From Deutschland, With Love (& Lindz!)

You've got mail!

You’ve got mail!

Saturday morning I was leaving for work and I discovered in the vestibule mail basket a bright yellow box. Could it be? I thought to myself. I picked up the box and my package for my swap with Lindz, the girl behind the glasses from, had arrived! I was so excited and torn. I needed to get to work and I knew  there were things in that box that I had yet to ever see in this world. I sighed, ran back into the apartment with the box, put it on the dining room table, and pretty much had my husband push me out the door and lock me out of the house. (I mean, I had my keys.)

When I got back home a few hours later, I sat at the table and got my scissors. I gently cut the tape at the seams and…

How many licks does it take to get the stamps on a package to the USA?

How many licks does it take to get the stamps on a package to the USA?

the first thing I noticed was the postcard with a sausage. Lindz explained that it is a picture of a “Coburger Bratwurst” that must be eaten with mustard or terrible things will happen. Well, terrible things wouldn’t really happen, but I would not be willing to take the risk. Underneath the postcard (and the lovely note!), there were real Haribo Gummy Bears and though we can get them here, the package is in German which automatically makes them better. (You’ll understand more about my theory later.) Of course, there were more delights, like a Milka bar that looks like it is white and milk chocolate, and yogurt gummies that really smelled like yogurt when I opened the bag. These fall in my category of “strangely delicious” which is a compliment in my book. I started with “strangely delicious” a few years ago when I visited Brazil and had all sorts of different, interesting, and delicious snacks.

Mmmmm.... CANDY!

Mmmmm…. CANDY!

Thank you for your patience while I attack my yogurt gummies… Okay, you’ve been patient. I’ll start with the body and skin care products and move onto cosmetics. First up, Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil. I swear, Lindz is a mind reader. I’ve been using a gel baby oil after my showers and also have the Caudalie body oil, which is great, but I love to switch it up.  The Weleda oil has a faint scent and I like that it won’t clash with my perfume. This product is for skin renewal and if I am getting ready for warmer weather, this may just do the trick!

Up next is Weleda Sea Buckthorn body lotion. My rudimentary German helped me along with Google translate. It seems more like a body milk and has a light, fruity smell. It reminds me of tangerine or even the Body Shop‘s satsuma.

Lindz also sent me two lip balms. I love European lip balm and Lindz explained that Labello is the same as Nivea. I could not wrap my head around that idea. She sent along chamomile and calendula Labello. I bought my first Labello in Rome and got this flavor and loved it because it reminded me of a cup of tea! Just the scent brought back memories of a fun trip. She also sent Balea Young lip balm in Cherry Dream, which is slightly mentholated. There was a balm I used as a kid, Cherry Ice (I think), and it totally reminds me of my youth. I have to try it out!

Body, hands, lips!

Body, hands, lips!

The last is a giant tube of Kamill Hand and Nail Cream with Balsam. My hands take a daily beating (I’m just a beast) and get very dry in the winter so I can’t wait to try this out.

Now, there are more products to list, that will probably follow with reviews. So let me stop here and within the next few days, I will finish up!

Again, a special thanks to Lindz of Girl in the Glasses for sending me these fantastic goodies! You should check out her blog at AND “like” her on Facebook!

Keep Calm and Primp On! XOXO


11 thoughts on “From Deutschland, With Love (& Lindz!)

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your goodies! As for the terrible things that will happen if you eat that sausage with anything other than mustard…local medieval re-enactors will drag you up to the Coburg Veste (our local genuine castle) dungeon and basically torture, tar and feather you. Eek! Okay, not really but you will get major stink eye from everyone who sees you commit the offense, and trust me, being the recipient of the German stink eye is an equally undesirable fate.

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