HYD- Making my Hubs a Product Hoochie

My poor husband. Not only does he have to deal with my crazy, he also has to handle my love of beauty products. When I get bored, I manage to find him masculine grooming products (ahem) that I hope will convert him into a fellow PH. It hasn’t worked yet with the exception of shaving oil from The Art of Shaving. But I digress. A few weeks ago, I joined iFabbo, a company that dishes out beauty products for review. It is a great site for beauty bloggers. I was accepted into the program and went into my sample shop. I wasn’t too interested in what was available for me BUT I noticed a shaving kit by HYD for Men. I was curious and ordered it, figuring he could actually use the items. iFabbo sent the kit complimentary and it contained the three products in the HYD for Men line. The products are full size so my husband will get a number of shaves out of the kit.

HYD for Men!


HYD for Men wants men to have an excellent shave, while being environmentally aware and saving you some money. How, you ask? Well, they make Razor Shield,  a product that extends the life of a razor. Looking at the ingredients, it is an oil blend that lubricates the razor. The funny part about it is that the gentleman shaving does not apply Razor Shield to their face. Instead, it is applied directly to the blade after shaving. The extra lubrication keeps the blade from corroding and you get more use out of the blade. Interesting concept. The kit also included the Buffer Stick, which is an exfoliating stick. We all know that it is important to scrub your skin two-three times a week to reveal new skin and in men, help prevent ingrown hairs on their face. Lastly, was the Shave Cream, which helps the razor “glide” over the skin.

Soon to be soft as a baby's...

Soon to be soft as a baby’s…

After using the HYD Shave System for a few days, my hubs gave me the rundown. He is super honest and can be pretty blunt.

Everything on my bathroom sink.

Everything on my bathroom sink.

HYD for Men Razor Shield (5 mL $6.99 US/ 15 mL $17.99 US): “Useless. In this day and age of disposable blades, it is useless. I didn’t find my razor to be any more improved by the Razor Shield. The blade still dulled over time. It would have been better if it was dispensed with a different pump or spray. You just kind of pour the oil on. Even still, I don’t like it but it would improve the product.”

Save your razor.

Save your razor.

HYD for Men Buffer Stick ($24.99 US): “Jury is still out on this one. If it does what it says it does, I’ll like it. After a few uses, I’m still not sure.” (Mind you, I got my hubs on St. Ives Apricot Scrub and…) “The Apricot Scrub probably does a better job. It (the Buffer Stick) helps. I got a good shave and I’m not sure how long the stick is going to last. I don’t think it is very cost effective as a replacement for a scrub.” (That he knows I have a million scrubs in the house anyway…)



HYD for Men Shave Cream ($12.99 US): “I liked it. It went on smooth and had a cool, refreshing feel to it. It worked well. I shaved today and put a thin layer on and a layer of my cheaper shaving cream and got a good shave. It isn’t as foamy as things out of a compressed can but it improved my shave. I also liked that I didn’t need a brush.”



Soft & Smooth

Soft & Smooth

Would you purchase anything from the HYD line?: “I would buy the shave cream. Still on the fence about the Buffer Stick but probably not and the Razor Shield is a no.”

My husband does enjoy the products, particularly the shave cream and it is at a lower price point than other higher end shaving products. One thing I noticed on the website was this, “SMOOTHER FACES: A face so smooth, women won’t be able to keep their hands off you.” Do I like touching my husband’s freshly shaven face? Of course. But maybe some men that would use HYD Shave Products don’t have romantic relationships with women.



It’s 2013- maybe the wording should be changed to, “A face so smooth, a certain someone won’t be able to keep their hands off you.” Adding a picture of a man and a woman would be okay but by using the word “women,” it really implies that the products are geared towards heterosexual men.

And you know I’m going to shave my legs with this.

If you want your man to try HYD for Men, I have a deal for you! Click here to visit HYD for Men and enter promotion code SAVE20 for 20% off your entire purchase! Not a bad deal. A special shout out to #hydformen and iFabbo for keeping the hubs clean shaven!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


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