Too Many Beauty Boxes!

I bet you thought I would never say that, huh? I think I am at the point where I am getting too much stuff. I already have too much stuff, so to add on more is just a nightmare. I just might have to do another beauty giveaway- le sigh. Scuttling along, I received two beauty boxes this week- one from GlossyBox and the other from FabFitFun or fff by Giuliana Rancic. I know she has really overcome some obstacles but I have a hard time buying products endorsed by “celebrities.” She has plenty of dough and when I tell you the price of the box, you will understand why.

It's in the box(es)!

It’s in the box(es)!

I will start with the ever familiar GlossyBox. I waited FOREVER to get the March box. Ridiculous. After the January Man-Repeller box, they have started to go downhill. I think people in Europe would not take this crap- neither did this New Yorker, but more on that later. I love the way GlossyBox packages the items. It is always pretty and tied up neatly with a bow. Too bad I tear into it, practically with my teeth. This month’s theme is “Spring Fling” which would be fabulous if spring would hurry up and get here already.

Thinned out box!

Thinned out box!

Elite Models Liner in Matt Brown: A liquid eyeliner from France (ooh-la-la), touts to be waterproof and long lasting. It has a brush applicator and you can draw on thin or thick lines depending on your preference. ($15 US)

ModelCo Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosy Red: This looks like a little paint tube. Adorable! Dab the product on cheeks or lips and tap with fingertips. You can do a sheer wash of color or layer it for more impact. ( $24 US)

PIXI Lid Last Shadow Pen in Mocha Mauve: I thought mine was missing. I called GlossyBox. They are sending me a new one. I found the one that I thought was missing. I also mentioned how disappointed I was about the shipping. I got “we are so inundated…” I just said, “Maybe you should have started smaller…” Anyhoo,  I hope I get another color… Looks like a chubby pencil (these seem to be all the rage now) and can be used as a shadow, liner, or highlighter depending  on the shade. ($18 US)

I once was lost. But now I'm found.

I once was lost. But now I’m found.

Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap in Lathernder (get it? lather?): Lavender scented soap that is supposed to be good even for the most sensitive skin. That seems to be me at the moment. The scent was very strong initially but has seemed to calm down. ($16.99 US)

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Finishing Hairspray: Great. Another hairspray that I won’t use ever. I have to give all of these samples to my aunt so she can use them at work. ($17 US)

I received three out the five products in full size- the eyeliner, the tint, and the PIXI stick. The rest are all “deluxe.” Prices indicate a full size product.

Now, onto FabFitFun. I bought the VIP box (and you know I wouldn’t win one of the possible extra prizes, right?) and it was about $35 US. fff boxes come quarterly and cost about $50 US a box. I happened to catch the first box on a coupon code and knew that there would be a product in there retailed at about $40. 35 bucks was a steal, no?

Giuliana Rancic at the 81st Academy Awards

Giuliana Rancic at the 81st Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hi, my fellow Product Hoochies!

I got a note from Giuliana Rancic, telling about the inaugural box and the ideals behind fff– beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, and health. So lets see what I got, shall we?

Image (93)

I love the compartments. My OCD is singing!

Starting with the obvious…

MoroccanOil: This oil is NOT organic and has some argan oil in it, but not  a whole bunch. I used this as my first foray into hair oils. I am currently running low on my bottle of pure stuff- I will get to this next. ($43 US/ 3.4 oz bottle)

Go Smile On the Go Whitening Pen:  My first “exclusive bonus gift” for being an fff VIP-Twist and apply anywhere for whiter teeth. I wonder if using this in public is more attractive than applying lipstick. Hmmm… ($22 US)

Zoya Nail Polish by FabFitFun: I like Zoya polish, particularly metallics or glitter. fff sent us their signature color- a lovely metallic fuschia. Maybe it is more magenta- it’s pretty whatever it is! ($8 US)

Tips and lips!

Tips and lips!

Butter London Nail Lacquer in Wallis: I almost bought this myself a few weeks ago. Phew! My sister misses out though, since she gets my extras. The color is “tarnished, metallic olive gold,” according to Butter London’s website. This also was my second “exclusive bonus” item for being a VIP. Not too bad! ($15 US)

Jouer Lip Gloss in Glisten: I happen to love Jouer gloss. They are so soft and pretty and feel so good on the lips. The only bad thing is their staying power. They don’t take a licking and keep on ticking. I received a mini which is fine since I might already have this color. ($20/Full Size Tube)

JewelMint Jewels: I received earrings and a ring. The ring is nice and heavy. It fits my pinkie and though it is quite large, looks pretty cool. The earrings feel really light but I like the color scheme- greens and blues. My only gripe- the ring is gold tone and the earrings are silver tone. I know some people don’t care but I can’t wear them together. I just won’t. (I refuse to sign up for an account but there is a code for two pieces at $29.99 US.)

I love the compartments. No muss, no fuss.

Rings on her fingers and bells… on her ears?

Think Thin Bar in Creamy Peanut Butter: The story of my life. ($1.99 US/ one bar)

Peanut Butter!

Peanut Butter!

Doing the math (or barely doing the math), the MoroccanOil alone covers the price that I paid for the fff box. I am pretty impressed with the contents. I might give away the Go Smile stuff because my teeth are sensitive but the rest will get used up in no time.

Now the big question: Should I cancel GlossyBox, let my Birch Box subscription die, wear out ipsy, and just do FabFitFun four times a year? Thoughts? I might do one more fff box just to make sure. I need opinions!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


11 thoughts on “Too Many Beauty Boxes!

  1. That ring you got from JewelMint was the first purchase I EVER made from there, and I wear it all the time! It’s a huge favorite of mine…I’ve had it about a year and a half now. Also, still glad I cancelled GlossyBox…no patience for not being on time. 😀

    • Yeah- I’m pretty much done with them I think. I have enough points for a free box so I will do that and cancel. I can’t believe you have that ring- too funny. I have sausage fingers so finding rings is really hard for me. I wish it had a stretchy band.

  2. I have butter London’s Wallis – it’s a very unique color. I like it but I don’t wear it all that often. I’ve cancelled all my boxes for the time being…I liked getting them for a while but the money I was spending on them needs to be put to use elsewhere and I feel I would personally be better served by hanging on to my extra cash and splurging on something I’m pretty sure I’ll like rather than a grab bag. I got some nice things, but most of the products I accumulated are things I don’t use so…meh. Sorry for the long comment – If I were you I’d probably stick with the fff box. Hopefully their subsequent boxes are as good as this one!

  3. I finally admitted defeat and cancelled my boxes. I loved the mail…but it seriously got to the point where – for the investment – I could just buy what I want. I love reading your reviews though…so please don’t cancel anything! 😛

    • Thank you! I just am getting tired of them- the joy is gone. Then I took a survey on GlossyBox asking if I would like more products created by them. And you know I clicked on, “I do not want GB products- I want the more expensive as promised.”

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