If your Legs are Looking like Caterpillars Get a Gillette Venus Embrace Razor!

Courtesy of @Influenster, I received a Venus Embrace handle and blade and one Venus and Olay blade refill. The razor has FIVE blades- FIVE! and is for some serious hair removal.

The Razor! (Photo from Drugstore.com)

The Razor! (Photo from Drugstore.com)

I took this razor in the shower and got to work. I hate shaving and New York winters can be cold. I don’t wear dresses or skirts in this weather, so the legs get a little neglected. I decided that since they would not turn into butterflies, I should just shave. I lathered up with EOS Shave Cream. I’m not a particular fan. In fact, I find it to be thin and the pump stinks, but I found it in the bathroom and I just finished the can of my preferred Skintimate.

The Embrace made a usually tedious task not so terrible. I was done shaving really fast. The razor cut through the hair and NOT my skin. Once I got out of the shower, my legs were smooth and soft. I have to say that this will probably replace what I usually use, Venus disposables, once I am finished with them.

Another cool thing about the Venus Embrace is that the razor heads are interchangeable. You can switch up the razor to your liking. In fact, I also got a Venus and Olay blade refill that I can use on the handle. The regular blade has a moisture band and the Olay blade has extra moisture surrounding the razor. Both are excellent, I just find I don’t need the extra boost of moisture that the Olay offers. I might use that in the summer and forgo extra lotion!

I will spare you a before and after of my legs.

I will spare you a before and after of my legs.

Thanks to @Influenster for sending me Gillette’s Venus Embrace for free!

Visit http://www.gillettevenus.com/en_US/index.jsp for more information about Gillette Venus products.

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


8 thoughts on “If your Legs are Looking like Caterpillars Get a Gillette Venus Embrace Razor!

  1. I use the same one just now, too! I kind of have mixed feelings about it, it leaves my legs looking nice but I sometimes have to shave them twice as it doesn’t always shave close enough to the skin so they are a little prickly. But other Venus razors I’ve used have been fantastic, so maybe it’s a one off!

  2. I had one of these but I didn’t like it, it didnt get close enough for me and I stil felt stubbly afterwards. I only got one blade with my pack and it didnt last long, its something £10 – £15 for a new pack so i didnt bother and reverted back to using my husbands Gillette SEnsor Excel. I also used to leave it on the side of the bath and the moisture strip went mushy.

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