Just a Quickie!

I wanted to just pop on in for a second to tell you about my nail polish from Butter London. I ordered some because of the friends and family discount and managed to get 8 bottles of polish and one lip gloss. With the discount, I spent $77 US which isn’t too terrible. Of course, there are gifts in there- not all bottles are for moi!

I started with the crazy, smelly nail grow polish. The bottle has English writing but the stench is a bit scary. It has garlic and cinnamon which is supposed to encourage nail growth. Then I put Butter London Nail Foundation. I’ve mentioned this in a previous post and I like how it smoothes out my destroyed nails.

I gave the base coat a few minutes and then painted 3 coats of Butter London “Two Fingered Salute.” I loved the website’s description about how Americans “flip the bird.” I knew what the polish name was teasing but the color won me over anyway. It is a gray- green with purple shimmer. I slapped on 3 coats- the first two coats looked a little stripy and sheer. It looks really pretty now and slightly unexpected. I love it! I threw on some Seche Vite. I’m always surprised that it dries fast as it is goopy.
It is a busy week here in the states between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and a late meeting at work for me so I wanted to check in. I have a lot of new products to tell you about. I hope to get on with it in the coming weeks. See ya later!
Keep Calm & Primp On! XOXO



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