Getting Polished

Two weeks ago, I received a bunch of goodies from Lindz over at It seems that Germany has a better postal service than the good ole USA. We mailed our packages within days of each other and the package I sent only got there a day or two ago. AND if you haven’t noticed, I have been missing over the past week. You see, last Friday was girls’ night out and by Saturday afternoon I was sick with what I thought was a cold. By the time Wednesday rolled around, I had to go to see a doctor because I got worse. Turns out, I have a lovely sinus infection. I haven’t worn make-up in almost a week and I couldn’t put anything near my nose or face except Vaseline to soothe the red patches on my nose. Yuck. I am feeling better tonight and was advised to stay home tomorrow and I am going stir crazy. I really want to play with my German goodies but will refrain until I am better- that is, except for the nail polish.

The only thing in my system was Advil Congestion Relief. I was not relieved.

The only thing in my system was Advil Congestion Relief. I was not relieved.

Lindz sent me five bottles of nail polish. It’s kind of funny because I have done a few nail posts but for a long time I didn’t do my nails. They peel, break, don’t grow, etc, so I just didn’t bother. Since starting PH I have a new found interest in my nails. I have a lot of polish and I do like when my hands look neat and put together. Of the five polishes, I have already tried one Catrice in a really pretty green. I added a sparkly purple accent nail. This evening (it’s 11 PM in NYC), I used Alessandro International Nail Polish (or nagellack if you’re German) in Red Smolder. Red Smolder falls into the “oxblood” category, also known as burgundy if you don’t give a rat’s ass (sorry- oxblood sounds gross. I drink burgundy.) Red Smolder has a nice metallic sheen and I really like metallic polish lately. I like glitter, too, but something about metallic is more sophisticated.

Red Smolder, oxblood, burgundy- take your pick.

Red Smolder, oxblood, burgundy- take your pick.

I started by applying a basecoat that stinks- literally, it can be suffocating, but it works. It’s definitely not 3-free and forget 5-free. This polish is the whole shabam! Oh, and the name I can’t even tell you. There is a “P” on the bottle and I see “Praitail” underneath, so I am thinking that’s the brand. The product is K’REA’M Nail Hardener. (I just googled and found that it is a Dominican brand that really specializes in curly hair products. Good for me to know! It also is on the UK Amazon site but out of stock. Almost solved the mystery…) I let it dry and then applied coat one of Red Smolder. I love the bottle, as it is small, and the cap has indents and just easy to hold. I applied one coat and it was a little streaky but this was solved with another coat. Last but not least, I slapped on Nails Inc. Caviar Topcoat. I don’t get the Seche Vite. No offense- it does make nails look glassy but mine was so thick and it rarely applied smoothly. I think I left it in Las Vegas, by accident, but I’m not crying over it.

Dries in 45 seconds and I will wake up with no dings. I'd take a picture in the morning but would you believe me?

Dries in 45 seconds and I will wake up with no dings. I’d take a picture in the morning but would you believe me?

Here is the final look. I’m drinking decaf Constant Comment. It is orange spice and quite delicious. I’ve also been drinking about 10 cups of tea a day this week on account of the sinus infection. I usually like a sweet and spicy one but I can’t drink that all the time. I also can’t be hopped up on caffeine. It’s fun for me but not for anyone else. Pardon the sloppiness- I’ll clean these up tomorrow. Sleep tight!

Pardon the mess. Left is no flash.

Pardon the mess. Left is no flash.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


The morning after- it's 11:33 EST and I'm still in my pajamas. Don't judge me- I'm sick.

The morning after- it’s 11:33 EST and I’m still in my pajamas. Don’t judge me- I’m sick.


11 thoughts on “Getting Polished

  1. I’ve been wanting to try that Caviar topcoat since you recommended it but sadly my local Sephora has been sold out for weeks!

    • I ordered it from Sephora’s website. My sister got me on it and it really is the best. I’m going to add a picture of my nails from this morning because I went to bed right after I polished and they look good. I just haven’t cleaned them up.

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