Just a Quick (Dry) Hi!

Just popping in to say “hello.” I’ve been running around like crazy. Dictor’s appointment for a weird pain behind my ear- tension headaches and that’s no surprise, got zapped (laser hair removal), and of course, Christmas shopping, a Starbucks stop, and home. In my travels, I picked up some nail polish. It is my latest obsession. First up, Essie’s Penny Talk. I’ve been coveting this for a few weeks and I’m glad I got it. It is a pretty copper and more like a shiny, new penny than one that’s been dropped in the street too many times. I actually might pair this with a gray glitter. What the heck?
I love me some Color Club and bought the gritty Ms. Hautie. It’s slate with purple shimmer undertones. Yippee!
Next, two China Glaze polishes. China Glaze makes a consistent polish and the holiday colors and glitters are pretty fabulous. I picked up Pizzazz- a multi-colored glitter polish and Glistening Snow. It actually looks like fresh snow that shimmers in moonlight well before it turns yellow. Ahem.
And finally, I discovered Out the Door’s Northern Lights Hologram Topcoat. It dries in 45 seconds- we will see.

What do you think of my picks?




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