Ushering in the New Year!

Welcome to 2013! I just typed 2012 and managed to fix it before I missed it. My New Year’s Eve was uneventful. Hubby and bubbly in my pajamas on my couch was how we rang in the New Year. I was a little jet lagged, okay- a lot jet lagged- and slept most of the day. New Year’s Day we headed over to my mom’s for post vacation dinner and a present exchange with my aunt and uncle. We opened gifts with my mom and sister on Christmas before we left for Vegas and I got to peruse my new gifts once we brought them back home. I hated not being able to play with my new presents all week but keep in mind, I bought myself a few more gifts in Sin City. After losing money, I decided if I was going to spend, I should have something to show for it. Hello, Kate Spade

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I really got to look at some of my gifts. My sister told me to smell the bottle of Usher perfume spray that was in my stocking. My first thought was, “Usher? Perfume? Oh, no!” but she convinced me it was “different.” Shazzer and I have quite opposite taste in fragrance. She tends to go lighter and fresher. I tend to run the gamut but favor spicy, darker, yet slightly sweet smells. And then there is my take on celebrity perfumes. They DO NOT want YOU to smell like them. Trust me. They don’t. It hasn’t stopped me from buying a scent created by a “star.” I like Jennifer Aniston‘s beachy concoction. I have worn one of Jessica Simpson‘s, don’t remember which, and in the early 90s dabbled in Elizabeth Taylor‘s White Diamonds. Hey, I was 11. But I digress. Some celebrity fragrances are awful. AWFUL. I mean, I can’t imagine Justin Bieber wearing his. Really. Moving along…

Usher will make sure you small good.

Usher will make sure you smell good.

I got home from work and searched out my Usher bottle. I was really curious and opened it up. I inhaled… And would you believe that it smells like something else I wear. I actually had the other scent nearby and opened it up immediately to do a sniff check. The resemblance is uncanny.

Over the summer I purchased Joya Ames Soers Parfum or a Scent of Soul Mates ($28 US). It was inspired by the Book of Lost Fragrances by M.J. Rose.  I have read reviews that the book is fantastic and is about a quest to find a scent created in the days of Cleopatra.  Frederick Bouchardy brought the scent to modern times using orange blossom, lotus, rose, jasmine, frankincense, and myrrh. I have worn it quite a bit. I like that it is clean and crisp but a little moody!

Cleopatra without the asp.

Cleopatra without the asp.

I called Shazzer at work right away. What is more important than this discovery? She was surprised and so was I. I looked up “Usher perfume” on Google and he has a few fragrances. This particular perfume is just Usher for Women. I found a review for it from 2010, before a Scent of Soul Mates. Hmmm… Usher for Women has top notes of red currant, pink freesia, and apple blossom; a heart of frangipani, apricot nectar, blooming jasmine, and passion rose, and a dry down of amber wood, sensual musk, cashmere wood, vanilla, orchid, and incense. It is obviously a little different but close enough that if you want to save some money, the Usher is for you (19.56 on

I think Cleopatra would have gone for Usher. He is talented, good looking, and has the best abs.

I think Cleopatra would have gone for Usher. He is talented, good looking, and has the best abs. By the way I have Zoya’s Storm on my nails.

My schnoz doesn’t lie and I am definitely not channeling Pinocchio.

That's not Usher's perfume but that is my schnoz.

That’s not Usher’s perfume but that is my schnoz.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO



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