I’ve Noticed You Are Doing Pans…

I won’t lie.   I have a problem. I will admit it- I am a product hoarder. I just can’t help myself. Maybe it is my insecurity, maybe my lack of will power, or maybe I can blame society for feeling so aesthetically inadequate. But I won’t. Oh, no. Walgreen’s is my dealer and any beauty product is my drug of choice.

My day begins in a Cetaphil filled stupor. I start by rinsing my face with warm water and pumping some cleanser into the palm of my hand. I swipe my face, and wash in circles, rinse again and dry. And this is just the beginning…

After I get dressed, I head over to the dining room table to do my make-up. The truth is if I don’t have time for this step, I just do a quick face at work (of course I carry some products! Did you think I wouldn’t?) I will admit that if I don’t get to do my morning makeover, I might be cranky. Like caffeine withdrawal, it can be dangerous. I begin by turning on my 10x magnifying light up mirror. I examine for any kind of hair that shouldn’t be on my face and anything else that I just need to extract. I then start with eyelid primer. I am currently using E.L.F.’s. It’s $1.00 US. I untwist the cap and swipe excess on the lip of the tube. It needs to dry before I can apply eye make-up.

Do you see me?

Do you see me?

I don’t waste any time. This needs to be a quick fix. I apply Missha’s Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 13. I think it might be a bit light for me but I manage to blend it in well and it covers my skin flaws. I suffer a little redness in the winter. Since I tend to get oily, BB creams don’t work for me in warmer months but in the winter they do the trick. Just in case I need a little more concealing, I have ELF’s All Over Cover Stick in Spice. It looked lighter in the store than it really is but I blend again. For a rosy glow, I apply a little geoGirl Cream Blush in Eco Rose. I am pretty sure this line was geared towards tweens, the 8-12 year old set. That’s a little sick. This hoochie bought this on clearance at Wal-Mart for about $2.00 US. Truth is- it is fantastic! I love it and I have a feeling it has been discontinued. And the backlash that Wal-Mart really created the line for eight year old girls didn’t help. Not smart, Wal-Mart! You should have thought about an inexpensive line for people in their 30s. Duh.

For a flawless face. Yeah. Right.

For a flawless face. Yeah. Right.

photo (9)

geoGirl KOC (Kiss on Cheek) Cream Blush. Corny.

Why waste my time discussing this? The precious seconds march on! My lids should be dry enough now. So many choices! I look at my outfit and depending on my “look”, I choose. I have several palettes on hand for this. Yes. Several. Gray, purple, taupe, or brown? Shimmer, satin, or matte? It changes daily and I like my options. And I feed my addiction with the idea that I can switch it up. Notice I have choices from Bobbi Brown, to Maybelline, to Charlotte Ronson, to Smashbox. I never pick sides. I like them all. And I have more tucked away somewhere and you will never find them. Then the dilemma: to line or not to line. No worries- I have options and usually don’t line because I still have to get my coffee ready. The liners are there though, in case I need to add fuel to the fire.

My sweet array of candy shadows

My sweet array of candy shadows

photo (16)

Put a line through it.

I finally curl my lashes- Shu Uemura- is there really any other eyelash curler? and apply whatever sample mascara I have available. I then make a run to the bedroom and spritz on my choice fragrance of the day- today was Byredo Seven Veils. I triple check my bag for my lipstick (right now, Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Love Me. It is from the new graffiti line) and grab my stuff. I will not be able to get a fix all day, except for a swipe or two of lipstick.

Love me. Say that you love me.

Love me. Say that you love me.

photo (17)

Torture devices. And I like them.

When I get home, I head to the bathroom and grab my Simple cleansing wipes and remove it all! I only hope that I will be going out in the evening so I can do it all over again.

So to all my fellow beauty bloggers, I commend you on your pans. I try to clean out every month but I just can’t do it. I just feel like I can’t go a day without some of these products. What do you plan on giving up? Is it killing you?!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


12 thoughts on “I’ve Noticed You Are Doing Pans…

  1. I don’t really hoard beauty products but I don’t seem to be able to throw out even old ones that I seldom use anymore. Recently I found some great Benefits products – they are even packaged in a fun way. I call buying make-up Tammy Faye (as in Tammy Faye Baker) therapy. Good post – thanks for sharing your routine!

  2. Loved your post, I actually laughed at out at least twice. I didn’t even know about the makeup for children! I guess WalMart caught the “Toddlers & Tiaras” fever. What eight year old is allowed to wear makeup by the way? That’s ridiculous. As for the whole pan project trend, I have no intention of taking part in that one. For one, it takes ages to finish certain products and as far as makeup is concerned my mantra is “variety is the spice of life.” By the way, I’m in need of new eyelash curlers. I’m currently using the plastic Tweezerman curlers and I just don’t feel they’re doing the trick. I’ve heard good things about the Shiseido eyelash curlers.

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