Fit for a (Lipstick) Queen!

I love Lipstick Queen. Poppy King is a lip product master. Last week, I visited Space NK and purchased two Lipstick Queen products. I have been wearing LQ’s Sinner in Hot Rose since. It is simply marvelous.

The box alone looks like trouble.

The box alone looks like trouble.

Sinner lipsticks are serious. They are matte and opague and with 90% pigment rich color and not for the faint of heart.

Bright Rose!

Flower Power!

This past Saturday night, the hubs and I went on a date. I wore this with a black sweater. It was a dreary night, just cold and damp. The black of my sweater made the color POP! Before we left the house he said, “Wow! That is some lipstick!” I always wear some sort of lip color so I wasn’t quite sure how to take his comment. He continued, “It looks really good.” Score!

Hot Rose with flash.

Hot Rose with flash.

And a few more things…

-Fantastic, fantastic coverage. It may look dry but it is moist without looking shiny. There is some shea butter and other great moisturizing elements to Sinner.

-The color lasts FOREVER. Oh man. I rarely had to reapply.

-The colors are true. I have rarely found lipsticks that do this.

My hot lips (I think someone called me this in college.)

My hot lips (I think someone called me this in college.)

– And each color has a sister that is a Saint, a 10% pigment lipstick.

Lipstick Queen Sinner Lipstick $20 US, available at Space NK, the Space NK counter @ Bloomingdale’s or on the Lipstick Queen website.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


17 thoughts on “Fit for a (Lipstick) Queen!

  1. At my age…any lipstick is must! I am sure you had a great date with this pop of color!

    Many thanks for stopping by my blog to like a post! You have such fun with make-up. Enjoy!

      • Sounds like a good plan! I have a feeling we might do a little damage that day! lol I saw Lipstick Queen in the recent Ulta ad. I will have to check them out when I make it up there. I’m trying to hold out until the 28th so I can get the Tarte Maracuja oil during the 21 Days of Beauty sale (it’s half off), but honestly I probably won’t make it that long.

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