Refinery 29 & Coterie

I love They are a great blog site with up to the minute fashion, beauty, living, etc information. (The only one that gets me is the woman who does the make-up tutorials. Watch one and tell me what you think. Maybe I’m missing something!) Anyway, I am posting a link so you can sign up to Refinery 29’s Shops. They have some cool stuff and this week there is a deal to Coterie is a members only site (I’m sure you wanted a jacket at some point in your life) that has a selective collection of the newest beauty products. I will admit, the pickings are small but the prices are reasonable. Sign up through my link (it’s free) and check it out…

If you like what you see, head on over to and click on this link…

It’s free to sign up. The deal to Coterie is $40 for $80. Buy it, head over to Coterie, fill your bag, go to check out and put in your promotion code. Shipping was $4.99 and you cannot use this deal towards shipping (bummer).

Oh! Coterie does not ship internationally (yet) so if you live across the pond or in U.S. Territories such as Puerto Rico, do not buy this! Luckily, this excludes Canada, so if you’re in Toronto or Vancouver, give it a try.

You can still sign up and view the site.

Happy Shopping!

Primp On! XOXO


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