The R29 GlossyBox and WOWZA! Another Award!

Sunday night I let you know that I got two GlossyBox deliveries over the weekend. I did a post on the November box. This evening I bring you…

Refinery 29 with Glossybox Limited Edition Hit Kit!

Oh, the treats are in there!

Refinery 29 curated this GlossyBox. The products were selected by their Senior Beauty Editor, Megan McIntyre. Megan has excellent taste, as this box is pretty fabulous. Refinery 29 is my favorite lifestyle website. I love that they bring readers tips and tricks for major US cities. The only downside- the chick that does the hair and make-up video tutorials (Taylor?). I get the feeling she can care less. This is not to say she isn’t talented or attractive- she just seems uninterested. Moving along, I want to share what was in this delicious GlossyBox. Shall we?

My not personalized note- not that it bothers me. Give me the goods!

Every GlossyBox comes with a postcard with product descriptions and prices. This comes in quite handy. I try not to read what the products are before I look in the box. I enjoy the element of surprise! Sorry to spoil it for you here, but I think the picture is really too small, unless you click on it. Don’t bother. I have better descriptions and pictures on their way…

PHYTO Phytonectar Oil & O.P.I. Polish in GoldenEye

1) PHYTO Phytonectar Oil: This is a pre-shampoo oil that has nourishing qualities. The directions say to rinse it before you actually shampoo. PHYTO products are usually excellent but this seems a little weird, as I won’t shampoo it out. It reminds me of a hot oil treatment without the heat!

2) O.P.I. GoldenEye Nail Polish: We all know O.P.I. makes cutting edge colors and are great quality. GoldenEye is a homage to Bond 007– 50 years young! I think this is a fantastic tribute for a Golden Jubilee. I love gold polish and it errs on the darker side. It reminds me of another golden polish by O.P.I. that I think is discontinued. Yay for me!

3) Lierac Creme Mesolift Moisturizer: First off, I love this friggin jar. Love it. I love the color. I love how kick a$$ this will look on my nightstand. The creme is a light peach and I just applied it- right now. It absorbed quickly but it feels a bit greasy. Uh-oh. Maybe it isn’t for me but it has AHA’s B5, 6, A, C, and E. I need more radiance as I feel since I hit my 30s, that is a department in which my skin is lacking. (After about an hour, it really absorbed and though I feel a bit oily, it’s not too bad!)

4) vBeaute Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator: In case you didn’t know, the rose is very good for controlling oil. This exfoliator has a few of my favorite things, like rosemary, coconut, and Alpine Rose Botanical Technology. I love to exfoliate, as my skin gets a lot of blackheads. Other than my usual Clarisonic and weekly face masks, I like to throw a scrub in. I will give this a go. It’s gentle and I need scrub that won’t rip my skin off.

Lierac Creme Mesolift Moisturizer and vBeaute Rub Off Gentle Facial Exfoliator- lifting and sanding. My kind of party.

The final two…

5) MISSHA M Perfect BB Cream SPF 42 in No. 23: This is a repeat offender but a smaller version. I received this BB Cream in my first GlossyBox. I actually like the Missha BB Cream the best. It doesn’t make me very oily and now that winter is on its way, I will use it more. This tube will probably end up in someone’s stocking.

6) ROSEBUD Mocha Rose Lip Balm with Vanilla: I almost bought this over the summer. I love Rosebud Salve. There is just something so luxurious when I pull the little tin out of my bag. This lip balm has essential oils, shea butter, vitamin E, and beeswax. The mocha, vanilla, and chocolate flavors don’t hurt either. It really is great for dry and chapped lips.

Get prepped for winter! Missha BB Cream and Rosebud Mocha Rose Lip Balm

That’s it for the HIt Kit! As for my WOWZA! news, Zunaira over at Twenty Something Girls, nominated me for another Liebster award! I just did my post yesterday, BUT I missed a few blogs that I would like to nominate. I’ll answer Zunaira’s questions tomorrow and nominate some more blogs. Small bloggers are on the move! Keep it up!

Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO


5 thoughts on “The R29 GlossyBox and WOWZA! Another Award!

  1. That really is one great box, I think it may be one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. Is O.P.I as good as everyone says it is? I’d like to try it but its like £12 a bottle , I could get three or four of my usual brands for that so I’d expect O.P.I to be pretty good.

    • It’s good but I’m not sure I’d pay 12 UK! It’s about $8 US, which isn’t terrible when polishes by Sally Hansen are about $7. I have to say that I really like GlossyBox. I just wish it was a little less money.

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