I Am Very Versatile!

I have been nominated for the  Versatile Blogger Award. I get a kick out of these, as I like learning about all of the people in the blogging community. Anywhoooo, check out my favorite not quite Carrie B (Get it? I never watched “Sex & the City but I love the reference) at  http://notquitecarrieb.wordpress.com/.


I also get to nominate 15 other blogs that I find to be fun and worthwhile. I noticed that Carrie B. nominated a number of favorites but I have a few more!




FOUR- http://propersweetie.wordpress.com/



SEVEN- http://loveanela.wordpress.com/

EIGHT- http://mommylovesnailpolish.wordpress.com/

NINE- http://lauraliveslife.wordpress.com/

TEN- http://girlintheglasses.com/

ELEVEN- http://peachmilkytea.wordpress.com/

TWELVE- http://curvyculture.wordpress.com/

THIRTEEN- http://rubenesquesmoothie.wordpress.com/

FOURTEEN- http://bigbeautifulbold.wordpress.com/

FIFTEEN- http://materialdetox.wordpress.com/

And now seven things about me…

1) I like naps. I actually love naps. I don’t even mind if I feel groggy after a nap.

Told you I like naps.

Told you I like naps.

2) I have a strange obsession with the shows “Intervention” and “Hoarders.” I have no idea why but I can watch them for hours.


Hoarders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3) I met my husband on a dating website. The weird thing is that we have a mutual friend that we were pretty close to before we met- we let her take credit sometimes.

4) I recently cleaned out my cosmetics train case. I wish I would have weighed the garbage bag because I think there were pounds and pounds.

5) I make silly movies with a Bloggie camera. I actually create characters but I never write scripts. Everything is improv. It started out as a personal joke but turned into about 30 minutes of film. I have problems.

6) I had sushi for dinner. I get a strange urge once in awhile and then I don’t want to look at it for months.

7) I think the bathroom is the most under-appreciated room in the house.

I almost bought this gnome. He could have been a character in my movies.

I almost bought this gnome. He could have been a character in my movies.


17 thoughts on “I Am Very Versatile!

  1. Thanks for the nomination – five is my lucky number and I’m five on the list! 🙂
    That’s so surreal – I just filled out a Beautiful Blogger entry for early next week and you are on my list for that! Love your 7 things 🙂

  2. I also love naps and try to squeeze one in a day, its been a bit shitty lately as my hasband’s work dried up for a few weeks, meaning money is very very tight for xmas gifts, but I have enjoyed having him at home and after my Daughter has gone to school we come back home, he cooks and washes the dishes while I tidy away other rooms, then we have a lie down on the sofa and watch crap films and have a nap, its lovely.

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