(Not so) Glossy Magazines

Every time I go on vacation, I always love to explore the magazine selection at the airport. Since I subscribe to several magazines, finding something I have not read already can be a bit of a job. I’m usually up for the challenge. Maybe it’s because of my age (early 30s) or because I am nauseated by all of the thin bodies that grace magazine covers (not my body type by a long shot), I have become disenchanted by some of the beauty and fashion publications. I’m not only talking about the models and celebrity stalking, rather the quality of content and the writing. It’s a disgrace. I won’t get into my theories as to why these magazines have become so fluffy. In a sense, they have always been easy to read (and fun!) but some magazines always had a hidden gem. Not as of late. Not a ruby or emerald in sight. Not even a pink quartz. Here is a list of magazines that I have read and my opinion on the content. It’s not pretty.

Cosmopolitan: As a rule, I have stopped reading this magazine. I felt I outgrew it long ago but I picked it up on a whim. I read the entire thing in about an hour, cover to cover. I feel that they repeat the same “advice” (this is a family-friendly blog, folks) in every issue, just in a semi-new way. It’s also written so an 8th grader can read it (no offense, but monitor what comes in your house!)

Glamour: I got a subscription because I really used to enjoy perusing this magazine. Of course, as soon as I pay my money, the format goes kerplunk. The articles are so blah, the topics are boring, and they really have resorted to A LOT of pictures. I know it is a fashion magazine but come on! Give me something for five bucks.

Marie Claire: Another one bites the dust! I got a subscription and sure enough, the magazine changes format, the writing gets way too easy, and they have less and less socially aware content. Their editor just recently left for Cosmo. I don’t even want to talk about it.

I have now resorted to Good Housekeeping and January’s issue is awful, too. What the heck is going on? Is America really that illiterate? Not to sound harsh but it scares me that these magazines are written for adults.

Oh! And another thing! Why do I need to look at a $758 dress? I think most of the people reading the above publications would not even think of spending that. Maybe it’s just me.

<<Steps off soapbox>>

Keep Calm & Primp On. XOXO


4 thoughts on “(Not so) Glossy Magazines

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this article because i also feel the same way. I used to buy Marie Claire religiously when i was younger. It used to be so heavy with content, it would take a number of days to get through.
    Sadly though, with this visual technology generation now, pictures are what they want.
    When i first done research into writing a good blog before i started one myself, one bit of advice stood out more than any other., Plenty of pictures.
    I think its a real shame. When i write posts, i have to cut half of my writing down and fill it more with pictures to generate more interest. when what i really want to do is go into more detail on products i review.
    I think reading is slowly becoming a thing of the past. No need for imagination when people have thought it all out for you in visuals.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I’m so disappointed with magazines and had this saved in drafts, unfinished. I was reading some magazines and remembered I had written something. I am an English teacher and I LOVE to read. I find this to be such a sensitive subject but I needed to post.

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