks too harsh on me. I may try this one out because the website intrigues me.

OFRA Lip gloss Plumper in Sultry ($12.95 USD)

From the website: A unique color lip gloss formulated by OFRA Cosmetic Laboratories with a touch of lip plumper for a beautiful fuller lips.


I am pretty sure I received an OFRA gloss in an ipsy bag. I don’t remember trying it. The color is pretty enough, kind of plummy, so I will give it a whirl.

GlamNatural Mascara in Black ($28 USD)

From the website:  Our eco-mascara in classic black- Mascara is the key to every woman’s makeup regimen. This ever-important tool meets the strict BodySafe standard. It is vegan, paraben free, and will give you gorgeous wide-eyed look you crave.

Don’t get excited. I received a mini tube of this $28 mascara. I know that an eco-mascara is good for me but I also would probably never spend $28 for mascara. (Not to say that I never did- that Armani Eyes to Kill was NOT good and I learned my lesson.)


For info about the polish, keep reading.

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Celebration ($14.99 USD)

There is no description on the website, except that this is mineral make-up. In fact, the package doesn’t even tell me that this is shimmer powder or that this product can be used on the eyes. Granted it is pretty, but I am not big on loose pigments. I’m so over them. Someone will end up with this pretty gold eye shadow. It won’t be me.


Nicka K Nail Polish  ($4.99 USD): I’ll spare you website details. I recently saw a pack of these on Groupon for like $10.Nicka K is a discount brand and they also make ABSOLUTE cosmetics, which GlossyBox loved putting in their subscriptions (hence, I stopped subscribing to GlossyBox.) I am not saying this product is bad- I have yet to try it- but this is not high-end. Oh- and I also got this in the regular subscription box. My mom got the double.

This box was not a terrible deal but I also needed to double check the value of the box. Though I was happy with the regular subscription, I will not order one of the special boxes again.  Granted the products surpassed the $39 price tag, some of the items are obscure to me. I do hope I find something that I love.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO




Ipsy! GlossyBox! I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself!

Okay, okay. I am a bit late on my ipsy review. I find blogging has been a bit difficult as of late. I have been running around like crazy and am rarely home. I try to fit in a bit here or there but you know the deal: life gets in the way. I like living so I try to cram in as much  as possible. This weekend is no exception. The hubs and I had two parties yesterday, one today, and we were invited to another. I never thought I would be this popular. Anyway, I received my ipsy bag last week and my GlossyBox yesterday. I am meshing the two together.

My ipsy delivery was better this month than in the recent past. The bag is adorably cute with its chevron design and summery colors.

Love the bag!

Love the bag!

I scored two Pacifica products : the Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter and Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On . I enjoy using the Pacifica body butters and Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter ($7 US/ 2 oz, $24 US/ 8 oz) will make me glow and shimmer. This is NOT a gradual tanner so it will wash off. The Island Vanilla Perfume Roll-On ($12 US) could be considered a gourmand scent but it isn’t super sweet or strong. In fact, it is more of a floral than an uber sticky, gooey vanilla. It is totally summer appropriate but isn’t very long lasting.

I smell like cake.

I smell like cake.

A few bags back, subscribers received a magnetized palette with two magnetic eye shadows by Yaby. This month, there is a Yaby magnetized concealer in Honey. It is tiny and I am not sure how much use I will get out of it. (Refill pan $4.85 US)

Hide out.

\ Hide out.

A big draw this month was the full size bottle of Zoya polish ($8 US). I got Blu from the recent Spring collection in my bag and it isn’t a shade I am particularly fond of. It looks chalky and I find that Zoya’s creams aren’t very good. I would have preferred a metallic.

I'm blue.

I’m blue.

I do love the Mirabella Colour Sheer Lipstick ($22 US). Daydream looks very light but it enhances my lips. The color is very sheer– do not expect serious pigmentation. It also needs to be reapplied quite a bit.

Dream on.

Dream on.

GlossyBox just celebrated its one year anniversary stateside. Needless to say, I thought the anniversary box would rock. I am curious to see what you think…

My love letter

My love letter

The packages always come wrapped in ribbon.

I stop myself from reading the card first.

I stop myself from reading the card first.

The first thing you see when opening the box is the GlossyBox Mag. To tell you the truth, I always think the small articles are superficial and poorly written. I have found typos, too. (We all make mistake but this is going out to thousands of people that pay for the subscription service.) I kind of wish they would save trees and not include the magazine. It takes me all of five minutes to read and I almost feel like I do out of obligation, considering I still read cereal boxes.


There is an etre belle Collagen & Aloe Vera Hydro Mask. The single use packet hydrates and improves elasticity. I gave away the last single use mask and might try this one. I’m not exactly looking for more hydration and I’m not terribly concerned about elasticity yet. ($39.50 US/ 10 masks)

We wear the masks.

We wear the masks.

The European Wax Center sent over a complimentary waxing service. I need to get my brows done so I am hoping there is one nearby. There are two tiny samples of The Exfoliate and Slow It Body Wash. I might get one use out of each.



I also finally got a hair product I can use. Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray Volume Building Spray Gel will make my hair ginormous and soft. I love big hair, especially when I go out on the town. My curls will enjoy this. ($19.95 US/ 5.07 FL OZ)

The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips. (Not really.)

The bigger the hair, the smaller the hips. (Not really.)

Being greasy, I was excited to see My Prime Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer. I currently use the men’s one from Kiehl’s and I love it but this claims to provied intense hydration and anti-aging benefits while creating a matte, flawless finish. It also works as a primer. I’ll give it a go. ($68 US/ 60 ML)

There is also a really cute compact of AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact. The small compact multitasks with SPF, deep hydration, and complete coverage. The only problem- the color is too deep for my complexion. I’m not even sure if I can use it during the summer. ($60 US/ 15 G & 15 G Refill)

Te Amo

Love and a Primer

The ONLY full size product this month is a Nicka K New York Absolute! Perfume Stick in Parc de 59. The tube packaging is really pretty and the product tries to evoke the sophistication of NYC. It smells similar to Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Parfum.  Here is the rub- GlossyBox tells that retail is $14.99 US. I beg to differ. I have purchased Nicka K cosmetics in a beauty supply store for $1.99. I have also purchased some items in the dollar store. Don’t get me wrong- the products are not bad but I can’t see this perfume stick being worth $14.99. Call me a skeptic.

There was also a fact printed on the outer tube.

There was also a fact printed on the outer tube.

The ipsy bag was a decent value this month with three full size products but I expected way more from GlossyBox, especially for an anniversary box. It is no wonder why GlossyBox is giving incentives to join. A six month subscription was recently only $90 US. If these subscription services aren’t careful, they may fail. I see a downgrade in products since my initial shipments.

If you are interested in signing up for a subscription (GlossyBox, ipsy, or BirchBox), please drop me a line at  and I will send you a referral code. I am beginning to wonder if beauty subscriptions are worth it but if you want to try them, go on ahead.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO