I’m a Model. You know what I mean.

Hey dolls! In my last post, I showed you a bunch of cosmetics that my mom and sister bought me while they were in London. Today I have my first review! After reading a bunch of blogs over the past year, I was especially loving Models Own nail polish and super jealous I can’t find it stateside. One of my requests was a Models Own polish, though I wrote “Models Inc.” and eventually realized that was a bad TV show geared toward tweens and teens in the early 90s. Anyway, my sister picked up  Models Own Artstix Nail Polish Duo in Utopia Ocean. I gave myself a very quick manicure on Wednesday.

Models Own Artstix Nail Polish Duos are dual ended and combine popular colors with popular nail effects. The Paint it! side is the base color and the Cover it! side is the special effects topcoat.

Utopia Ocean- Paint It! in Utopia and Cover It! in Indian Ocean

Utopia Ocean- Paint it! in Utopia and Cover it! in Indian Ocean

I started with a base coat of NailTek Ridge Filling Base Coat Foundation II. My nails are very brittle and can have ridges so this helps smooth them out. I topped off my full manicure with my favorite Nails Inc. London Caviar Topcoat. I put them together in the picture because I have a few photos for you.

From bottom to top.

From bottom to top.

I then did one coat of Utopia on my nails.The color is a light gray but with a bit of lilac so it really doesn’t look like cement- it is softer. It was a little streaky but I was pressed for time and figured the Cover it! side would hide a bit of the streakiness. (Is “streakiness” even a word? It should be!) I gave it a minute or two of dry time and then started to apply the nail effects Cover it! in Indian Ocean. I loved the effect of the topcoat and though it covered a great deal of streaks, I did need to retouch a few nails. Why not do it right the first time, Jessica?!

Left is only Utopia and the right is Utopia with Indian Ocean topcoat

Left is only Utopia and the right is Utopia with Indian Ocean topcoat

They were total Monets- looked good from far away but up close…

Anyhoo, take a look at my thumbnail. Half is just Utopia and the other is Utopia with Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean adds some great shimmer and this picture gives it no justice.

I'm all thumbs.

I’m all thumbs.

I topped my nails with Caviar Topcoat because I have no patience and nails that dry in 45 seconds are my style. Here is the final look. Mind you, I did not clean them up.

Flash on top (Get it? Teehee)

Flash on top (Get it? Teehee) Bottom picture is a bit prudish.

Since it is Saturday, I want to tell you that I did notice a few chips yesterday but not really awful. Besides, I need to get over chipped polish. I really do. It’s terrible.

This is my right hand. My left held up a bit better.

This is my right hand. My left held up a bit better.

Okay, I’ll give you my left!



I love the color of this polish. Shazzer, my sister, and I went to see Cyndi Lauper that same Wednesday and I showed her my manicure. She said, “It is so pretty and caught my eye. I should have bought myself one!”

I think Models Own Artstix Nail Polish Duos are really great and offer creative combinations. If you can get ’em, buy ’em!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


8 thoughts on “I’m a Model. You know what I mean.

  1. Yesterday I saw a Models Own makeup brush at TJ Maxx. My first thought was “are the nail polishes migrating too!?” Isn’t Indian Ocean pretty? I have a bottle of it!! 🙂

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