Product Hoochie Giveaway!

I won’t lie… people are not entering my giveaway. It is a GIVEAWAY.  Come on, people. TAKE MY STUFF! I have changed the rules a little, so come on and play!

Here are the “new” rules:

1) Go to the Product Hoochie Facebook page Hit the “Like” button. I promise I won’t fill your feed with crap.

-If you do not have a Facebook account, that’s okay. Post a comment on this post to enter.

2)Leave your “sign-off” as a comment on the Product Hoochie Facebook page or as a comment on this post.

3) Enter as many times as you want. Doesn’t matter to me and it will increase your chances.

4) All entries must be in by noon on October 5th.

*If you had posted something a few weeks ago, please post again. You can find it on my page somewhere I’m sure. There were some great ones.

I will pick a winner on October 5th. The “chosen one” will be contacted via Facebook or email.

That’s pretty much it. The goodies are pretty sweet. There is stuff from Stila, ELF, Eucerin, Benefit, Nexxus… you get the picture.

Stay Glossy and take my stuff! XXX


10 thoughts on “Product Hoochie Giveaway!

  1. I feel your pain. I just hosted a giveaway on my site and left that thing up for a MONTH and only had 47 entries in the end. Who doesn’t want to receive some wonderful makeup? Crazy people, that’s who!

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