December GlossyBox… Eh.


I like getting this mail.

When I saw my GlossyBox package in my foyer, I, of course, was very excited. Every month is like my birthday or Christmas. Last month, I scored two boxes,which was great. For December, I paid less than $13 for my box. Here is what I got:


Using every bit of will power I have not to rip open the package.

My “present” was wrapped in very festive paper, with the usual note from GlossyBox.


Read? Read now?!

I got the usual magazine, which I have yet to read, and the list of products in the box. I always try not to even look at this before I dig in…


The box and most of its contents.

As you can see, the box has some pretty nice products but they are nowhere as good as some of the things I have received over the past three months. Let me give you the rundown…

1) There was an overwhelming scent coming from the box. It came from the White Tea Epsom Salts by Heartland Fragrance. I received a cool loofah soap from Heartland in a previous box. I like the soap a lot. The problem is… I don’t soak my feet. I have no patience. My husband soaks his but he isn’t using tea scented epsom salts. The package also states you can massage a handful into your skin to exfoliate. That is way too much work. I hope I find someone that will use these. ($10 for 30 oz.-my baggie is 5.5 oz.)

2) I continued to peruse my goodies and came across Forest Essentials Luxurious Ayurveda Bath & Shower Oil in Madurai Jasmine and Mogra. Apply after a bath or shower for “seductive” scented skin and to seal in moisture. I have used Neutrogena‘s post shower oil and I loved it. I will definitely give this a whirl. ($22/ 6.8 oz- my bottle is 3.38 oz.)

3) Continuing on the perfume route, I also found a small sample of Pleats Please by Issey Miyake. I remember when Miyake’s perfume, L’Eau d’Issey, made waves in the fragrance world. I find Pleats Please along a similar line but not in a good way. It is across between air freshener and the Designer Imposters you find in 7-11. I probably won’t be using it. ($92/ 3.4 oz.- that is way too much money to smell cheap.)

4) I use Argan oil every other day on my hair to help with frizz. It does an excellent job. I will try ECRU New York Cosmetic Hair Care Acacia Protein Oil. It pretty much claims to do the same thing but might be a little more pricey. ($30/ 1.7 oz.- I think I may have enough in the sample to use it twice.)

5) I never use a lot of styling products. I’m actually pretty faithful to some brands. I can’t live without my gel from Quidad (Climate Control!) and I switch a few different hair creams. This month, I found Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray in my box. I never use heat stylers on my curly hair for two reasons 1) As soon as a drop of moisture hits my head, the curls spring back and 2) I am too lazy. Though this sounds excellent in theory, I think it will be going to my mom or sister, as they heat style fairly frequently.

photo (9)

The (almost) fabulous five.

The final two products are for my fingers.

6) I am not a fan of Zoya. Yes, I said it. Every polish I tried was way too thick and chipped fast. The full size bottle in Storm, a black base with multi-colored glitter, will look very sparkly. I will give Zoya another chance, as this is the only product I’m really excited about.

7) This final “product” was a sweet surprise. GlossyBox teamed up with and sent GlossyBox subscribers a little extra- a piece of jewelry! Looking at other blogger reviews, they sent out a few different things. One blogger got a long necklace and I got… two very small rings. And when I mean small, I mean in size. I love the style and I am so annoyed that they don’t even fit my pinky. Not even close on my “sausage” fingers. Valued at $30, these would have been great to have this time of year. My mom or sister get another stocking stuffer!

photo (12)

Pretty polish and petite rings.

I will be taking a bit of a hiatus this week… as Christmas is TOMORROW!  So Merry, Merry! I hope to catch you before the New Year. If not…

Keep Calm, Primp On, and have a Happy, Healthy, New Year!


2 thoughts on “December GlossyBox… Eh.

  1. I really like Zoya but I seem to have issues with their creme polishes, which I think tend to be on the thick side. However, anything else, that is either glitter or metallic from them seems to be pretty good. In fact I’m wearing Rina over Holly right now and it is one of my favorite combinations.

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