Claws Out

Tonight, I am going to stray away from product hooching. I am sorry- I need to get what happened today off my chest. If you have no desire to read about my views on society, stop now. You have been warned.

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From Shutterstock Be warned.

I want to talk about inner beauty. The truth is I think inner beauty is a “hokey” subject. I don’t like calling inner beauty “inner beauty”- there are good people in this world and there are crappy ones. Lucky for Taylor Swift- she will never run out of material.  Either you are kind and have some sort of ethics or you don’t. Of course there is a gray area, but I’ll stick with straight up halfsies.

English: Taylor Swift at the premiere for Hann...

English: Taylor Swift at the premiere for Hannah Montana: The Movie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I work in a junior high school. I deal with young people between the ages of 11 and 14. At 11 they act like they are five and by 14 they think they are 25. Today, my friend and colleague had to handle a bullying issue. I hate bullying- maybe because I was somewhat bullied as a kid (not severely but enough to remember) or maybe I just think I am a superhero that needs to make things right. Whatever the case, one girl came to us and told us that peers were talking about her and several other girls on Ask.FM. We found out this morning that the person “talking smack” is actually one of their “friends.” An entire story ensued- someone stole her password and hacked her account, then in another breath told us that she voluntarily gave her password away. It was absurd. And then I went on Ask.FM.

I was horrified.

Basically, you set up a page with a picture and people can ask you questions, either with an account or anonymously. Some of the questions were fine, “Why are you so pretty?” to disgusting, “Why are you a slut?” or “Why don’t you drink bleach and die?” I had five girls in front of me, one is my current student, another one I taught last year, and the others I know from the after school program. I was enraged. “Why do you do this to yourselves?” Two of the girls didn’t use Ask.FM and the others had no answer. “Don’t you realize that you are allowing people to talk to you like this? That you are setting yourself up to be treated cruelly? What the heck are you kids thinking?”  The girl accused of making the negative comments was pale. She tried to stay cool but she was pale. Another had a snide look. These normally pretty faces were being marred by negativity, by meanness. I could see teeth practically bared. It was scary.

My sister and I. I think I was in 5th grade here.

My sister and I. I think I was in 5th grade here. Bad skin already. I was picked on in junior high, which came a year later.

I looked at the accused 13 year old. I could see the chin tremble and I knew she was holding back tears. Social death. I could smell it. I looked at her, “You are going to be ostracized. Girls are not going to like you. Class will be hard.”

“I am used to the hate,” she answered.

Just an FYI: I will be letting the proper staff in my building about this situation. The internet is a scary place.


8 thoughts on “Claws Out

  1. this is sad, beyond sad. i feel sorry for young people today. and adults too since some people never grow the eff up! i’ve been ostrasized as an adult. as a blogger. by adults. nice right?! do i care, no? people in general need to learn to stop asking for approval. OTHERS do not determine your worth!!! i am not an amazing blogger, a super beauty, or anything else marvelous. i am a perfect *ME*. people who don’t like me, can just stay away and do their own thing. make fun of me if you want, hate me if you need! i’ll be over here enjoying my life anyway.

    i hope those kids learned something. it’s a great thing that something is being done with these kids are all still breathing. hoping this is a turning point in life for these girls!!!

  2. I completely agree with you, the way society has changed today I don’t even know if I want to bring kids into this world! You also see parents now days, that just don’t care to be parents, it’s really upsetting…

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