Getting Lippy with the Moody Sisters!

As you may or may not know, I am writing a weekly blog post for Moody Sisters Skincare. Jess and Whitney created the organic line to address their very emotional skin! I ordered a few products to give them a try and so far so good. Since I love lip products,  today I am going to review the Moody Sisters Tinted Lip Balms. I purchased the three pack for $13.95 or you can buy them separately for $4.95 each.

I love cats!

I love cats!

The packaging is so cute. The balms are oval shaped and in sturdy cases. The labels are ADORABLE. I love how the color name of the tinted balm is in nice big letters on each tube. I hate searching for the names of colors. The ingredients are clearly listed and are very similar, though they vary because the colors are different. I can tell you that there are NOT words on the packaging that you CAN’T pronounce. That’s good. The variety pack comes with the three shades, all vanilla flavored. The scent is not strong at all and doesn’t linger.

Bronze Tinted Vanilla Lip Balm:

The bronze tint is the first balm tried out. It goes on very smoothly and leaves a slightly shiny finish. The color is very sheer and I find that I reapply it a bit more frequently but I like the way my lips feel.

Bronze Baby!

Bronze Baby!

Rose Tinted Vanilla Balm:

I find the rose tint to be a bit more pigmented that the bronze and berry. It also is a little shimmery, like the bronze. The color really just makes your lips look just bitten and really enhances the natural lip color.

Everything's coming up roses!

Everything’s coming up roses!

Berry Tinted Vanilla Balm:

The berry tint is probably the least pigmented but leaves a nice sheen. I keep it in my bag and use it as a regular balm.

Berry, berry good!

Berry, berry good!

The verdict? The Moody Sisters make a great balm. I really enjoy using the product and can’t wait to really use the other skincare items I purchased.

Check out my guest blog for the Moody Sisters every Thursday and as always…

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


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