Nail Polish Remover Doesn’t Have to Stink

I did my nails the other day and being a beast on my hands, I of course destroyed my Cactus manicure. Sigh I was at a dollar store and picked up L.A. Colors Nail Polish Remover. It is a pack of 32 pads, pre-moistened with polish remover. I’ve never really bought L.A. Colors cosmetics but for $1.00, I figured what the heck!
The pads stick together a bit and are very thin. The package claims one pad can do all 10 nails but you might need 2-3. The remover is oily and acetone free. The peach scent is strong but better than the usual smell! I took 2 pads out, only because they stuck together, and began. My nail polish came off with little rubbing and a few swipes. I used both pads but think I could have gotten away with one, as the thin pads hold a ton of product. My glittery accent nail came clean pretty quickly with a little rubbing. I might use one more pad to clean them up. I had to wash my hands afterwards because of the oil, but all in all, this is a great value. I also like that you can take these with you- the package won’t leak! This polish remover has the Product Hoochie stamp of approval!

Primp on! XOXO



8 thoughts on “Nail Polish Remover Doesn’t Have to Stink

  1. I have a couple of La Colors Eye Palletes that I’m in the middle of blogging about and they cost £1 each for 5 colours in each pallete, I also have a few of their nail polishes, Ive only tried 1 and didnt like it but Im hoping thats just a dud bottle.

    I always keep a product simlar to this in my handbag or in the car in case i need to remove my polish, I use them for cleaning my nail art tools also, I find it keeps my brushes nice and soft, I also use them to clean up my nails if Ive got polish all over my cuticles. They are perfect for travelling too.

    They are so versatile and cheap and smell lovely.

  2. I love these remover pads!!! If need be I could take my polish off at work and not bother anyone, I’ve actually done that. It is hit or miss trying to find then around here but I’m hoping I found a new place that will continue to carry them! Yay!

  3. I have the peach ones in my purse. I use them for emergencies when my polish is driving me nuts and cant wait until I get home. But I hate the oily consistency, it seems to transfer the polish all over the place. These are not something I would use by choice over regular nail polish remover, but the convenience of this is definitely notable. I’m glad I have mine, even though they don’t get a tonne of use. 🙂

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