Before You Dress… Caress (A Soiree & LaLa Anthony)

I always think of Product Hoochie as the little blog that could. I also know that without a lot of readers or some fancy format, it is really difficult to breakthrough in the blogging industry. That is why I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to a Caress launch event at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Don't take this lying down.

Don’t take this lying down.

Gramercy Park (or Gramercy) is a neighborhood in NYC. The actual Gramercy Park is a private park and only those residing around the park that pay an annual fee get a key to enter. It is a district of bygone New York and The Gramercy Park Hotel sits right next to the park. It is a tapestry of the past, the present, and the future of the city that I call home. The Caress launch was up on the Gramercy Terrace, a beautiful space that channeled a vineyard.

Gramercy Park, New York, New York

Gramercy Park, New York, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I stepped foot on the terrace, I was surrounded by a very seductive scent. At first, I was a little overwhelmed. (Social anxiety at its finest.) The sights, the smell, and people I did not know strolled the terrace and luckily, I was greeted by Jenn and her kind smile. She invited me to the event and was very gracious. After Jenn gave me the rundown (this was my first launch event after all), I met a few other popular bloggers and the festivities were soon underway.  LaLa Anthony, the  new Caress Fabulista,told us about her love for the latest Caress scent, Tempting Whisper. Created by Nicole Mancini of Givaudan, the latest Caress  shower gel uses  “fine fragrance elixirs”, a rarity in drugstore bath products.

The many fine fragrances of Caress.

The many fine fragrances of Caress.

Attendees soon were sent to activities. I feared bridal or baby shower games but no worries! We got to “shop” and do a perfume class. If you know me, you know these are probably my two favorite things in the world. I got to shop first and pick out a fabulous accessory that channeled my inner fabulista with a Rebecca Minkoff clutch.

The clutch for "My Junk" and a Tempting Whisper.

The clutch for “My Junk” and a Tempting Whisper.

Then my inner wanna-be perfumer took a class with Nicole Mancini. She taught us how she built Tempting Whisper. We then experienced the fragrance in different ways, starting with test strips and ending with wine glasses. I rarely think about the ways I live in fragrance and this was a new way to appreciate how to interpret scent.

The fabulous LaLa Anthony. I think I read somewhere she is a Brooklyn girl, too!

The fabulous LaLa Anthony. I think I read somewhere she is a Brooklyn girl, too!

Caress is really revamping the line. It isn’t just that pink bar of soap anymore! I like the idea that they use exquisite ingredients. We all know beauty products can bust up your pocketbook and Caress makes finer fragrances really affordable. In our economy, it is important to be able to treat yourself without breaking the bank. If Tempting Whisper is what that smells like, I will be hopping on.

Luxury at home!

Luxury at home!

I plan on using Caress Tempting Whisper today. There will be a full on review  and some snippets of my chat with Nicole Mancini of Givaudan very soon. A special thanks to Jenn and all the members of Team Caress!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO

*Pardon the not so great pictures. I wanted to capture so much and didn’t do it so well!


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