GLOSSYBOX and I are Exclusive- Almost.

Hello, gorgeous! I hope the week as treated you well and that the weekend treats you even better. I have some interesting PH news to share. It actually isn’t that interesting but after months of complaining and disappointment, I have cancelled my Birchbox subscription. I really thought about it, considering it has started to get a little better but when I received the email that it would be renewed on July 1st, I took the plunge and bid Birchbox adieu. I would post pictures of some of my monthly boxes but why live in the past? Besides. my ipsy and GLOSSYBOX subscriptions should keep me busy enough. I also decided to keep up with FabFitFun, since the first box was excellent and they only ship four times a year.

And after waiting a looooong month, I did get my June GLOSSYBOX today. Curated by Dallas Shaw, the theme is “American Beauty Box.” (You can read more about Dallas Shaw by visiting her website. I really had no clue about her until I read a bit about her today.) I purchased a six month subscription to GLOSSYBOX for $90 US, which was a decent discount. The June box is better than those I have gotten recently. Are you ready?

Pull tab here.

Pull tab here.

On top is the GLOSSYBOX magazine. I really wish they would save a tree. I always find typos and it takes all of five minutes to read.

Good things come in small packages.

Good things come in small packages.

The box has an illustration by Dallas Shaw and this one might be a keeper. Inside there is an insert with the same illustration, a note, and a listing of products.

She hopes I love her selections. I do, too!

She hopes I love her selections. I do, too!

The body and hair care portion of the box is actually quite nice. First up is c. Booth Honey Almond Nourishing Dry Oil Mist (2 oz. bottle, $4 US value): An oil that can be used on the body and the face, it absorbs quickly and leaves a “light, lasting glow.” I am attending a wedding tonight and I will try this out of the shower. (Full Size 8 oz., $8 US).

For my tresses, there is Philip B. Lovin’ Leave-In Conditioner (2 fl oz tube, $8 US) which seems to be a frizz fighting, color saving, heat protector for you tresses. My two ounce tube will come in handy since I am running out of my usual hair cream. It is also a Paraben & Phthalate Free Formula.

I will smell so nice.

I will smell so nice.

I got an email from GLOSSYBOX about two weeks ago stating that some product was unavailable but that there would be a great replacement. I don’t really remember if these Essential Luxuries by Oscar de la Renta are the consolation prize or if it is another product in the box. Whatever the case, I like three out of the six samples. This is Uncle Oscar’s tailored line of six scents that are “imbued with his love of beauty and luxury.” They are: Granada (love it), Oriental Lace (smells divine), Sargasso (I can’t even- delicious), Coralina (yeah, no), Santo Domingo (for those of a certain age), and Mi Corazon (gardenia- a lot of gardenia). A 3.4 ounce bottle of one is $150 US. Pure peanuts in my book, especially if I love it.

Lips and tips weren’t left out either. I have been itching to try SpaRitual Favorites Nail Polish, as it is vegan, certified organic, and made with fair-trade ingredients. Clay Creme was in my box and though I am not particularly fond of the color, it will make for a nice autumn shade. (Full Size bottle $12 US)

Tarte’s Complexion Enhancing Lipstick in Medium to Tan is an interesting addition. I am kind of on the light to medium skintone side, though maybe with a little sun, more medium. I will give this a try in about a week after I get a little more sun (and yes, I use SPF and I never bake myself.) It is a jelly core lipstick in a nude shade that will give the appearance of more youthful lips. I am hoping this works for me because I love a good nude lip. (Full Size Tube $14.50 US).

Lips and my tips!

Lips and my tips!

This month’s GLOSSYBOX retail value is roughly $36 US, which isn’t bad since six months was 90 bucks.

Spoiler. Or just spoiled?

Spoiler. Or just spoiled?

I think the lipstick and nail polish are my favorites though the oil and hair cream will be useful. If you would like to try GLOSSYBOX, use my referral code by clicking here.

See you soon!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


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