Coat (your) Nail (Polish)

Sooooo… I bought some more stuff from Coastal Scents. I needed to buy some Christmas gifts- are you on my list? They had some pretty great deals that I won’t reveal because I know certain people <<cough, cough my sister>> will end up reading this post. I figured I would just review COAT, the Coastal Scents Nail Polish brand. I bought two colors. (The were $1.00 each and there a lot of colors. I wanted them all.) I just used Cactus, a really pretty green. It is not quite hunter green, but a bit lighter.

Like buttah!

I started by applying Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat by Butter London. It dries pretty quickly and I like how it smooths the ridges and imperfections. Then I applied COAT Nail Polish in Cactus. It’s a little thin and the first coat went on quickly and easily. Once I did the second coat, the color came through. It doesn’t need another coat of polish!

COAT Polish in Cactus. You’ll see what I mean when I said hunter green.

I will give them a few more minutes to dry (yes, my nails are wet), I am going to debate whether or not I should do an accent nail. I have Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Fergie Polish in Glamorous, which is gold confetti. The confetti pieces are circles and I’ve tried the Fergie polish before. I wasn’t too impressed but I will give them another shot. Okay- I’m doing an accent nail. You have to be very careful when putting on Glamorous. You need to have enough of the confetti on the brush so it goes on your nail evenly. It’s a little bit of a pain because you get the best amount of confetti when the brush is dripping. I wiped the brush very carefully.

Fergalicious? More like glitterific…

I’ll give it a few minutes, apply Seche Vite Top Coat and be done!

They need to be cleaned up, but the finished product. Like my pajama pants?

Primp On! XOXO


6 thoughts on “Coat (your) Nail (Polish)

  1. That green is gorgeous! I learned a trick for applying glitter polish and now I swear by it! instead of brushing the glitter polish on, just pat it on. It is a litttttle thicker this way, but you can get full coverage in just one shot! I’m rocking a glittery accent nail myself right now, and it was so easy this way.

  2. Just wanted to second Joans method above it really works.
    I love that shade of green, it looks similar to something that I have by Sinful Colors. It looks great with your skin tone.
    Ps I often type my blog drafts with wet nails, it passes the time whilst waiting for them to dry xx

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