Your Face Will Blow Up!

Last week, a friend and I went into NYC’s Chinatown on a search for a few cool items. I don’t think we were looking for anything in particular but she has a penchant for Korean culture and I figured we might enjoy ourselves and find something new. After walking around a little and finding a chopsticks store, I started to think about The Face Shop and wished I had taken her to Midtown to visit at least one store that was Korean. I turned my head and the street was lit up like Times Square. There was The Face Shop!

After buying some skin care and cosmetics on, I was happy to look around this store. The store had a lot of light and the saleswomen were helpful. The Face Shop sells everything from hair to skin care and everything in between. The prices were not too high either. I think there were a few over $20, which means if you want to try a Face Shop product, you can on a budget. I bought  a few products, including packet masks and the New Zealand Volcanic Clay Mask Blackhead Heating Gel Mask. I think I paid about $12-$13 US for it at The Face Shop but found it here for $15.99 US.  I was more than happy to give this a try since I suffer from clogged pores. I have huge caverns on my nose and my chin loves to get a few clogs, so a weekly mask is necessary to keep it clean.



It is suggested that this mask be applied to the nose but I used it all over my face, except for the eye and lip areas. It has a sticky texture but isn’t too difficult to spread on your face. During application, the fragrance was a little overwhelming, though it does fade a bit. If  you don’t or can’t use scented products, I might not try this. The mask has a gray color and warms up really fast. It is a pleasant sensation and I hope that it helps get the pesky plugs out of my face.

Gray in the face.

Gray in the face.

Can you read this?

Can you read this?

When the mask is on your face, it turns from gray to black. The black indicates that the “melting” cycle is done. I did not find it to be the color they have on the packaging but it did get to be a little darker. Removal was easy. I used paper towels and some water and added a little scrubbing action when I washing it off.

The mask did not do this.

The mask did not do this.

Told you!

Told you! This was after about 12 minutes.

What did I think? I liked the mask. The “melting” process was a plus, as it felt nice on the skin and was relaxing. Were my blackheads totally gone? No- but they never go completely away. I used nose strips after I was done with the mask and more were removed than if I were just to do the strips alone. Is it the best mask in the world? I would not say that and there are other masks that I think work better for me but if you want to try a Face Shop product but aren’t sure what to get, I hope this post gives some insight!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


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