Coastal Scents Makes Sense!


A few weeks ago, my sister told me that Living Social had a deal for Coastal Scents. For $12, you got a $25 coupon. I had never heard of Coastal Scents but if it has something to do with cosmetics, I am in. I headed over to the website to check it out and place my order.

The website is easy to navigate but the product selection is overwhelming! I don’t mean that in a bad way but you kind of need to know what you are in the market to purchase. I was so excited to look around that I lost track! I decided on an eye shadow palette. There are 40 different choices. 40. The prices range from $6.95 (Think Pink 12 Eye Shadow Palette)- $69.95 (I want to make it clear that is for four palettes that look to have roughly 80-90 shadows each.) I ordered the 28 Neutral Palette. I like neutral because they really have the most versatility for casual to dramatic looks. The palette was $9.48 (random, I know) and appeared to be decent value. It is. I used the eye shadow the other day and with my usual primer, it stayed true until I took it off. Not bad for under ten bucks.

28 Neutral Palette really cuts the mustard.

I also wanted a product that would brighten my eye area. I’m kind of lazy with my face some mornings, so I wanted something that would make me look alive. I ordered Bright Eyed Brightener in Light. It isn’t too thick and a little goes a long way. It made my eyes look perky. If I could only say that about other parts of my anatomy but I digress…

\ Bright Eyed in Light. Looks good.

The last thing I ordered for my face was the Camouflage Palette. There is a cute green lizard on the case but that wasn’t my reason for buying. For $11.87 (I know, I know) I got 10 shades of concealer. Will I use them all? Maybe not but at least I have options. It is also helpful to have a variety of shades since you should not use concealer lighter than your skin tone. You will look like a raccoon. Not pretty.  The concealer is creamy but not goopy or too thin. Use a brush for more controlled coverage.

Maybe this will help me disappear…

Leapin’ Lizard!

Since I was on Coastal Scents, I thought it would be a good idea to buy something, uh, scented. I love spicy perfume, so I ordered Winter Spice Oil for $9.95. The website suggested I use a carrier oil before applying it to my skin. Essential oils are very concentrated! I ordered castor oil. For as much as I know about perfume, I have no idea what the heck to use. The castor oil was $3.99 for 16 ounces. It’s good for constipation, too, so should that problem arise I will be prepared.  I also bought Brush Guards. They are nifty plastic cases that you slide over your brushes so when they are in your bag, they don’t get destroyed. They are $4.50. BirchBox sells them for $5.50 but save yourself a dollar.

Castor Oil, Winter Spice Essential Oil, and an eye shadow sample- oh, my!

As you can see, I also got a generous eye shadow sample. The blue looks like fun so I will give it a go next time I am out for the evening.

One cool aspect of Coastal Scents is that they sell tons of make-up palettes, fragrance oils, and brushes for very reasonable prices. The other great aspect is they sell you ingredients so you can make your own make-up. (I was not going to get all scientist this time but eventually, I just might.)  How hard can it be, right? I think that would make for an interesting post.

Primp on! XOXO


14 thoughts on “Coastal Scents Makes Sense!

  1. I had heard many good things about their eye palletes on various forums so I bought the one with 80 (I think) neutral shades in, some are a big miss as they are chalky and crumbly but its no biggy as there are plenty of similar shades in the palette. I had forgotten all about since getting the Naked palette, so thank you for reminding me. Im going to dig it back out and have a play with it again.
    I have a similar camoflage kit from another brand and I like how you can mix them to get the perfect shade and you can use it all year round as your tone changes. The chameleon is a great little touch too.

      • Yup, I dunno why I got the larger palette to be honest as I doubt I’ll ever wear them all, I dont think Ive even swatched half of them either, I’d like to get another of their palettes one day and maybe their brushes too. I’m (supposedly) on a spending cut at the moment so I shall have to wait.

      • I never use all of the colors. In fact, I have the Naked II Palette and I’ve only used maybe 5. Bad, I know. The brushes are supposed to be pretty terrific. Keep me posted.

  2. I’ve been meaning to order from them for YEARS. Wheni first got heavy into makeup I had heard so many amazing things about their palettes. I might be inspired now to finally order.

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