A Day in the Life of Product Hoochie (at Bloomingdale’s)

The Big Brown Bag with it’s cool retro font. Reminds me of those big Dior sunglasses from the 70s.

I had a Living Social deal to David Burke at the Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street. Before I took my hubby for dinner, I thought I would take a gander around the store. You have to understand- I love Bloomingdale’s. The sights, the sounds, but not the smells. There is way too much perfume spraying going on. Gives me a headache, but onto that later. We searched around the pocketbooks. There wasn’t anything I saw that I needed, actually not much that I really liked. I dragged poor husband up to look at some clothes (Ralph Lauren denim jacket in tan- oh, yes!) and then we headed down to the cosmetics department. Now, that place is what dreams are made of.

First, I needed to handle the practical. I headed over to Clinique to restock on Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream. Other than intensive (mental) therapy, I never thought I would need a product so much. This stuff is fantastic because it is thick and light. It feels so good and sinks right into the delicate skin around my eyes. (How’s that for a push?) The Hubs even suggested I purchase the bigger jar because it was double the product and was more cost effective. (You don’t have to tell me twice.) I also received a free gift. I knew to wait for school to start- free gifts start to show up at around this time. It has face wash, the All About Eyes Eye Cream, Butter Shine Lipstick, a mini-eye and cheek palette. Not too shabby. Plus, the make-up bag is soooo cute. So cute.

For my intense future wrinkles.

After Clinique, I crossed the floor to Space NK. I now realized I forgot to give her my points card- I’ll see if I can add them online. Of course, it was a Lipstick Queen buy. I finally acquired (fancy!) the Saint lipstick in pink. I initially “thought” I got it but the salesperson at Barneys was so busy chatting me up, that she gave me the color I didn’t want. Such is life. I’ll go to Barneys in a few weeks to return it and I’m sure I’ll spend that $20 on something else.

“Smile like a saint. Curse like a sailor.” Is there any other way?

I was done shopping at this point but wanted to smell the new perfumes at the Tom Ford counter. I was attacked, yes, attacked as soon as I walked up to the counter. First, the saleswoman made me smell a citrus scent because I love the Neroli Portofino. I love neroli anything-the idea of being in Sicily in the summer and smelling flowers that are fragrant of oranges but reminiscent of the beach- SOLD. Well, whatever she sprayed for me was just BLECH. I said, “Oh, no, no, no!” then pointed to the new Cafe Rose. She spritzed a paper and was giving me the schpeal. I had to get away but it smelled delicious… or so I thought. After getting accosted by the salesman pushing Lady Gaga’s Fame, which we all know I already have, we headed over to have dinner. We sat down and I pulled out the scent strip with the Cafe Rose. I smelled it again, hoping to get the “She will be mine moment” but, alas, I did not. I handed it over to my darling hubby and said, “Smell this.” He did and made a face. “It smells like a cab with bad air freshener,” I said. So disappointing because the first spritz was delightful. Sorry, Tom Ford saleswoman, you won’t be making a commission off me today. Stay glossy!

For $2.00 you can buy one and rub it on your wrists. I can’t promise you won’t get a skin rash but you will smell expensive. In this case, that is not necessarily good.

Tom Ford’s Cafe Rose- at $205 I should smell different, not bad.


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