Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter eggs // Ostereier

Easter eggs // Ostereier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a kid, I never actually got to do an Easter egg hunt. Living in Brooklyn, I guess there wasn’t necessarily a place to have one. I am surprised that my Grandma Helen never hid eggs around her house- maybe she did once or twice- but I’m not bitter. <<Grumbles>> One thing that my Grandma Helen did do was make the most vibrant Easter eggs one would ever see. She had egg dying down to an art form. She used deep cups and food coloring- none of those Easter egg kits. My sister and I never dyed eggs with her. It was an unspoken rule that she did that and my mom always made sure that we dyed eggs at our house. And her Easter eggs were beautiful. From robin’s egg blue to Persian green to hot pink, Grandma Helen would carefully watch the eggs as the color developed and removed them as soon as they were bright and the colors were deep. She once even made a neon yellow egg. Don’t ask me how but it seemed to be a color  ahead of its time.

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t do Easter eggs. I tried last year and managed to crack more hard boiled eggs than dye them. I did create a springy Easter egg nail. I used a similar method to that of the Irish flag I painted two weeks ago. I started with Duri Cosmetics Rejuvacote. I have very weak and brittle nails and though this is not 3-free, it seems  to be the only nail product that works for me. I then applied Wet n Wild Megalast Salon Nail color in On a Trip, an amethyst. I like the Megalast polishes. The brushes are weird but I find the nail polishes to go on nice and easy. I painted on two coats and then added a third a day later, as it looked a little streaky. I just left my ring fingers alone. Now the fun begins…

The Base!

The Base!

Purple & Blue!

Purple & Blue!

Using Scotch tape, I taped 1/3 of my ring fingernails. I applied Julep Nail Vernis in Blake, a pale yellow to the bottom portion of my ring fingernails. Then I waited and applied a second coat of Blake. Once I felt it was dry (always dangerous), I taped the upper portion of the nails and applied two coats of Sephora by OPI Nail Color in Slushied (see above). It is a deeper sky blue and from  the Glee collection. It probably is no longer available. I finally was able to do the nail tips in Sweet by Zoya Professional Lacquer, a creamy, “Pepto” pink. To cover the spaces between the colors, I carefully painted two strips of silver micro-glitter with Hurricane Paint, a thin brush nail art polish. I let the nails air dry for a bit and applied Nails Inc. London Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat. My usual Kensingon Caviar Top Coat is really almost gone and I picked up the new version. It is not as good as the original. I am on the hunt!

Pink, Yellow, and Caviar?!

Pink, Yellow, Glitter,  and Caviar?!

The final look…

Just so you know, this was posted on Instagram with a filter.

Just so you know, this was posted on Instagram with a filter.

I am not a nail artist by any means and I am happy that I can be a little creative. I also want to tell you  that I did my manicure on Wednesday and this is how it looks today…

My nails today

My nails today with a  little tip wear.

For those of you that celebrate Easter, have a wonderful day!

Choco-Bunny made a friend- meet Sir Sheepie!

Choco-Bunny made a friend- meet Sir Sheepie!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


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