Don’t Mess With Me!

Clearly disgusted.

Clearly disgusted.

I apologize for my absence! We are moving, and though our new place isn’t particularly far, we still have a few years of crapola that accumulated. I actually went out today with my sister. We had a lovely day of shopping in NYC. Our last stop on our outing was Sephora.
A visit to Sephora is not out of the ordinary for us. My sister and I love Sephora. It’s a little scary. We also had our VIB 20% off coupons, and armed with a rare and decent discount, we knew a trip was in order.
Needless to say, Sephora was a hot mess. It was jammed and filled with rude people. Knowing what we wanted, we picked it up and went to pay. I went to one register, my sister to another. After we were checked out, my sister said she didn’t receive a tote. I thought that was weird and I asked her, “Did you use your coupon?” She hadn’t. I made her walk over to the register and the salesperson kindly did the return and applied the discount. She then explained to my sister that EMPLOYEES OF SEPHORA WERE TOLD NOT TO REMIND CUSTOMERS TO USE THE DISCOUNT.
I won’t get into numbers but I will tell you this- I am a VIB Rouge member. That means I spent at least $1000 this year at Sephora. I have two friends that also are Rouge members. My sister is a VIB- she spent at least $500 this year. Actually her account states she still needs to spend more money to keep her status BUT after we looked at her account history, we discovered that none of her purchases from December to April were credited. Is it possible? Maybe-but it is highly
After the Friends and Family debacle,one would think Sephora would encourage people that spend A LOT of money in their stores to use a discount. It is probably naive of me but it really gets me angry!

A few other tidbits:
If you have enough points for a 500 point perk, you can redeem the points without a purchase.
Some special free gifts can also be picked up without a purchase if you’re a VIB. Read the fine print.

I am sorry to come back spitfire and I will be back in the coming weeks once we are settled.
And remember: USE THAT CODE OR COUPON! The current code for the VIB Shopping Event is VIBTOPIA 


Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


4 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With Me!

  1. Ugh, that was not cool! I am a little taken aback by both the fact that Sephora told their employees not to remind customers to use their discount and that the sales girl was open & honest about it. I agree, you should definitely contact Sephora.

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