Melty Lips? Wha?!

I had read about Blistex Moisture Melt a few weeks ago on some website. Of course, they sang the praises of the product and of course, since it is a product, I needed to try it.

I’ve had some issues with lip balm, as I’ve read it can be “addicting” and certain brands put ingredients that dry out your lips so you need to reapply constantly. You will become dependent and NEED the lip balm! AHHHH! THE HUMANITY! I’m not much of a reapplier except when my lips are dry. I started using Burt’s Bees because they are a natural product and lo and behold, I didn’t need to reapply and my lips were moist. Anyway, as soon as I saw Blistex Moisture Melt, I decided $1.47 would burn a hole in my pocket anyway and I bought it.


The tube reveals a light blue gel with blue beads floating in it. It boasts a label with SPF 15 and describes itself as a “super-hydrating lip balm with moisturizing spheres you can see.” Thanks for explaining the obvious. It also claims it is ultra moisturizing with soft melting beads. Okay- I get it. It smells slightly like berries and is slightly minty. It’s a totally inoffensive smell.


Application is easy. Twist off the cap, squeeze the tube, smear on your mouth. The rounded tip makes for simple use and it spreads pretty evenly. There is a very slight tingle, hardly any and that is very un-Blistex. The beads melt into nothing, so your lips don’t look blue. Sadly, there is no warming sensation, which I kind of hoped for. Not that melting means warming but, ya know!

My lips have a light sheen and their natural color is enhanced. I reapplied this several times today and they don’t feel particularly moist. As a matter of fact, I feel the balm spreading outside the lines of my lips. Uh-oh. I think I might be addicted. Time to go back to the bees!


9 thoughts on “Melty Lips? Wha?!

  1. I had not heard about balms purposefully drying your lips out bit it makes sense, a friend gave me a coca cola lip balm a few days ago and I swear I am constantly putting it on my lips because they feel dry, I put it down to our winter kicking in so kept putting more on, never would I have thought it could be the actual balm itself, think I’ll be binning this one.

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