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Bergamot (Image from leydenhouse,com

Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit that is about the size of an orange but the color of a lemon. They can be found in Calabria, a province of Reggio in southern Italy. You may find the scent of bergamot familiar, especially if you enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea. The bergamot I am telling you all about isn’t just a confused lemon or orange. Bergamotis one of the latest beauty boxes and delivers three sample sized fragrances to your door every month. I found it on a whim and signed up. I love perfume and enjoy trying different ones. I rarely wear the same scent everyday, though I am loving my current fall fragrance (more on that in another post).

Love at first sight? Ya think?

Love at first sight? Ya think?

Here is Bergamot’s philosophy on fragrance shopping: At the perfume counter, we’re bombarded with too many smells and pushy salespeople. Bergamot’s discovery set lets you sample at your own pace, in your home, and as part of your daily routine, so you can truly experience the subtle notes a scent can evoke. 

Sounds pretty good, right? I was so excited when I received my first box last week. It was packed up really well in all white with black writing. I loved the minimalist packaging, giving you the idea that the delivery is all about the fragrance, not what it came in. The theme of Collection No. 1 is Love at First Sight. Inside are three sample sprays and scent strips.

I can't even with the test strips.

I can’t even with the test strips.

The three samples are JASMIN ET CIGARETTE by ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE, LOVE by MCMC FRAGRANCES, and EVENING EDGED IN GOLD by INEKE. I was happy to see that the brands are a bit obscure (and that MCMC is in Brooklyn, NY! I’m a very proud Brooklynite!). Since I don’t like smelling like everyone else, this gives me more variety!  There is also a pamphlet with information about each perfume. I didn’t really even bother reading it until after I tried each sample. With that said, let’s start with Love by MCMC Fragrances.

I wore Love to work one day. On first spritz, it smelled very green and herbal to me. I wasn’t that thrilled about it but as the day went on, it did grow on me. It softened up and smelled a little more woody and smoky. It seems my schnoz was spot on. Check out the description from Bergamot: The first impression is an explosion of … complex Japanese yuzu citrus, crisp French basil and bright magnolia. As time wears on… more subtle notes emerge… a smoky gunpowder tinged with ancient resinous woods…

Though I did enjoy MCMC’s Love, I will not be purchasing it. I don’t have enough of a crush on it but I will finish up the sample.

I then tried  JASMIN ET CIGARETTE by ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE. I sprayed it on and did not like it. At all. I actually regretted spraying it on my wrist without using a scent strip. Bergamot describes this as “sexy and delicious.” I felt like I dipped my skin into an ashtray, Blech. I was upset that I didn’t like it on me either, since the notes are spot on to what I normally love in a perfume: a candy-ish sweet note to complement the jasmine, composed of apricot and tonka bean. The tobacco opens into a blend of woods and musk, giving the scent a hint of toughness. I sniffed myself throughout the day, hoping I would like the dry down but had no luck. I also found it faded pretty fast.

Lastly, I sprayed on EVENING EDGED IN GOLD by INEKE. On first spray, I smell Calvin Klein’s Eternity. I kid you not. There is something very strong and cloying about it.  The scent is powdery and floral and very feminine. I personally don’t really care for it. It actually reminds me too much of something my grandmother would wear. I love my grandmother but she loves a strong perfume and it really reminds me of something she has worn. Check out what Bergamot says:  the highlight of this fragrance is powdery osmanthus, a rare yellow-blossomed flower from China. Flecked with sweet fruit and cinnamon, the drydown has a soft, leathery quality, making it easy and pleasing to wear. I can’t agree with pleasing to wear. I’m choking.


No winners here this month but if I did want to purchase one the fragrances I sampled, I would do so through Bergamot’s site and get the next month’s sample set for free. I could even gift it if I liked. I checked out the shop anyway and found that there were four more fragrances available that I did not get to sample.  The funny thing is that after reading the other fragrance descriptions, they seem to be more my scent style. I do like that I tried a few things that are a bit more out of the box for me.

A six month Bergamot plan is $14 US a month. I purchased the three month plan for $16 US a month. If you want to try one box, it is $18 US.  There is no referral code yet but if I do get one, I will let you know!

I do hope I get to try more perfumes from MCMC, Ineke, and ETAT LIBRE D’ORANGE. Though I wasn’t necessarily a fan of what I got this month, that does not mean they don’t have other scents I would adore.

I am trying to get back into some blogging schedule. I am hoping within a few weeks, I am back to posting at least three times a week. Until then…

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


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