Watch out, Walgreens! Here I come!


Walgreens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Walgreens. I have loved it since I was a kid. Going to Walgreens for an errand with my grandparents was always a treat. Sick, I know, but we didn’t have them in NYC 20 years ago. Now, they are everywhere. I managed to catch a few good buys this past week and I want to share them with you.

Drugstore brands can be excellent, too.

Drugstore brands can be excellent, too.

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Colour in Starfish: My initial experience with the Sinful Colors line was not good. The polishes were streaky and they never would dry to a glossy shine. I recently purchased three new colors, Starfish being the most recent, and the formula is way better. Starfish is a cool dusty pink that errs on a light violet. I did my manicure on Tuesday or Wednesday and am just finding some tip-wear now. It is a great $1.99 US bargain. (My accent nail is a the new Julie Gumdrop polish. )

The only sin about this color is it is too pretty.

Maybe it’s purple.

Wet n Wild Color Wave Mini Nail Color Collection: There are six mini Wild Shine Nail Colors that range from pale pink to pink punch and a glittery topcoat. Wild Shine is the .99 cents polish line for WnW. The set is $3.99 US and there was a version with blue shades. I find that Wild Shine can turn up a bit flat but it is nothing a topcoat won’t fix.

Pretty in Pink!

Pretty in Pink!

Keeping with the Wet n Wild Trend…

Wet N Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Perfect Pout Lip Color in Penthouse Sweet: Another pouty pink to add to my collection, the Fergie Collection lipsticks are great. They are way more moisturizing than the MegaLast lipsticks. I do find the colors to be a bit more edgy and the range is a bit small. This does not mean the lipstick isn’t fantastic. Walgreen’s had a display that read the price was $3.49 US a tube. When I got to the register, I was charged $3.99. More on that in a second…

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss in Pleasing Plum & Ruby Indulgence: My sister bought me one of these last year. We really like them- they apply like a gloss and stain the lip. The stain gloss has a bit of shine and is a little sheer.  They are not as drying as a regular stain BUT not as long lasting. I still love the way they look. Unfortunately, these were “Last Chance” and 50% off, which means they are either just changing the colors or getting rid of the entire line. I paid $4.99 US per tube.

I will be sad to see the stains go!

I will be sad to see the stains go!

Now, onto the Walgreens debacle…

I recently had a problem in two local Walgreens. Both had to do with Wet n Wild cosmetics. Basically, a store display had one price (which was cheaper) but when the product was scanned, it came up as 50 cents more. 50 cents isn’t a lot of money and I let the cashier know and she easily fixed it. The second time it happened, I didn’t bother and took pictures of the price display.

I see $3.49. I was charged $3.99. There was no Walgreens' sticker with the new price.

I see $3.49. I was charged $3.99. There was no Walgreens’ sticker with the new price.

And then I called the customer service number on the website. Actually, I emailed them first and never heard back. I spoke with a very nice woman that did look up my email and she had to “escalate” the message since no one got back to me in two days.

I did get $1 US off. The lipstick cost $2.99 US with the discount.

I did get $1 US off. The lipstick cost $2.99 US with the discount.

About 30 minutes later, I got a call from the first store with an apology but I never heard from the second store. I am sure I won’t but I am happy that one store realized their mistake. I just don’t want anyone to purchase a product and over-pay. So buyer beware! Keep a mindful eye on the cash register and what you pay for the items you purchase. We already spend too much for products!

Keep Calm and Primp On! XOXO


10 thoughts on “Watch out, Walgreens! Here I come!

  1. That is such a good deal on the polish set! Did they have other color groups? I have heard great things about the Wet N Wild lipsticks. You’ll have to let me know how you like them so I can have my mom scoop one up for me to try.

  2. I pay very close attention in Walgreens when they ring me up. Too many mistakes on their shelves and in the system, and 99% of the time they will honor the shelf price and then pull it the second I leave the store.
    It seems like everyone is dealing with varying degrees of satisfaction with Sinful Colors. I’ve never had a problem with any of their polishes, but I think it’s because my nails are a little longer and I don’t buy anything too opaque. I’ve had many of their polishes last three weeks on a manicure, but never that long on my toes. Clearly it’s different for everyone.

    • Yes- I am sure that either store won’t change their price. I just felt better calling and speaking up. As for the polish- my nails are always short but this color surprised me! I have yet to use it for a pedicure.

      • If nothing else, maybe they’ll issue you a gift card or some coupons. That’s what they SHOULD do, obviously you’re not a one time customer, ya know?
        I find that their metallics are better for longer term wear. I’m not a fan of the glittery ones, it’s too much work and so many of them are too light. That IS a pretty color though. They come out with so many new colors in a year, it’s a bit hard to keep up, but they are always fashion forward.

      • I stumbled upon the brand probably 4-5 years ago and have been buying a color here and there ever since. I think they’re very well priced and I really like the colors I’ve purchased and worn. I prefer Pure Ice at certain times, but they’re pretty comparable in both colors and price points. Whenever I want something from OPI, Essie, or China Glaze I find the best deals on Ebay and I only buy the colors I truly want.

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